Rapamycin for my Cats?

I was wondering if my cats could take the rapamycin. The last I saw was a news station out of Charlotte NC reporting on the studies that are currently being done on dogs. My cats are really old. The oldest one is 22. Thank you for sharing

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Yes, see here

Count your blessings. You are fortunate to have a cat live to be 22 yrs. old.
My oldest cats have been females that lived to be 17 yrs old. My oldest male cat was a tuxedo that I was very fond of. Unfortunately, I didn’t start him on Rapamycin until November of 2021. I was giving him 1 mg per week crushed and mixed in his food. He seemed to tolerate it well. Had taken about 8 doses before he died. He was very active and seemed healthy albeit overweight.
My patio security cameras show him on the patio at about two in the morning. The camera shows him walking normally and then going to sleep under a patio chair. He never woke up. We were devastated. He had such a great personality. My vet said he undoubtedly had a heart attack in his sleep.
He didn’t think Rapamycin had anything to do with it, only that I started him too late in life to do any good. That might be the case for me also.
I personally certainly give younger cats Rapamycin, but would probably not extend your 22-year-old cat’s life significantly. But, if you can afford to give it to her I would. You may be more fortunate than I was.
I wish you the best with your cats.



Why? Youre only 81, younger than many of us here, so without any intervention, you have an average expectancy of 8 more years, at which time you would expect another 4 years, etc, and that’s just for average…not even considering that all the while you are taking rapa and senolytics. And by then, who knows… you just need to live long enough for “the cure”. :smile:

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