Starting rapamycin next month - 27 years old

Hi I’m 27 years old, male, 175 pounds 5’10. I’ll be starting a small dose of rapamycin next month. I’ll start with a small dose of 1mg for 1 week, then move to 2mg, until I reach around 4-6mg a week and then I’ll take a 4 week break cycle after 3-4 weeks. I’ll get blood tests every month to measure my blood work and post them on this forum and report any side effects.

People might be wondering why at such a young age I’m starting rapamycin:

I believe aging starts from the womb which is why I want to start at 27 (im fully developed now). I don’t want to wait until I get grey hair and wrinkles and chronic problems before starting. I also did a genetic test (23andme) and I got 1 bad gene that increase my risk of aging faster such as higher dementia risk etc (basically i got the bad version of the fox03 longevity gene but I do know this gene can be manipulated through diet/life style.) Also both my grand parents on my moms side died in their early 60s. Prevention is easier than reversing age related problems in my opinion.

I got my script from an online doctor that does scripts online so I luckily didn’t have to talk to the doctor.
or order online overseas. Just sent them a message explaining why I need the drug. It only cost me 5$. I’m from Australia so i’m fortunate enough to have access to cheap rapamycin with our health system scheme.


Completely agree with you! Personally, I think 27+ is OK to take Rapa. Just be careful if you’re going to have any potential to have children while on it. Here’s hoping you live to 120+!


Thank you! yes same here. 25+ is fine i think. after you fully develop. If I was under 25 i probably wouldn’t. No plans to have children but Ill freeze sperm just in case! just wondering why though? does rapa interact with having children?

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Rapamycin puts the brakes on a lot of things (inhibiting the mTOR pathway)… while you are taking it. When you stop taking it, things revert back to their normal processes… Male organ transplant patients have been taking rapamycin for decades. They have to lower their doses or take a break from it (shifting to other drugs) when they want to have children.

During spermatogenesis, spermatogonia undergo a few mitotic divisions and then differentiate into primary spermatocytes that undergo meiotic divisions to yield haploid spermatids, which differentiate to mature spermatozoa (Holstein et al. 2003, Cheng & Mruk 2012). Unsurprisingly, this process is highly controlled by a wide range of signaling pathways, including mTOR.


Sirolimus, also known as rapamycin, and its closely related rapamycin analog (rapalog) Everolimus inhibit “mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1” (mTORC1), whose activity is required for spermatogenesis.

Here, we test the hypothesis that rapalog inhibition of mTORC1 activity has a negative, but reversible, impact upon spermatogenesis.

Return to control values following a recovery period was variable for each of the measured parameters and was duration and dose dependent. Together, these data indicate rapalogs exerted a dose-dependent restriction on overall growth of juvenile and adult mice and negative impact upon spermatogenesis that were largely reversed; following treatment cessation, males from all treatment groups were able to sire offspring.

and another example in Transplant patients taking rapamycin:

Sirolimus was discontinued in all four male patients with full recovery of the oligo/azospermia and restoration of fertility.


This survey does not provide any warning signal that pregnancies fathered by male patients exposed to immunosuppressive agents, notably the debated MMF/MPA, have more complications than pregnancies in the general population.


No need to freeze sperm. Just stop taking Rapa when you want to have children.


even better! thank you


thanks for the info. very interesting

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If you haven’t already, be sure to review the Rapamycin Frequently asked Questions and Answers: Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I personally, would just stop taking rapamycin 4+ months before trying to have children.


Oh - and by the way. It would be great (though perhaps not possible) to get some good blood tests done before you start taking rapamycin. Its good to have a baseline so you can check to see the effect different dosing levels are having on your body. And it would be great if you enter our: A Friendly, Biological Age Reduction Competition?

And some other ideas that may or may not be available where you live: Another Introduction - 56 Year Old Health Enthusiast


Hi will do. For the blood tests which tests in particular would you recommend? thank you once again.


See these two free biological age calculators. The measures in them (use the a.i. 3.0 version) are all you need in your blood test (but usually they give you a lot more info):

These two free methods of calculating biological age:

  1. The Levine Phenotypic Age Calculator by Morgan Levine/Yale University
  2. The version 3.0 online calculator:

Attached below is the .xls spreadsheet that I think Mike Lustgarten created for easy, at home calculation of your Levine phenotypic age.

3ba41-dnamphenoage_gen-1.xls (31.5 KB)

Good luck! Keep us updated on your journey! Here on you have a lots of knowledge and good quality mentoring. My plan is to start this year also. Where in the world do you live?


Thank you! will do. I’ll post updates monthly once I start the rapamycin.

I live in Australia.


Well done for taking your health and life seriously, I look forward to reading about your progress on your blood work. Thank you for sharing

thank you very much! Just started 1mg today.

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3 days after taking 1mg, no side effects. Feel good actually. but obviously still too early to tell. Will bump up to 4mg in 4 days.

I don’t expect to see any great improvements in terms of aging as I’m quiet young however I’m hoping the rapamycin will delay some of the aging as I get older. I’m starting early to prevent/slow aging, not reverse it. Only time will tell as I get older.

My pre-blood results are perfect. cholesterol perfect , LDL/HDL is in the ideal perfect range (better then good). which is expected given my age. My ferritin is abit on the low side which is normal as I have iron issues in the past. Taking an iron supplement once weekly. I’ll test my blood in 4 weeks from now to see if rapamycin has any negative effects against my blood work or positive effects, I’m particular curious to see if my cholesterol changes negatively as this is something i hear happens commonly with rapamycin.

Just got my rapamycin stock today, have enough until i hit 29 years old I think.


Can you please share the online doctor that prescribes in Australia. I’m sure other people in Australia would love to hear about it.

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yes got my script here Online Prescriptions | Medmate

It cost like 20$ to get the script. Its also not a repeat script. 1 off script. The doctors on this site dont ask much questions about why you need the medication. I feel like they prescribe any drug as long as it isnt addictive/abusive. They just dont prescribe sleep tablets, Xanax etc.

When you order the script on this site you got to say you had the medication before. Click the “yes” I have used the medication before. If you say no. you may not get it. Sadly not many anti aging doctors who prescribe rapamycin in australia compared to USA. Keep in mind the cost is 5$ only if you have a medicare card a card that lowers prescript prices by ALOT (most aussies do) if you don’t the rapamune will cost around $1300. (private script), so if you’re in australia and get this script but you arent a citizen it will cost alot of money, rapamycin is expensive here just like in USA.


Had my 4mg dose yesterday. 1 day later no side effects as of yet.

took 6mg yesterday, no side effects or canker sores.

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