IGF-1 is Lower for Centenarians

Here’s an interesting tidbit from Nir Barzilai’s centenarian study. Centenarians have lower IGF-1 levels than is typical. I believe rapamycin will drop IGF1


Yes - that seems like it night be right… but I can’t find any papers saying that exactly…

Reading his book Age Later
He notes that centenarians have high levels of humanim which also lowers IGF-1.
This appears to align with Blagsklonnys idea of hyperfunction theory of aging.
I see there is a peptide called humanim. Wonder if anyone has experimented with it


What I recall is that Nir Barzilai’s work showed that centenarians actually have a higher level of IGF1 in their blood, but that they have a protective genetic phenotype that prevents cells from taking up IGF1 and using it. A similar mutation was found in Laron dwarves who are also long lived. It is this inability to use the growth hormone (and protection from its effects) which enables longer life.


Metformin lowers ifg-1 production in the liver that’s well known in the bodybuilding community