Longevity Clinics: What They Are, Services & More

Shouldn’t every doctor’s office be a longevity clinic?

Has anyone here any experience visiting one of these types of clinics? Anyone planning to?
Please provide your thoughts and experiences…

Longevity clinics are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to stay healthy and vital for as long as possible. These clinics focus on the early detection and treatment of diseases that are age-dependent, and the prolongation of the active phase of a person’s life, in which mental, physical, and social activities are preserved.

There are several hundred longevity clinics worldwide, with over 40 in Switzerland and 25 in the United Kingdom. These clinics represent a new and emerging direction in healthcare that aims to increase the average healthy life expectancy of patients.

In Singapore, they’re starting the first publicly-funded longevity center. This is the model I think many developed countries (that have strong public healthcare systems) could move toward much more quickly (wasn’t there a saying our grandparents used to use… something about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure):

Wow, just checking some of the links in the above Spannr story - this is pretty wild - @Agetron check it out:


Currently in: Phase I/II
Recruitment begins 2022

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