Pre Rapamycin Lab Work Recommended?

Hey Guys.

Thinking about starting Rapa this month.

Gonna go slow, 1/2/3… weekly just in case.

My question is: what blood work prior Rapa to take?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Sasa, welcome to the forum. That’s a great question. The more data the better - so its partly budget related, how much do you want to spend?

I would think at a minimum you want to track similar blood work as is being done in the PEARL rapamycin trial - see listing here on the bloodwork and comment by participant. My understanding is that they are doing these measures:

Complete Blood Count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), lipids, insulin, A1c, Vitamin D, DHEA, uric acid, C-reactive protein (CRP).

Many of these are available for about $35 as listed here (other labs to check on for pricing are walkinlabs, Ulta Labs (ultalabtests :

Part of the goal would be to do a pre-test Levine phenotypic age calculation as outlined here:

Perhaps tests like these:

and Dexa scan to check on your lean body mass:

I also recommend you check out these past discussion threads related to the issue of blood testing while on rapamycin:

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Also - if you are relatively new to rapamycin, I recommend you review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - lots of good information from other members there:


You might want to do an epigenetic test to see if your DNA methylation changes… improves.

Gives you a baseline fir noting changes.

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