Rapamycin Update - What You Need To Know (Modern Healthspan)

and the paper that is mentioned at the beginning:

Results from this study are very similar to what we have seen in our own user surveys here on our site:

Surveys & Polls of Rapamycin Users

Full Rapamycin FAQ here: Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I just watched the video with MK talking about the rapa study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgoYKF32jBc&list=PLkfzM7KJv6vYWOR99_hK0-7AGTRr2QomZ

Richard asks MK towards the end about bring rapa more mainstream. MK replies that the better but more unlikely way would be an actual study, but what seems to be happening is biohacking.

He says there are two barriers to the study: (lack of) profit & that rapa has a bad rep.

I think he said the point of the worm bot is to test a lot of compounds & see what works as well & hopefully better than rapa. That might solve both those problems – they might find something that is still under patent or could be tweaked to be new & because it’s more or less new, would be able to leave the perceived stink of rapa behind.

So there is hope that something will come up eventually …or so I like to think. :grinning:


Update on the Dog Aging Project. Sadly, it sounds like another 3 or 4 years before any rapamycin results available…


and part 4:

a recent discussion on twitter unrolled, on the million molecule challenge. (Note: Karl is an ex-Google AI guy, and leading angel investor in the longevity biotech space in the SF Bay Area). Source of twitter thread here.

And a link to Jose (second to last post in the above thread) document:

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Very interesting stuff. I’m sometimes a bit leery of data from worms and flies. It seems like almost anything shocks their system and they live 10% longer. But if it moves forward to mice, could be helpful.

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