How to Reverse Skin Aging

I used to not care about wrinkles or skin aging. However, upon reflection (pun intended) I realize that looking younger helps your self opinion and therefore reduces stress and encourages many helpful psychological processes. It starts a virtuous cycle that enhances self-esteem and physical and psychological health. I have just purchased two tubes of Differin cream from iHerb. I was looking for something more effective than my normal moisturizer anyway.

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Brad Stanfield is very knowledgeable…and I want his skin… lol. He recommended adapalene.

Ordered the Differin Adapalene… let’s see what happens.

Almost 6,000 – 5 star reviews… hmmmm.

Promo Code NEW20 works .


Yes. Thats the exact one I bought. Best of luck to both of us!

I like iHerb better than Amazon for their supplements because the original price is always the same, but iHerb will sporadically give 20-26% discounts. Amazon doesn’t do that.


Exactly…I realize the lion’s share of positive reviews was for acne… which I sometimes get a few pimples after dosing on rapamycin.

The wrinkles reviews were solid too… so let’s see.

Appreciate the heads up.



I have the most perfect skin of anyone BTW, and I don’t do anything to get it. My family doesn’t have it.


I think most dermatologists recommend prescription level retinoic acid / Retin A / tretinoin creams (.1% or .05%) - they are cheap as dirt from the same Indian pharmacies that people buy rapamycin from. Typically $3 to $12, for a 15g or 30 g tube.


The Differin Adapalene was recommended over tretinoin by Dr. Stanfield in the above video as it is newer and more effective than tretinoin. He did mention that tretinoin had been the superior brand before differin and that it is still a great option.


Does anyone know how to measure? Bryan Johnson measures some - Project Blueprint. My new endeavor, Project Blueprint… | by Bryan Johnson | Future Literacy | Medium

There are visia scans…

There is a whole report on Longevity Technology on Skin and Hair aging:

Advanced Aesthetics

Targeting the root causes of skin and hair aging:


Make sure that you start retinoic acid at very small quantity, and increase the quantity in very slowly pace.(Ex: 1 time a week for 1 month, then 2 times a week for 1 month, then 3 times a week for 1 month…), even you start at very slowly pace, you may still experience irritation, burn, and redness, that’s normal side effect, don’t worry about it.

I am oily skin, and I have used tretinoin for years, I don’t have any wrinkle on my face (I am near 30s), however if you are dry skin, you have much higher chance experiencing pain when using retinoic acid.

Research shows that retinol has similar anti-aging effect of retinoic acid (tretinoin, adapalene…) , but retinol is more tolerant than retinoic acid, if you can’t tolerate retinoic acid, you can try retinol instead, both retinol and retinoic acid are cheap, retinoic acid is approximately 10~20 times equivalent to retinol (ex: 0.1% tretinoin is equal to 1% retinol)


Should you still use a moisturizer before or after the differin cream? Im a novice here…

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I do periodic treatments with 0.05% tretinoin cream. For the first 3-4 weeks my skin usually gets very dry, irritated and starts flaking but not so this time when also using rapamycin, just a tiny bit of flaking in some areas

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No usually these creams already have glycerin and a bit of paraffin which is all it needs and there is no risk of removing the active ingredient

If you are dry skin, you can use hydrophilic moisturizer first, then differin cream, then oily moisturizer, if you are oily or acne skin, directly use differin is better.

Avoid some regions on face, because you will experience pain and dryness on these regions

  • Around eyes
  • Sulcus between Alae of nose and face
  • Around lip, especially around Oral commisures

NEVER rub your skin, ignore any flaking, if you have flaking, just put moisturizer on it, if you rub your skin, you may experience pain for many days! I did that once, that’s really a torture.

Usually I use tretinoin 0.1% on nose, tretinoin 0.05% on face, retinol 1% around eyes and neck, On winter I use less, and on summer I use more.


The best and easiest way to reverse skin aging and maintain youthful appearance is to do mesotherapy once every 2-3 months. The effect is immediate and long lasting. Mesotherapy is a procedure of injecting small amounts of HA with vitamins superficially into skin (up to 2 mm depth) with distance of 1/4 -inch between injections with needle 32 g (very thin). There are many products available. I tried many of them. My favorite is CytoCare 532. I’m 67 and don’t have wrinkles. My skin (color, tone, absence of any blemishes, etc) is the same as it was 30 years ago.


In the present study, although mild clinical improvement in skin texture was observed in some study participants (n = 2) after the third session, subjective, as well as objective, quantitative evaluation suggested that mesotherapy treatment utilizing the protocol established in this study has no significant beneficial effect in reversing the signs of skin aging

Just quick search, I don’t know if mesotherapy is really effective, do you have more information about it?


There are several ways to keep our skin healthy and looking good. Mybe everyone will find the “formula” that works for them! I have been applying a homemade Rapa cream to my face daily for 20 months with good results. I know that rapa does not cross the skin and enter the bloodstream, but as I am evaluating adding Dasatinibe to the “formula”, I do not know if this drug also do not cross and enter in the bloodstream…


It’s really effective! Don’t have information besides my own experience with it for approx 8 years. I do it regularly (myself) and have wonderful results. It’s very easy to learn how to do it yourself.


Interesting discussion. Am not ready to self-inject yet. Will try to make DIY cream with hyaluronic powder.


I picked the adapalene because it was effective and more gentle on the skin. We will see.

If not… thanks to Rapamycin… I will be around for a while to try others. Haha :smile: