Welcome to Rapamycin News, The Longevity Drug User Group

This website is for people interested in living longer, and healthier, lives using the latest longevity medicine and geroscience information. Here you will find real-world, personal experiences of people who are testing rapamycin (sirolimus) and other medications that lab and clinical research is suggesting could have a major positive impact on our lives.

Rapamycin is an FDA-approved drug that has been shown to increase lifespan and healthspan (typically 15% to 30%) in every organism tested, from yeast, to worms, to mice. It is widely considered by geoscientists to be the “gold standard” for health and longevity extending drugs.

Not only does rapamycin treatment increase life span but it also delays, or even reverses, nearly every age-related disease or decline in function in which it has been tested in mice, rats, and companion dogs, including cancers, cardiac dysfunction, kidney disease, obesity, cognitive decline, periodontal disease, macular degeneration, muscle loss, stem cell function, and immune senescence. (source)

Join in the discussions and ask questions if you would like to learn more about the benefits, risks and science of these drugs.

We are not medical professionals here, and no medical advice is given here. We are just people sharing our experiences and trying to move the science forward faster. We are open to working with geroscience researchers to help push the clinical science forward, and are also patient advocates hoping to push the FDA forward towards a more “health maintenance” perspective vs. its historical disease focus.

Given the low cost of rapamycin, and significant benefits demonstrated in the lab, we think it has the chance to significantly and positively impact public health. We hope the national health care systems of the world will start supporting a more preventative medicine oriented approach that includes testing and making longevity medicines available at low cost to everyone for longer and healthier lives.

If you’re new here - the best place to start is our list of Rapamycin frequently asked questions (FAQ).


I think this will be an excellent resource for those trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. I will refer my physician to this site and know he will be easily be able to access data and have all of his questions answered. Thank-you!


Thankyou - that is definitely part of the goal with the site.

I found it to be a real pain to try to provide this type of information to doctors, friends, and family because there was no good central place to direct people and let them learn about rapamycin. Everything was spread out between research journals, discussion forums, and other random places, and its always changing.

Hopefully this helps accelerate the adoption and research on rapamycin. Please invite friends, family members and doctors to the site and participate and post new information or observations as you learn them.

Please share links to this site on your twitter feed, and in longevity / anti-aging / geroscience discussion forums and videos.


This forum is just turning into the best possible discussion for every aging-associated intervention just b/c the quality of the users here is high, and somehow it attracts A LOT of people that longecity.org, crsociety.org, Bill Faloon’s life extension, quantified self, Nathan Cheng’s ODLB, or age-reversal.net are strangely unable to attract. I hope its title “rapamycin” does not dissuade all the generalists from coming here.

The sad fact that I am the only person who overlaps with all of these communities… (and that almost no one from the old crsociety mailing list or crsociety.org or quantifiedself has joined this) says… something… about the rare joint tail end distribution of certain traits… The fact that I now uniquely spend more time here than any forum… says… something… (I am probably higher-breadth than anyone)

[it’s also notable that most people on crsociety.org just don’t take rapamycin. These people also tend to have crazy high levels of willpower/conscientiousness/methodologicalness…]

It’s Bryan Johnson of kernel who seems to have straddled BOTH the rapamycin and nutrition/CR worlds better than anyone (but there are so few others of them - he’s recruiting some new ones)

It seems that many have gone onto the TruDiagnostic YouTube channel/community too… It’s interesting that there are so few younger people on TruDiagnostic relative to older people (same with crsociety.org now, and this forum → but a lot of people in LONGEVITY RESEARCH [eg ODLB] now are younger)

I have my personal longevity encyclopedia at forum.longevitybase.org

Somehow, this forum is now acquiring aok.heavengames.com levels of significance for me. Y’know, my favorite game mode in AOE2 was always last man standing.


Thanks - and glad to hear its of value. Was talking with Karl Pfleger of https://agingbiotech.info/ when I was at the Longevity Summit in early December, and it was his opinion that this site is the best of all the different longevity forums, so I’m glad to see its being recognized. Certainly I find it to be very valuable for learning about implementation and progress of new longevity drugs.


I joined a few longevity & rapamycin related Facebook groups, and those are, for the most part, dumpster fires.

That’s not the fault of the group admins . . . it’s just way too easy for large numbers of people to join those groups on a whim and then post low-quality stuff.

(I left all of the longevity-related Facebook groups when I started seeing posts about stuff like Ivermectin, magnets and anti-vax garbage.)

Reddit is better (I actually discovered this forum there), but this is the best source of serious longevity info I’ve found. I think the fact that it’s slightly more difficult to actually post and interact in a forum like this sort of “filters out” any lazy contributors.


I think the format of this forum software (and the ability to easily add images, and PDFs, videos, inline for viewing in your posts, make it much easier to create high quality postings and discussions.

I was very frustrated the way Facebook and others treat third party content - like Twitter, Youtube, etc. - and the very small text area and difficulty of reading an entire thread of discussion.

And of course - there is the privacy issue related to Facebook and other similar social media platforms.


i looked at many places and can’t find where to post the question of how to use and/or errors of site navigation. Specifically i want to find a certain post by user O that i read about he talking about what he said to with his injections which i read before. So i search that and it does not come up with what i wanted to search. So what is wrong. I searched for all posts by O before march 20 2023. I wanted to search for also and after date but could not do both as the interface would not let me. Also it gave results that did not seem to correspond to those posted by user O and did not give the post I wanted to see. I wanted to ask him a specific question about a particular or part of a post by that user. Can it be done and whay did the interface not give me what i wanted to find. .

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You have his username wrong… here is his profile: Profile - O_o - Rapamycin Longevity News


I would love to hear positive experiences of people and definitely will share my recovery journey as well. :grinning:

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