Anti-aging Benefits of Rapamycin, Personal Experiences (part 2)

Above are the results from a survey of rapamycin users here on the site, done in late August, 2022. It should be noted that approximately 50% of respondents did not perceive any changes. In my next survey I will specifically add “no noticeable change” to the list of options. Generally, it seems that the healthier and more fit you are, the fewer changes people seem to notice with rapamycin.

Below I have compiled statements about the benefits people have claimed after taking rapamycin. Most of these are from our discussion forums, but I’ve also included some I’ve seen on twitter and other forums. These are obviously only anecdotal experiences and we need real clinical trials to prove effectiveness of rapamycin. Near the bottom of this post I’ve also incorporated statements by people who have been giving rapamycin to their dogs.

Lower biological age measurement:
Has anyone lowered their levine age or through Rapamycin? yes, had blood tests and epigenetic age test done before starting rapamycin and after. Took rapamycin at 6mg/week for 4 months. 13 years improvement by Levine calcs as well as epiagingusa test.

Another Bioclock example:

"Been taking rapamycin since Dec 2019 (2 years). Started at 5 mg once a week. First half of this year was at 10 mg/ week and second half took 15 mg every two weeks
Results to date:

  • much higher eGFR
  • lower creatinine
  • lower RDW
    using Morgan Levine calculator I dropped from a bio age of 66 in 2019 (when I was 66) to 53 in June 2021 (68.5)".
    Change to these bio markers occurred within two months of starting 5 mg/ week of rapamycin but have not changed with higher doses.

The other thing I would add is that as an experiment I stopped Rapa for 6 weeks. At the end of that time, the “old guy aches and pains” that I thought might have been mostly due to the weight loss, started coming back. A couple of weeks after re-starting Rapa at 6 mg., the aches and pains went away again.



I am 64 in menopause for 7? Years the Rapamycin seems to be reversing menopause, I have been having hot flashes mood swings and spotting! (source: this post )

My experience using rapamycin for 2 years+
Greater energy through the entire day, stronger, leaner (lost about 20lbs using metformin and canagliflozin, weight easier to lose and stays off with rapamycin), at 59 years old I’m rock climbing again after a 15 year hiatus and as strong as when I was in my 30s - climbing at 5.10a, b and c levels at indoor rock climbing gyms, whitewater kayaking class 3 and 4, Biological age according to Levine Phenotypic calculations is 43 to 45 years (about 15 years better than chron age.).Sadly - didn’t do pre/post biological age tests . All aches and pains gone away, greater resilience to sleep deprivation (when it happens). Good energy between 7am and 12 midnight. No feeling need for naps, or rests mid-day.

Positives: better exercise performance especially over time. Toenail fungal infection clearing up. Mild weight loss (3-8 #). Gums/ gingival tissues healthier (hygienist even commented). Better asthma control. Cons: Aphthous ulcers. Difficulty sleeping the first night post dose. Mild skin infections ( friend took zpak after arm pustule developed).

Here are something happened to me [7 months Metformin and 5 months rapamycin], what are yours?

  • Lowered IGF-1
  • Lowered weight and body fat percentage
  • Lowered BP
  • Lowered white blood cells
  • Lowered a1c
  • Increased cholesterol
  • Lowered inflammations

Some other minor things I’ve noticed in terms of there effects of taking rapamycin (at 6mg to 10mg per week) over the past year:

  1. Used to get phlegm in my throat during the night, and in the morning so I’d have to clear it when I woke up - that problem went away on Rapamycin
  2. Eye discharge (sleep) used to accumulate in my eyes overnight - but that’s gone away with rapamycin. Eye Discharge: Causes, Types and Treatment
  3. Toe nail fungus - used to have some of this the past few years, all gone now with rapamycin Nail fungus - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

“Running and Biking faster than when I was in my 20s. Now in my 50s.”

