Approximately 87% of Rapamycin Users Plan to Keep Using the Longevity Drug

Our latest survey of our Rapamycin User’s Group members has been started and in early results suggests that approximately 87% of people who have tried Rapamycin are likely to continue to use the medication (adding up the “Very Likely” and “Somewhat Likely” groups of respondents). An additional 3% say they are undecided, and 10% say its unlikely they will continue with the drug.

Typical discontinuation rates for medication is in the range of 25% to 50% (see sources here and here) so by that measure Rapamycin is doing extremely well. And, the typical medication compliance rate is only about 40% to 50% according to academic studies, so compared to that statistic the rapamycin intent to be compliant with the medication seems very high.

Whatever the case, the vast majority of rapamycin users are saying that, based on the research studies they’ve read, and their personal experiences, they’re going to continue with the rapamycin for the foreseeable future.

See the full survey results here (and please contribute answers to the survey if you are taking rapamycin, as the survey is still open): Rapamycin User Survey #2.

Last week we initiated the first survey on typical rapamycin use patterns and dosing (and please answer the questions if you have not completed the survey yet): Rapamycin User Survey #1.


The fact is;

We the longevity seekers are not typical people.


I think you are completely correct. At least for the early adopters here, I don’t think compliance is a problem. There is so much enthusiasm around this.

Will the typical person do this in 10 years? Will they be as medication compliant as the early adopters and longevity enthusiasts? I don’t know. I think then they will have a compliance problem, if doctors are broadly prescribing rapamycin for healthy longevity.

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