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Rapamycin: The Gold Standard of Life Extension Drugs

Rapamycin is, by far, the world’s leading candidate for an effective and accessible longevity (anti-aging) drug. Nothing else comes close. If you’re interested in a longer, healthier life you may want to read on and join the thousands of people already using it to improve their lives. At a minimum, you probably want to learn as much as you can about it and keep a close eye on the research going forward.

Rapamycin is considered by many geroscience researchers to be the “gold standard” of longevity drugs; the healthy lifespan improvement seen in animal trials are consistently the best of any drug (typically 15% to 30% lifespan improvement). It increases healthspan and lifespan in every organism its been tested in; from yeast, to flies, to worms, to mice (over a billion years of evolution). It has the most reproducible life extension effect, having been tested and retested by many different labs around the world in a wide variety of different species of organisms and animals. Over 29 rapamycin lifespan mice studies have been completed with positive results. Rapamycin also seems to slow, or reverse, aging in many different organs. And, rapamycin is an FDA -approved drug that has been in use for over 20 years, by hundreds of thousands of people (in cancer and organ transplant treatment regimens) and its now classified as a generic drug, so is inexpensive to buy.

BUT, rapamycin is also a serious drug that can have serious side effects, depending on how its dosed and other factors. This is not a risk-free drug (no drugs are). If you are considering using rapamycin be SURE to spend a few months to read the literature, and watch the videos, so you can make an informed decision, ideally working in concert with a doctor. There can be negative side effects (typically dose-dependent) like increases in lipid levels or blood glucose levels, so most of us do regular blood testing to check for these issues, and make adjustments based on test results Don’t just rush into taking rapamycin because you heard a podcast mention it. Take your time, read all the information below, and follow the discussions in the forum for a few months.

Rapamycin Basics

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Other Top Longevity Drugs:

IGF-1 Lowering Drugs for Longevity

Anti-Aging Supplements:

  • Astaxanthin (Preliminary NIA ITP results suggest a 12% median lifespan improvement in mice)
  • Glycine and Gly/NAC
  • Protandim, a mixture of botanical extracts that activate Nrf2, extended median lifespan in males only. (7% median lifespan increase)

Other Longevity Strategies (treatments):

Longevity Clinics

Longevity clinics are health optimization and preventative medicine focused healthcare centers that provide health evaluations and early risk identification of potential disease processes. We believe that this preventative focus is the future of healthcare (compared to the “sick care” of today where they wait until you get sick before they do much of anything), but right now the full services are only available to people who want to spend $5,000 to $100,000 per year.

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