I have been taking rapamycin for 6 months on and off. It has improved my hdl and ldl ratio to the point where my hdl is now higher than my ldl. I have also been giving it to my mother who is 63 years of age. She rather unwillingly told me that she has been having her period again for the first time in 14 years. Now that is a turn up for the books and can hardly be seen as placebo or coincidence

For visceral fat rapamycin wasn’t a miracle But when I combined it with a once a week fast and exercise on an empty stomach, the visceral fat loss was very impressive. Wasn’t possible without the rapamycin. (source: a doctor/user in this post)

My results so far. Eight weeks in. Got rid of a few nagging but not really debilitating aches and stiffness in shoulder. Maybe imagination. Some facial aging blemishes seem to have almost cleared. Have no noticed an increase in “fitness” as some report and nothing with weight (Source: this post)

“Ordered rapamycin for my father. My dad had a quantifiable bladder problem that is completely better, and he’s sure it’s because of the rapamycin. (He wants us to order more for him.)”

still early… But I think after 10 days @ 1mg/day… then a few weeks later I got more… Now on 2nd week @ 20mg [weekly]… rejuvenation. After day 3 or 5 on the 1mg/day trial… I just physically felt amazing.

“My long term shoulder pain went away within 2 days.”

My N=2 sample (me and my dog) observed the elimination of joint pain in the knees and back after several months use of rapamycin.

My dad (75 years old) has had a huge improvement in his distance vision after rapamycin. He wants to go the DMV to get re-tested for vision so his license doesn’t require he use glasses when driving

The sudden tumbling pounds after 3 months of use was a surprise to me. At the time I was up to 195 lbs… I was in what I thought was pretty great shape, solid… thick - not fat. My arms felt like thick pillows when I would rest on them at night. I kinda set a goal in my mind to hit 200 lbs once in my life. To be 200 pounds seemed total jock status. and then the weight gain stopped… started rolling back a pound a few days another pound. I knew all the articles described this happening at 3-months but it kind of worried me initially. I saw my physician at the end of the month and I was at 180 pounds. I stopped losing at that point. But I couldn’t get off that weight - couldn’t gain it again. when I saw my physician and pulled up my shirt - my muscles all seem to be still pretty solid… where did the weight come off at??? He was shocked he said it’s visceral fat - over time it covers all your organs. I had never heard of visceral fat? He said it is almost impossible to lose at a certain age…even with constant exercise. (source: this post)

I no longer have to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night

I had been developing “essential tremors”. My hands had become shaky when trying to eat. Like having the peas fall off the fork when trying to get them into my mouth. When I started rapamycin I was not anticipating that it would have any effect on this syndrome but after a few months of rapamycin, I became aware that my “essential tremors” had disappeared.
I am extremely interested to hear if anyone else has noticed this result from taking rapamycin, or am I just a one-off example? (source: This post here )

My uncle has essential tremors really bad and can barely eat. I noticed a couple years ago that it was coming [for me]. More like if I was shaking some salt or something my hand would keep shaking on it’s own. The rapa made me forget about it. I think this is a genuine thing. (source: this post here)

Also I was getting the swallowing issue that Agetron had. My dad died of Bulbar ALS and I assumed that was what was happening. This also went away.

When I saw Dr. Green, my hands were achy, swollen & stiff every morning. That resolved w/in 3 weeks or so. I was also not sleeping great. That also improved dramatically.

It did not help me lose weight. However, this year from Memorial Day to Labor Day I worked to lose 25lbs and I do believe Rapa is helping to keep me at that new lower weight.

I have also noticed that my gums don’t bleed at all. Dr. Blagosklonny has mentioned this as well.😀

Second side effect of Rapamycin - reduced allergies - My seasonal allergy symptoms negatively correlate exactly with my rapamycin schedule. Seems like a known action of rapamycin that it helps manage allergy symptoms. I’m very happy with this side effect. (Source: This post on Reddit)

I started taking sirolimus 5 days ago at 2 mg/day for my inclusion body myositis disease. 8 hours after the first dosage my chronically inflamed knee joint stopped hurting, probably due to the sirolimus reducing inflammation.

