13 Rapamycin Clinical Studies and Trials

These are the 13 most interesting Rapamycin research studies and trials in the longevity field that I keep an extra eye on. The goal is to interview at least one researcher from each of these studies and trials when they are completed. Which of these are your favorite/s?


Here are links to almost all of the above


Hi Kristor, the Pearl study also contains a placebo potential…

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Yes, good that you point that out! Also many of the other trials have a placebo arm but there was limited space in the image to add that info.

So when do we start seeing the results of these studies?

In the end of this year and next year we will start seing more and more human data coming from these studies. After that the off label use will probably start to take off much more and more physicians and researcher will be interested in the field :pray:

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Pearl and the healthspan study is what im looking forward too :grin:

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Great summary - Thanks for pulling this together in an easy to read visual!

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