Very Good Longevity Biology Educational Resources

This is a great resource for anyone interested learning more about longevity Biology. I highly recommend the longevity journal club document below. Check it out! (Note: I’ve included some PDFs of the documents at the end of this post, for easier access).

Inside the above Google doc, are links to many other resources like these slide presentations

Longevity Apprenticeship Journal Club sm.pdf (1.7 MB)

2_6_ Rapamycin-compressed.pdf (176.3 KB)


Additional Longevity presentations:

Nutrient Sensing in Longevity.pdf (943.6 KB)

LongevityInterventionsJC_220522.pdf (2.6 MB)

NIA Interventions Testing Program.pdf (883.9 KB)

Heterochronic Parabiosis.pdf (479.0 KB)

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