The Most Promising Longevity Drugs To Date (by Apollo Health Ventures)

A good new review article by Apollo Health Ventures on the most promising Longevity drugs… (sent to me by @ajmch ).

The ability of rapamycin to extend lifespan so dramatically, even when given later in life, became one of the most important discoveries in geroscience at that time. Later, rapamycin in similar dosage was also tested in mice starting from 4 month of age. Amazingly, the results closely resembled those of the late-stage treatment. In yet another ITP study, in 2009, rapamycin administered to young mice in a higher dose led to a maximum lifespan increase of 8% in males and 20% in females and a median lifespan increase of 22% in males and 28% in females.

Today rapamycin is one of the best-known molecules in the longevity field. It works, at least in part, by inhibiting mTORC1 (mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1) which regulates cellular growth signaling and autophagy. Simply put, rapamycin tells cells to switch from growth to repair and maintenance.

… we at Apollo Health Ventures believe that rapamycin holds great promise, and we are very excited about these studies.

some doctors may be prescribing rapamycin off label already, as an anti-aging supplement particularly to prevent/delay Alzheimer´s and treat osteoarthritis.

In the most recent ITP trial, still unpublished, combining acarbose with rapamycin led to 29% median lifespan extension in males, the best result to ever come out of the ITP for any sex. The addition of acarbose did not lead to a synergistic effect in females, though.

I found this particularly interesting:

17a Estradiol´s Application in Humans

We at Apollo Health Ventures are very optimistic, given that 17-α estradiol is one of only a handful of drugs that caused life extension in ITP trials. Due to the promising results in animals Apollo Health Ventures ( has started the company Apollo Alpha Inc. and is currently working on developing 17-α estradiol as a human drug.

Read our detailed report on 17-alpha estradiol here.

Read the full article here: The Most Promising Longevity Drugs To Date

Note, there are many good articles by Apollo Health Ventures in their “Insights” page on Medium that I also recommend people read.


Great article. It helps me on my quest to only take a maximum of 10 supplements.
This is a very hard quest for me because new articles appear almost every day extolling some new anti-aging/healthspan supplement. Because of my age, I tend to be an early adopter of new strategies. Today I read still another article extolling the benefits of CBD.
I have tried CBD oil in the past and didn’t feel much benefit from it. Maybe I ought to try it again. Has anyone here taking CBD oil noticed any subjective benefits. Unfortunately, the most promising longevity drugs article doesn’t have this along with many other supplements that have some research indicating they have longevity effects.

Cannabidiol induces autophagy and improves neuronal health associated with SIRT1 mediated longevity

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I tried CBD oil for several weeks, last summer, with increasing doses. Zero effect on my sleep and on my performance.

Also received no noticeable effect from CBD, but the mention of 17-α Estradiol and Glycine is interesting.

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