I’ve developed some pimples on the back of my scalp. Morning “wood” as when I was in my 20’s. More memorable dreams. And my liver enzymes have improved on my blood work.

No more lower back pain!

a new effect I’ve just begun to notice: after several years of chronic sinus infections (and a ton of antibiotics to deal with those) and 2 sinus surgeries (~13 years ago) to help manage, I had lost a great deal of my sense of smell and taste. I’m just coming into my 6th month on rapa. I cracked a beer yesterday (Old Milwaukee, which definitely isn’t known for being especially flavourful) and could taste all kinds of nuance. Definitely notice my sense of smell coming back as well. Pretty happy about these ones! From this post here.

I’ve been taking Sirolimus since the beginning of June. I’m up to 5mg every other Saturday with GFJ. First time with GFJ…… I’m 6’2” and was 167lbs when I started my regimen (11% body fat), I’m now 178lbs and my body is more like it was when I was in my 30s. Thicker muscles and thicker skin. I feel healthier in general. I’m sleeping a lot better than I have in a year. My power yoga classes do not seem very challenging anymore. From this post in Aug/2022.

I have been in sirolimus for 6 months and my periodontal disease (which I struggled with over 10 years) is gone–pockets are now 2’s & 3’s and a coupla 4’s–previously many 5’s & 6’s.
also my plantar fasciitis, something I had over 15 years, is now also gone. My severe spinal osteoarthritis is stiff, but not painful anymore–I no longer want tramadol from my pcp (who wouldn’t give it anyway) (source: this post on July 21/2022)

I’ve been on Rapamycin over 4 months now and at 8mg/week for 3 of those. The only two effects I’ve noticed are weight loss (4kg) and the near removal of a large mole.

[at 14th dose] Been noticing less joint pain. Also always had a dental issue with bleeding gums, this has stopped. (from this post in our forum)

Someone had mentioned starting Rapa after a (long) break feels really good. I concur 🙂 Face freshness thing is also fairly repeatable for me. Almost like my 20 yr old acne scars tend to go away soon after the Rapa dose.

Improved osteoarthritis

More enthusiasm, reduction in arthralgia

Joint pain in left ankle is 90 % gone

Yes! mostly reduced arthritis

yes general body and low back less achiness Feel vigorous

Healing muscle strains quickly

better eyesight

steady athletic performance over the past 3 years of aging

I’ve been taking Rapamycin for 3 months. … My psoriasis hasn’t resolved, BUT I recently took a 4 hour exam and it was the first time I didn’t reach for my reading glasses during the exam.

Most people reporting on this site seem to have benefits regarding arthritis and rapamycin. I can tell you for myself after taking rapamycin for 8+ months, I am really pain-free. It has eliminated some hip pain I had. (from this post here)

Weight loss, lowered A1C, improved lipids & cholesterol, feel and look younger (source user)

I’ve been taking rapamycin for 4 to 5 years. The key benefit I see is less brain fog. (source user)

I took 1 mg rapamycin for psoriasis of the skin and joints. I experienced improvements a day after taking it, a decrease in joint pain and skin inflammation, became more vigorous and chronic fatigue disappeared, and libido increased. Symptoms began to return slowly 3-5 days after taking the dose.

One woman’s experience:

57, on Rapamycin for nearly 3 years. PM (6 years) no HRT, no side effects. I sleep much better now! Weekly dosing, 8mg; Anti-aging “pulse” dosing.

brain works better, less arthritis, less inflammation

8 hours after the first dosage my chronically inflamed knee joint stopped hurting

Stronger nails, better skin, healthier gums, weight control much easier, no joint pain

Restored sense of smell and taste, increased muscle mass and energy

In general my skin keeps getting better on neck, face, chest and arms. Improved memory and train of thought - no longer missing words that I can’t remember - but know it exists. Loss of all adipose tissue - visceral fat, I am pretty shredded - strong defined muscles. A general euphoria and sense of no stress. Arthitis gone, blood flow and heart amazing. (source: this post)

I have been fasting once a week ( water only fast) and lost about 10 lbs easily in about 2 months while on rapamycin

I have dizziness since day 1 of becoming sick. With in a week my dizziness is gone. Which I’ve found was from sjogren’s
rapamycin helped the dizzyness?
yes tremendously

Since starting rapamycin: Long covid brain fog was removed in 48 hours. Sinus Autoimmune stuff I hadn’t realised I had since childhood gone after 3 months.

Skin spots disappearing, voice range highter with better tone control, muscles more flexible, hip ache disappeared, energy level higher (from this forum member here)

I haven’t been sick in the three years I’ve been on rapa. My testosterone is high for my age and I wake up with wood at 59. I score 45 years old with the Levine biological age test. My triglycerides and glucose have improved significantly. N=1 but for me, the risk is worth it. Subjectively I feel great and I am in excellent health for my age.

I don’t think rapamycin is going increase my lifespan much if any. Maybe a year or two? I do expect a improved health span which I believe I’m already seeing. I did have a minor cold two months in but barely noticeable. Nothing since then. My wife also takes it and also zero colds or flu. At thanksgiving we spent the holidays in a house where almost everyone was sick or got sick. We were fine. I believe rapamycin improves the immune system at low intermittent doses. I have a prescription so I know it’s legit. I saw the rapamycin oral health study last week so I got my dental records. I’ve had a 27% reduction in pocket depth in my upper teeth and 5% in my lower. It’s probably due to rapamycin since I’ve made no other changes

Weight loss, better skin tone, increased energy

I got a headache first day. (I normally don’t get head aches) nothing since. Pain in my RH shoulder was gone by day 5 (could be placebo time will tell) Fixed my dandruff, Scalp no longer itchy.

So, it’s time for the monthly update. I increased the weekly dose from 5 to 6 mg on the 1st September and still have had no identifiable adverse reactions. Nothing at all, not even a solitary mucosal ulcer. Yes, this is subjective, but I do have the impression that I am already experiencing several benefits. Firstly I have stopped putting on fat, regardless of how unhealthy my diet. I am also reasonably certain that abdominal fat and fat otherwise around my middle is becoming less. At the suggestion of a number of you I will start taking waist measurement and post these with future updates. The most interesting improvement though is a definite improvement in cardiovascular performance. I am not out of breath as easily and exertive activities are noticeably more easily mastered. Example: treadmill. For years I’ve been doing a once weekly session of 50mins on the treadmill. For the last 5 years my top speed had a consistent ceiling of 8.0-8.5 km/hr. Within two weeks of starting the 5mg / week dose (6 weeks ago) I upped that to an average tempo of 9.0km/hr and on Friday, when I last trained, I averaged 9.2 km/hr. While these improvements are small, they are noticeable and prior to starting on this journey, unachievable. There is no plausible alternative explanation in my routine for this improvement. (46 year old doctor in Europe trying rapamycin)

Suren Sehgal, PHD, Father of Rapamycin

Perhaps the first significant benefit claimed by a self-experimenter taking rapamycin was communicated by Dr. Suren Sehgal PhD, the Montreal-based Ayerst scientist who first isolated rapamycin.

In 1998, Suren was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colon cancer after a routine colonoscopy. His doctors gave him 6 months to live. Suren started taking rapamycin and far exceeded everyone’s expectations. After 4 years he was still going strong. He completed his work with Rapamune and retired to be close to his grand children in Seattle, Washington in 1999 after 40 years of service to Ayerst.

5 years after the initial diagnosis he was still doing well and continued taking rapamycin. His wife says that there was no longer any cancer in his colon or liver by this time. However, He had also had chemo therapy and other drugs. So one day (his son conveys in the Podcast “The Dirty Drug and the Ice Cream Tub”) Suren really was wondering if it was “my drug”, the rapamycin, that was saving him, or if it was the other traditional drugs. “Ever the scientist, he determined the only way he could figure out if rapamycin was really working is if I stop taking it”. He did stop taking Rapamycin and 6 months later the cancer returned “with a vengeance”.

Suren continued to work on Rapamune to the very end as a consultant to Ayerst, completing work on his last publication a few weeks before his death. … He believed that even his own life was extended as he took Rapamycin (Rapamune) to stave off the cancer that had spread to his liver, experimenting on himself. The tumors in his liver were arrested and never grew.

Years earlier, Suren had sent a sample of rapamycin to the National Cancer Institute for testing where it was discovered that the drug had “fantastic activity” against solid tumors. Unfortunately, due to corporate priorities, management did not want to pursue drugs based on the compound.

Since Suren’s death rapamycin has proven effective in treatment of some cancers and the research continues…

If you are taking rapamycin, please add your own “benefits” experience by clicking on the “Reply” button and add in your comments below:

Dog-related Experiences, dosing at the level in 24 week dog study:

From the recent Tim Ferriss Podcast with Kevin Rose
Tim, there is an absolute difference. Darya and I will tell you that — [my dog “Toast”] he’s having some hip issues as he’s getting older, his hips slip out from underneath him from time to time. And it doesn’t help that we have concrete floors and it makes that a little more slippery for him, but he’s jumping up on people now when they come in the house, including us, and just the level of excitement and energy and everything else that’s come out of him. He’s been on it for about two months now. It is working.

My dog is doing well. I do the 14 year old pug for three weeks and then take one week off and I do the 6 year old pug one week on and one week off. Maybe I’ll experiment. They both have really good blood work but the fourteen-year-old was just sleeping all the time and almost seemed to have dementia and now is doing much better

2mg, 30 lbs dog, ~8 yrs old. I now take 10mg once per week. Started with 5mg once per week. Also take metformin and NR. No side affects noted for the dog, just longer walks, no more back pains, more energy and play.

My senior dog has been on Rapamycin for about a year. Since then, his early stage kidney disease has practically vanished, and he has so much energy!! He’s spunky and doing very well, but his Lipase Levels in blood tests have been steadily rising since on Rapamycin and is now in the hundreds. His Alk. Phos. is rising, too, also very high. This could be a complete coincidence. Anyone else have such an experience? My local vet started him on a very high dose of Rapamycin (3 mg. X 3 weekly), but I have now lowered that to half. Wondering if I should lower it any further. Otherwise, he shows no outward negative side-effects, and Rapamycin has been a completely positive experience for him.

My vet knew nothing about Rapamycin. I asked him for it, as my dog was sick and in early-stage kidney disease. My vet made me sign a waiver, and that was the dose he prescribed. I had to get the Rapamycin elsewhere. So, I gave my 60 pound dog 3 mg. Rapamycin (three times weekly) for two months, with a one month rest period, then for another month. He became a super dog! Running around like he did five years ago. His kidney counts went back to normal, as mentioned, but his Alk.Phos. and Lipase had very slight elevations. After that (even off the Rapamycin) they steadily began to rise and are now in the hundreds. My vet suspected Cushings Disease even before the Rapamycin, so the Rapamycin could just be coincidental. I think you’re right in saying I gave him too aggressive of a dose though. He feels much better now than before, though, despite the lab results. Still, I’m worried that they keep rising. Hope I didn’t damage his pancreas or liver.

From one of the original dog rapamycin studies (see CNN Story here):

See Momo run faster, farther and with far more vigor, energy and youthfulness, his owners say, now that he’s taking a drug meant for humans with cancer. “It’s been remarkable,” Paola Anderson said as she watched Momo, her 13-year-old white Pomsky, run around the backyard, keeping up with dogs a third his age.

5 Year Update on the dogs in the above story:

Sherman passed away last month so he lived 19yr 5 months which is long for a Pom, especially one that had a stroke (15 yr) and acute pancreatitis (8 yr) pre-rapamycin. The average Pom lives 12-16 years and the record is 21 years. Momo is still going strong at 18 yr 9 months. Sherman went on a plane trip/bus tour to France from California in 2019 so I assume he was in fairly good health. All in all a very impressive life/health extension.


A couple of more benefits I’ve noticed recently from rapamycin
my tinnitus of several years has disappeared
my dry mouth which was so bad I could not sleep without taking Xylitol mints in my mouth at bedtime has gone away


Great results Paul. What dose you on?

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I had a large mole for a few years that I was becoming a little concerned about as it seemed to be expanding. This might sound like BS but honestly it’s almost entirely gone. There’s just a slight skin discolouration remaining.

Has anyone seen anything like this?! I can’t think of anything but the Rapa that’s done it…


previous post above in addition to the two new improvements

15 mg every 2 weeks

If you haven’t changed anything else then it must be down to the Rapa.
That said, I haven’t started on Rapa yet but since I totally revamped my diet and exercise regime two years ago I’ve had moles/age spots shrinking and completely disappearing. (The most recent ones being the ones that go first whilst the oldest ones don’t appear to have changed).
It will be interesting to see if this accelerates after I start taking Rapa

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Comment from Michel’s wife: I started rapamycin in November 2021 at 1mg per week, gradually increasing to 3mg per week. I have noticed a difference in my energy level and its overall effect on my productivity. Recently paused the weekly dose for about a month to allow a skin irritation on my arms to clear up (side effect). Resumed rapamycin four weeks ago with no problems. (68yo female)


Follow-up comment from Michel’s wife, Rebecca: The striated skin irritation that occurred previously in the bend of my elbows has now appeared on my neck as of two days ago. Common diagnoses for this condition relate to a constriction somewhere in the spine but I have no spinal discomfort at all. We are concluding that this inflammation must be a mild side effect of rapamycin. Michel also had the striated irritation in the bend of his elbows previously but it has not recurred nor has he experienced any spinal discomfort.

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@RapAdmin I love this section. All hopeful and positive. For balance, do you have any negative comments? Side effect issues that required discontinuation or no results at all?


Of course I track both - see the “side effects and risks of rapamycin” section in the Rapamycin FAQ (always available at the top of the page of the main site landing page, or at the very top of any page on the site when viewed from a desktop / laptop computer), or just search on “rapamycin FAQ” on mobile phones or tablets.


Thank you. Still learning your site, but you have great stuff in here that I have not found anywhere. I am trying to compile enough knowledge to consider offering it to my patients as an option.


Great - let us know if you offer it to your patients and we’ll add you to our list of doctor’s prescribing rapamycin.


Maybe add an age factor to your survey?

What do you mean by “age factor”?

How long after starting rapa did you observe the change in behavior?

Today I hit a max heart rate of 173 (age 61) while virtual bicycling racing on Strava. I have been taking rapamycin for 4 1/2 month. I am going to say this is a high likely effect of the medicine combined with my effort.


Do you mean that rapamycin increased your max heart rate? Do you know what your max heart rate was before starting rapamycin?

My calculated Max HR is 159, I have been able to sustain 173 recently during exercise. My take on this is that rapamycin is probably helping as it is the only variable that has changed. I have been on Rapamycin for 4 1/2 months. Prior to Rapamycin I was closer to 159.


Wow. That’s interesting. Maybe it is the rapamycin. Thanks for the info!


I tend to agree. Max HR went from 162 back to 170. Fairly intense bike riding.

My maximum sustaHR went from 143 to 150.