Rapamycin Personal Results: Lab Tests, Exercise and Muscle Growth

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Agetron. Have you noticed any changes in your laboratory parameters while on rapamycin? Labs I would consider tracking while on rapamycin are your HOMA-IR (insulin sensitivity), daily glucose levels (preferably checking fasting and post-prandial excursions), CBC (mainly to watch out for anemia), decreased testosterone levels from your pre-rapamycin baseline, lipid levels, and white blood cells (esp. lymphocytes).


Thanks Brandy.
Yes, as I went on this from the beginning with a trusted physician & friend of 20 years… we have done full lab work on my blood about every 3 months. I am due for my next blood work up right now. Dr. Yelena Budovskaya CEO of TruMe Labs let me know my recent epigentic test (first done in August 2021… this is my second one March 18, 2022… 6 months since my first) is being run. As soon as I receive my results, I will go see my physician for full blood work up. Definitely will be sure your mentioned areas are hit in my lab work too.

I have all my blood work results since August 2020 when I started. I do know all areas are high that need to be… low in those that need to be low. About 4-5 pages of results. At 64 years… he can’t believe my physical look and lab results. Looking at 2016 - I had a lot of adipose tissue (body fat) and visceral fat to lose. :stuck_out_tongue:


The reversing of the dysphagia, wow, that is simply amazing, must be such a relief. I am secretly rooting for the change to be Rapamycin mediated…something mTOR/neurological.

Your physical change…how manifested, resistance exercise? How about any dietary changes?

Current vs previous weight?

I don’t have any past pictures, but not too far off +/- your 2016 pic.

Some recent pics. 5 yrs ketogenic/one meal day, daily 45 mins resistance/30 minutes (4-5km) endurance exercise 140 bpm. Approx 30 sets x 12 reps. I run the equivalent of about a marathon every 10 days. Net change almost 50 lbs. 57 yo male.

Started Rapamycin approx 15 months ago, but still don’t feel I’ve reached dosing limit, exploration. Brain health #1 focus to collective of interventions.


OMG - hahaha - I knew I never should have added a pic of my 64 years old body! Embarrassed now.

I was just an obese daddy who never did anything healthy and at 56 years decided maybe need to lose a bit of my 193 pounds. So, I just started eating half of what I did before and walk 3 miles a day. I lost about 30 pounds. Now I was scrawny so I started one hour of weight training - every other day - moved it up recently to 1 1/2 hours – added stuff. Free weights minimal, weight machines mostly a bit of my own body weight. My weight went back up to 195 pounds but was muscle. The rapamycin shredded all excess fat including visceral fat and I became stronger - not bigger. I think I have a set point 184-ish. I have maintained the exact weight and size going on 2 years now - 184 pounds. I hate working out (keep thinking one day it will be fun - nah it isn’t! But, I workout religiously every other day) and as soon as my hour and a half is up - I am out. I do the exact same weight routine… 3 sets of every weight machine but have added 10 lbs to the machines. - every 4-months. Do a few sets of pull ups and a bit of bench press.

Diet - Breakfast a lot of milk, eggs, yogurt cheese, eat fairly balanced meal at lunch time at hospital cafeteria, dinner steak on workout days alternating almost every other day with chicken and seafood. Try to eat salads every few days. Seem I am always hungry - so I eat constantly - but don’t gain any weight. Not a very focused diet, but take a good regiment of supplements amino acids, Fisetin, recommended vitamins.

You look incredible - pretty intimidating. I am just a regular dude in top form for my 64 year old age. LOL Not sure you can get more shredded - but maybe - you won’t lose strength if rapa works on you like it does on me. The memory improvement is the most notable thing for me. Thinking, remembering and not losing my words. Like being 30 again.


R u kidding me, you look amazing at 64!! Kudos

But what truly was the life changing “trigger”? It takes massive motivation to do what you did and maintain it.

I am as layperson as they come, what I do isn’t rocket science, just google, super focus and discipline. It’s simply mind over body.


Ummm… I was settling down to my liter of Pepsi and bag of chips and French Onion Dip when my wife and daughter asked - “are you going to eat the whole bag?” Kinda thought - yeah! Just decided to put it away and as the weight came off - I felt better. As my muscles have grown I feel real great - and, I don’t want to lose it. So the minimal effort in … for the maximum benefit. The sweet spot! Started thinking about old age… watching my deteriorating father-in-law age 89 years. Researching aging - led me to rapamycin 3-years ago through research and articles of Blagosklonny and Matt Kaeberlein. liked Blagosklonny article that said " “If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” Seth Godin. Took the rapamycin leap and feel every bit of the 50 years old that my epigenetic tests says! In about 2-years the improvements are real and miraculous at my age.

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So basically less calories, more exercise, and taking control over your health.

Thank you for the memory improvement comments. I also feel this has improved me for as well, hard to say which intervention has the most impact.

I did a volumetric MRI (Neuroquant) 4 years ago to baseline my journey. It generates a detailed mapping of all the sub regions of the brain, with aged matched percentiles, including hippocampus. I also did an in depth neuro-psychological profile, again to baseline.

