Is Bryan Johnson the New Poster Child for Rapamycin Use?

Bryan Johnson, the founder of BrainTree / Venmo who sold out to Paypal for an $800 million exit a number of years ago, made the news in a big way this week with his personal health and longevity optimization efforts.

From a science /clinical trial n=1, perspective, the approach that Bryan Johnson is taking (try everything all at once) makes it very hard to parse out the drugs / supplements / therapies that are most helpful, and what is just money spent with minimal benefit.

But if you look at the scientific literature on all the different drugs and nutritional supplements Bryan is taking, its pretty clear that just a few longevity drugs are likely providing the vast majority of the benefits he is seeing (over and above the healthy diet and regular exercise that everyone should do as a baseline).

Bryan Johnson is taking 13mg Rapamycin (once every two weeks) and 200mg of Acarbose with each meal. These are moderately high doses of these drugs in longevity applications, and it seems likely that these two drugs alone can generate a similar biological age reduction in any healthy person.

And in fact, we have many people on our website here who are getting much better results (in terms of biological age reductions) than Bryan is, at a small fraction (as much as 1/1,000) the cost that Bryan is incurring. See this page for some of the larger biological age reductions people are seeing with Rapamycin.

The drugs that Bryan is taking, with the strongest medical research behind them, & greatest benefit are:

  1. Rapamycin (up to 15% to 18% lifespan / healthspan improvement if started in late life)
  2. Acarbose (up to 12% to 18% lifespan / healthspan improvement if started in late life)
  3. 17 Alpha Estradiol which provides up to 28% lifespan improvements (males)
  4. Rapamycin with Acarbose (up to 37% lifespan improvement if started in early life)

And Rapamycin is also proven in animals, to reverse the aging of many organs (see here ) so what Bryan is seeing in terms of biological age reductions in his organs, and more broadly in his body, can likely entirely be explained by his rapamycin and acarbose use.

For all these reasons we nominate Bryan Johnson to be the new poster child for rapamycin use. And the good news is that you don’t need to be a tech billionaire or multi-millionaire to get most of the benefit of what he’s doing. Our forum members report that they typically spend between $500 to $2000 per year for their rapamycin and acarbose.

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