Old plasma dilution reduces human biological age

“Our results support the hypothesis that, similar to mice, human aging is driven by age-imposed systemic molecular excess, the attenuation of which reverses biological age.”


Good news:

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RapAdmin, earlier you were going to see what they thought about the possibility of qualifying by pausing rapamycin during the clinical trial. Were they willing to discuss, or was it, “Go away Rap Boy, you bother me.”

They sent out a general questionnaire to all respondents a month or two ago - I responded (no questions on rapamycin use), and have not heard back from them. So the issue has not come up. I may have been selected out for some other reason - no idea…

I reached out to Dr. Kiprov’s office a couple of years ago when I first heard of the work he was doing there with the Conboys. He has been using plasmapheresis as a treatment for various different indication, which are approved by the FDA for several years. At the time the Conboys were just starting their initial trial, but to be included you had to self-fund. It was incredibly expensive and way out of my price range. I’m really glad that they fund some funding for this. It sounds as if the new trial is based on these initial results and I’m guessing they’re hoping to commercialize this as soon as possible. As Plasmapheresis is already approved for a number of conditions I can see this happening fairly quickly. At least, that’s my hope. In the meantime, if believe you have the financial means, this is well within the realm of possibility.

Yes - that is my concern with this therapy. I think the price right now is $6,000 per session and you need to do it regularly (every 4 to 6 months?)… and I’m not sure how quickly that cost will come down over time.

Lou Hawthorne wrote about his experiences trying it here:


Just to note… the next best option for us right now may be to do periodic donations of either blood, or blood plasma.

I saw this statement by a guy on another forum:

I’ve been donating plasma twice weekly this month at a donation center. Each time they take about 850 ml, which I calculate is roughly 25% of my plasma (I’m 175 lbs.), then replace it with saline. So far, don’t feel any different, but I’ll be doing blood work in a few weeks.

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When the doctors that are younger than me and have access to the drugs, blood exchanges, etc. look older than me and have skin that is much more aged-looking than mine, I am somewhat skeptical.

It is amusing to me when the doctor’s touting anti-aging products of whatever kind do not look like poster boys for the products they are touting.


Just to note… the next best option for us right now may be to do periodic donations of either blood, or blood plasma.

You’re right this is probably the next best thing. Unfortunately for me, I’m banned from donating blood in the states as I’m British. We’re unable to donate because of exposure to CJD in the 80s.

I have heard that Fountain Life, which I’m sure will be crazy expensive and the Life Extension Foundation are both looking into offering it. It’s definitely coming, but it’s like you said, will the price come down significantly for the average person to be able to afford it.

Have you looked into whether you can get a script for just phlebotomy (blood letting, discard the blood) vs typical proxy donation?


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I haven’t, but it looks as though it might be worth trying. Thanks, I’ll look into it.

This is hotly debated/refuted by Harold Karcher, who believes in pro youthing factors and is doing actual rodent longevity trials, in addition to markers tracking.

I want to see Irina Conboy translate this elegant lab work…do a full on longevity study on mice/rats vs just showing “aging diminution” markers.

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I’ve been following Harold and Ashkay’s work and I hope they’re successful. It may turn out that some kind of combination of both is going to be needed. It looks as though in the last experiment there was only a 7% increase in lifespan in the female rats, which apparently isn’t statistically significant. Still, if either of these treatments work it could dramatically change our healthspans.

It’s definitely a medical “thing” to get a script to just dump blood for iron regulation.

I am rooting for them too…I’d just rather get an injection vs TPE!!.

Can you tell I’m into “injections” lately… :wink:

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We’re going to add a tagline to your username … “Injection Man” :wink:

I snort too btw…LOL

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If you are not type AB, the Red Cross may not let you donate plasma. But there are lots of private plasma donation centers that will actually pay you regardless of your blood type. I haven’t tried it (yet), but here is where you can look: https://www.donatingplasma.org/