Will be checking again perhaps next year.


MAC, could you please share the details of your workout routine? It seems very time efficient and obviously impressive results!

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Here is a pictorial exercise summary.

You can find all sorts of workout routines for different muscle groups on the internet. I never had a personal trainer.

I use to go to a local gym, but when COVID hit, I setup a very basic workout room in my home…free weights/stand, bench, resistance bands/bar, floor mat, treadmill (way more convenient and time efficient). I only run inside on a treadmill for my daily routine to reduce wear/tear/injury and get consistent weather! I only run outside when I race in competitions, or if travelling, no treadmill. Purists might not like a boring treadmill, but I like that it pushes to me to run at a defined pace, and I cannot stop or slow down unless I push a button.

The key is a disciplined and dedicated routine, work the different muscle groups, and take the reps to near failure to break down the muscle fibres to allow them to remodel/grow (avoid any thresholds causing muscle soreness of course). It’s like anything else…if you put in the hard work, you will see results.



@Agetron - you look amazing, what is your current dosing of Rapa and what were the steps and changes in dosage to get you there?

As stated by Dr. Peter Attia and others who are on rapa/sirolimus – we are all flying in the dark, but have coalesced around the idea of once a week.5mg to 10mg. I have moved up from 6mg to that maximum range of 10mg.

If you have not heard this podcast with Dr. Attia and Kaeberlein - I highly recommend it. I have listened to it easily 4 times through while driving. Link: #175 - Matt Kaeberlein, Ph.D.: The biology of aging, rapamycin, and other interventions that target the aging process - Peter Attia

Youtube: 175 - The biology of aging, rapamycin, and other interventions that target the aging process - YouTube

Last night I did my once weekly dose of five 2mg rapa/sirolimus pills = 10mg with a glass of grapefruit juice, so obviously GF has a multiplying effect there too. I have now been on 10mg and grapefuit juice for the previous month. Prior to this I had no issues from being on four 2mg sirolimus= 8mg dose for 2 months . And before that - was on three 2mg rapa/sirolimus pills = 6mg total for 1 1/2 years. No breaks - no issues. Full blood workup every 3-4 months. In general my skin keeps getting better on neck, face, chest and arms. Improved memory and train of thought - no longer missing words that I can’t remember - but know it exists. Loss of all adipose tissue - visceral fat, I am pretty shredded - strong defined muscles. A general euphoria and sense of no stress. Arthitis gone, blood flow and heart amazing.


This is pretty high - perhaps equivalent to around 30mg to 35mg rapamycin dose. Have you had any side effects as you’ve gone higher?

Are you waiting at least an hour or two after GFJ before taking your dose? Need time to inhibit the enzyme. I take GFJ both the night before and morning of to further ensure I’ve dampened the enzyme. GFJ has 12 hour half life on CYPA34.

Also, your “muscle, loss of fat, shredding” did NOT come just from taking Rapamycin…those muscles come from the resistance exercise! Lest anyone think popping a few pills turns you into Schwarzenegger!


This is me at 80.5 years. I will be 81 in July. The Morgan Levine calculator is giving me an approx 16-year age reduction. I attribute these results primarily to regular exercise, time-restricted eating, and decades of various supplementations. These figures are after 3 months of rapamycin starting at 5 mg/week and ending at 10 mg/14 days with grapefruit juice.

They are not much different from calculations taken before I started taking rapamycin.

I have been taking 20 mg every 14-15 days for the last 3 months and will get blood work done in the next two weeks. I hope to see some improvements in some areas.

My glucose levels and my WBC were the same but my absolute lymphocytes increased to the high end of normal. The rest of my blood work was normal.


Absolutely no negative effects. Everything is running pretty good. No arthritis, or aches, full of energy, fat almost non-existent. My strength at top in lifiting. Memory getting stronger - on all types of details and people long forgotten.

I am getting full blood work done this week - on Thursday, so I can see how now compares to 6 mg use on 4-months ago blood work. My physician and I always compare to the previous testing. See what has changed - need for any adjustments.


DAMN Bud! You are rocking 80 years! Nice. Amazing muscle tone at your age.

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Wow you look amazing for 81!!

You’ve been doing a lot of small things for a long time, the cumulative end result speaks for itself.

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Exactly on the muscles - rapa is not testosterone. It might even lower testosterone a bit according to some research. LOL

My arms had been bigger - more meat…, but not as defined on the same exercise regiment. So that is where I mean I got shredded. also, my sets have increased in weight - I am lifting a lot heavier, but bicep not bigger.

I am very confident that rapa has gotten rid of the fat around my organs - visceral fat (about 15 pounds worth) that is something many active men can’t get rid of.
Pics are of my Bicep 2 years ago before rapa (meatier) and Bicep this week (defined).


Wow - that is great. Whatever you’re doing is working. I wish my parents were in half as good a shape.

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I have not done this … mmm something for next week. Thanks MAC