Taking without dr. Prescription

If i order online from India, what are the blood tests and biochemical tests i will need to do? Is a doctor prescription neccessary for blood testing in usa?

You should get your lipid panel and HBA1C values before you start taking Rapamycin as these are the ones that usually change. You could also take a blood panel to check your immune system (lymphocytes, neutrophils, etc…) and CRP for inflammation. After taking Rapamycin, you should get your blood tested for Sirolimus levels.

Personally, I don’t get my Sirolimus blood levels checked because the test is not available where I live (not in the USA).

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About 50% of the people here (judging from our poll on the topic) just buy the rapamycin (from India or elsewhere) and use it: Poll: How do you get your Rapamycin: Doctor Prescription, or Just Buy It?

But if you aren’t super into reading up on all the intricacies of rapamycin I would recommend a doctor. We have a list of doctors you can contact to get rapamycin prescriptions here: How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

No - you don’t need a doctor to get the blood tests - many of us just order them online - from LifeExtension.com or many others… @Joseph did a good summary of options and pricing in this thread: Blood Testing Cost Comparison

As far as what blood tests to do and how often to do them… thats something that we’ve discussed a fair amount here. The suggestions above by @DeStrider are good. For a longer discussion see this thread: What blood tests are people taking?, Any rapamycin specific ones?

Another consideration is the blood sirolimus test, see this thread: How to get a Rapamycin (sirolimus) Blood Level Test

I would also recommend you read this thread if you’re new here: Rapamycin Interactions with Other Food, Drinks, Supplements and Drugs

and review our FAQ: Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Where do you live where it is not available? I am working on something.

Hong Kong China (extra characters)