Plasmapheresis Startup Looking for Clinical Trial Participants SF Bay Area

This looks interesting… I put my name in:

A new clinical trial is hoping to move the needle on therapeutic plasma exchange – and is looking for participants.

Plasmapheresis is a procedure that removes plasma from whole blood, swapping out unhealthy plasma and replacing it with healthy donor plasma or a plasma substitute. Plasma is part of blood, a fluid made up of water, proteins and essential nutrients. In certain diseases, as well as in aging individuals, certain harmful substances accumulate in plasma and may lead to organ damage. Plasma’s regenerative capacity means it also has potential to target multiple diseases of aging. Lyfspn, a company backed by Khosla Ventures, is conducting a plasmapheresis trial in the Bay Area for longevity benefits – and is actively seeking trial participants, particularly those from the biohacking community.

Interested in participating in the trial? Contact Lyfspn‘s CEO, Uri Greenwald, at


Initial Story:

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I was ready to submit my name too, but: “Exclusion criteria include those with active cancer or active infection and other medical contraindications and Kiprov is also ruling out those taking medications unproven for longevity in humans, such as rapamycin.”


Hmmm… I will talk with them, maybe if we pause the rapamycin during the clinical trial?

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Good idea. Might work.

Maybe just simple blood letting is all that is needed for the positive effects


I don’t know exactly what type of plasmapheresis they are proposing in this trial, but here’s a link appearing to provide more details and discussion.

In a seminal paper by Conboy, they replaced old plasma and replaced half with saline/albumin.

A personal communication from Conboy comparing to blood donation:

“For the paper, we changed out about half of the plasma in the mouse, and the similar procedure for humans changes out around 90% of the plasma. Donating a unit of blood removes a pint, from a total of around 5 quarts, so only around 10%. So “in theory”, I doubt the benefits of a blood donation could be as dramatic as what we observed for the paper. But it might have more subtle benefits”

I have been donating every 8 weeks for years, original motivation to dump iron (another intervention/thread), but appears to be rejuvenating at multiple other levels. At my pace and blood donation qty, I am completely replacing my systemic blood/plasma, every 18 months.

“Our data demonstrate that a single NBE suffices to meet or exceed the rejuvenative effects of enhancing muscle repair, reducing liver adiposity and fibrosis, and increasing hippocampal neurogenesis in old mice, all the key outcomes seen after blood heterochronicity. Comparative
proteomic analysis on serum from NBE, and from a similar human clinical procedure of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE), revealed a molecular re-setting of the systemic signaling milieu, interestingly, elevating the levels of some proteins, which broadly coordinate tissue maintenance and repair and promote immune responses. Moreover, a single TPE yielded functional blood rejuvenation, abrogating the typical old serum inhibition of progenitor cell proliferation. Ectopically added albumin does not seem to be the sole determinant of such rejuvenation, and levels of albumin do not decrease with age nor are increased by NBE/TPE. A model of action (supported by a large body of published data) is that significant dilution of autoregulatory proteins that crosstalk to multiple signaling pathways (with their own feedback loops) would, through changes in gene
expression, have long-lasting molecular and functional effects that are consistent with our observations. This work improves our understanding of the systemic paradigms of multi-tissue rejuvenation and suggest a novel and immediate use of the FDA approved TPE for improving the health and resilience of older people.”

Here’s a study on 915 50 yr olds using Double filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP).

Application of biological age assessment of Chinese population in potential anti-ageing technology


“Based on the comprehensive blood test and analysis, the ageing biomarkers were screened, and the male and female biological age assessment formulas were established. Then, the elimination of ageing biomarkers by double filtration plasmapheresis was examined. Double filtration plasmapheresis can eliminate ageing biomarkers, with an average of 4.47 years decrease in age for males and 8.36 years for females.


One guys experience…

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But at least blood donation is available for everybody, free and you help someone else

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