Plasma Exchange, GDF11 or Klotho: Which Would You Do?

If you could only do one, which would it be?

Plasma exchange sounds like it would be the best option because you would be receiving all of the chemical messengers the body needs from a young healthy donor (or a pig, I guess). But, young healthy donors aren’t readily available and as for pigs, I don’t know. Then, there must be some type of clean medical facility. And, the potential cost? Whoa, sounds expensive. So, no, this won’t be on my list any time soon.

Well, GDF11 based on the Steve Perry website sounds great, but his credentials don’t sound great So, is he a medical professional or a marketer. From the price he charges ($15,000) it sounds like he is a marketer. And, he doesn’t appear to be the healthiest guy. So, is the GDF11 affecting his weight? I wonder.

The klotho gene and the klotho protein appear to be a good choice since Bucky Labs has klotho available, though it’s only 90% pure! Since klotho is the gene connected with lifespan this is sounding like a decent and viable possibility. And, the cost is not out of range. It’s just a matter of getting the right ingredients for creating a sterile solution of the proper strength, then doing an injection once every week or so. This is something I will consider. It’s just a matter of working out the details and getting past the self-injection resistance.

Feel free to correct any possible errors in my thoughts here.

Some factors to consider… how old and how fit are you right now?
What is your risk profile?
What is the expected cost/benefit of each for your profile?

Plasmapheresis has been around for many decades, so its the lowest risk treatment. But in terms of aging effects, its still unproven. I went through a series of 6 plasmapheresis treatments as part of the Kiprov clinical trial and I didn’t notice any benefits (blood tests may reveal something else, but if anything I felt worse because I had stopped my rapamycin prior to the clinical trial). This series of 6 treatments would typically cost about $30,000 from what I’ve read (free as part of the clinical trial). I suspect that if you’re under 65 or so, in reasonably good shape you may not notice much benefit (just my experience). See details here: Plasmapheresis Startup Looking for Clinical Trial Participants SF Bay Area

GDF11… yes, I wish Steve Perry had more of a background in medicine/biology. He seems to be more biohacker than anything else, which is fine, but doesn’t give me a ton of confidence in his protocols. The research on GDF11 seems a little mixed, and obviously very early in is lifecycle. Ideally we’d want to wait until Elevian clinical trials are completed and published: GDF11, Elevian News Story - NYTimes

Klotho is of course very interesting. Of the three, it seems to be the least well-validated and the earliest in the research/clinical cycle for human use. Are there any clinical trials going on at all? It seems to be the lowest cost action you could take, and possibly the riskiest.

I saw plasma exchange (TPE / Plasmapheresis) as the best option, low risk, reasonable upside. The experience of getting plasmapheresis was non-eventful, just 3 hours of listening to audiobooks while they cycle your plasma/blood. Since it was free to me, it seemed worth a try. Now that I’ve done it I can’t say I recommend it right now, until more data comes out on if the clinical trial was at all successful.


They both looked to have supporting evidence so I do both. :smiley_cat::smiley_cat: