Rapamycin Improves Erections

A new research paper suggests that they’ve found the reason why (male) rapamycin users experience a lot more erections (as reported by Matt Kaeberlein previously)…

A Western style high-fat, high-sucrose diet has recently been used to induce erectile dysfunction (ED) in rodents, in which elevated Nox has been implicated in ED pathogenesis. The objective of this study was to determine if mTOR is an upstream mediator of Nox in the penis in response to the Western diet (WD) and to determine if this pathway is relevant in WD-induced ED.

Results: Erectile function was significantly impaired in mice fed the WD in the vehicle condition, while Rapamycin restored erectile function in the WD condition.

New Paper: Rapamycin Suppresses Penile NADPH Oxidase Activity to Preserve Erectile Function in Mice Fed a Western Style High-Fat, High-Sucrose Diet


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