List of all the Mouse Studies Showing Rapamycin Lifespan Extension

For people who like data, the attached document is the full list, compiled by Dudley Lamming, of all the mouse studies that have been done with rapamycin and which show life extension (only a few studies, in rare genetic backgrounds have not shown lifespan improvement). Rapamycin is by far the most rigorously studied compound that consistently and significantly increases lifespan and healthspan.

Additional to the below list of all the rapamycin mouse studies is this Meta-Analysis of 29 Experiments Evaluating the Effects of Rapamycin on Life Span in the Laboratory Mouse.



Full List of Rapamycin Mouse Life Extension Studies (PDF) below:

preprints202102.0491.v1-6.pdf (391.7 KB)


I thought this was interesting:

A recent study, moreover, has complicated the picture, by demonstrating that rapamycin treatment initiated at 4 months of age decreased life span of db /db diabetic mice in both sexes (C57BL/KsJ background) (15). This is likely due to deleterious effects of rapamycin on glucose homeostasis, which is unbalanced in db /db mice as evidenced by hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia

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