Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (pt 2)


As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, because drugs like rapamycin for anti-aging are not covered by insurance, people are increasingly looking outside their home countries to purchase them. Specifically, people are looking for the best value (i.e. lowest prices) for their prescription medications due to the high cost, especially in the USA. The US has the highest drug prices in the world due to the combined effects of lack of competition and limited price regulation (due to lobbyists). In fact, prescription drug prices in the USA are 256% higher than in other industrialized countries.

Below is the process that people are communicating to us has worked well for them to obtain the lower cost medications, specifically rapamycin (sirolimus). We’ve heard of successes in receiving shipments to the USA and England / UK, Taiwan and some in Europe. If you live in another country and order and receive medicines from India please post a message to let others know.

Please also see the 4-page Valisure Lab analysis performed on the rapamycin (Biocon Rapacan and Zydus Siromus) from India that one user had analyzed - at the bottom of this article on generic medicine quality.

Step 1. Determine the brand of rapamycin / sirolimus you want to purchase. Read this about the different brands and names of rapamycin.

Step 2. Review the list of vendors of rapamycin that people have had success with. We have a page with a list of online pharmacies (no prescription required) that forum members here have received shipments from without problems: List of reliable online pharmacies

Step 3. Compare prices (exchange rates for rupees to US$ are around 75 to 1 US$ these days, at the time of this writing). Rapamycin (sirolimus) typically comes in what are called “strips” or small packages of 6 or 10 tablets per package. Most commonly you find the tablets are 1mg per tablet, but you can also find 2mg or other dose levels. To make sure all your price quotes are comparable be sure to calculate the cost per 1mg tablet.

Step 4. Questions people ask prospective vendors:

  • Do they ship to your country?
  • Do they guarantee you will get the product (some companies will reship your product if it doesn’t get delivered (e.g. held up in US customs).
  • Do they require a prescription? (do you have a prescription?) - this impacts shipping options - see “Shipment method” below.
  • What is the manufacture date and expiration date on the sirolimus that they are selling?
  • What payment methods do they accept? (Typically they operate by wire transfer - which costs in the range of $45 per wire transfer for international wire transfers from the US - for example from Wells Fargo). Most US banks offer the ability to send wire transfers directly from the web interface of your bank account (when you are using online banking). Much cheaper wire transfer procedures can be done via some of the Internet wire transfer websites like, Tazapay, and others listed here and here.

Shipment Decisions:

If you have a prescription you can have your package sent to you by the standard methods of either DHL, Fedex or IndiaPost EMS. IndiaPost EMS/Speedpost works fine, but it is a slower and less costly method of shipment. Typically it takes 2 to 4 weeks to get your package using IndiaPost EMS/speedpost to the USA. Shipment by DHL or Fedex require that you have a prescription (and that prescription information must, I believe, be sent with the package - so you would also have to communicate it to the Indian pharmacy you are purchasing the product from.

Most India online pharmacies do not require a prescription, however if you do purchase without a prescription then the package must be sent via IndiaPost EMS/Speedpost because it is the only shipment services that does not require that you have a prescription.

The shipment typically comes in a plain brown paper-wrapped box wrapped with a lot of tape. The source company may or may not be listed on the package (sometimes it just has the name of the person shipping - and looks like a personal package). Notice in this below photo, the package has been opened and inspected by US customs - you can see the green tape that shows this. It seems they are primarily looking for controlled substances.

Here are some example photos of the type of packages you might expect to receive.


Inside the package, the Zydus sirolimus is typically packed in groups of 15 boxes of “strips” of 6 tablets each. So 90 tablets (1 mg each) in one of these boxes - about 5 inches long by 3 inches high. People typically order about 360 tablets as that seems to be around the right number that the US customs seems to find acceptable for personal use. Don’t worry too much about expiration dates - they don’t mean much in these types of medicines (see this article: Drug expiration dates, the myth and reality)

and inside the Zydus package:


Inside each of these boxes is what is called the “strip” of 6 tablets in bubble plastic/foil.

Here is what the older Zydus packages looked like - they seemed to have been phased out in 2020, but people are still selling them.


If you live outside the USA, you’ll need to check on the rules and regulations specific to your country regarding importing prescription medicines. If you live in the USA you should read this article on the topic of importing prescription medications, on the WebMD website:

The Letter (and Spirit) of Drug Import Laws

What the FDA actually says about personal importation of medicine from other countries:

Another reference on medicine importing:

In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import FDA-approved drugs from other countries for personal use. However, based on changes enacted by the MMA, personal importation of prescription drugs that have not been approved by the FDA for use in the U.S. is permitted on a case-by-case basis. Under this statutory authority, FDA has put out guidance that lays out certain circumstances where importation of non-FDA approved drugs for personal use might be allowed. For example, personal importation is generally allowed if the treatment is for a serious condition, there is no effective treatment available in the U.S., and there is no commercialization of the drug for U.S. residents. Typically, only a three-month supply is allowed, and individuals most confirm in writing that the drug is for personal use and provide information about the physician responsible for their treatment.

There appears to be little enforcement by the FDA of the ban against importing FDA-approved drugs for personal use. Even if the personal importation of a drug is technically illegal, current law directs the FDA to exercise discretion in permitting personal importation of drugs when the product is “clearly for personal use, and does not appear to present an unreasonable risk to the user,” which is reinforced in FDA guidelines.


The practical realities of importing medicines into the USA:

The reality is that most of the time if a person imports medicine from other countries - if the quantity is not too large, and its obviously for personal use, it will probably arrive at your doorstep and you won’t have any issues. We’ve heard from a number of people who have ordered between 200 and 360 tablets of rapamycin / sirolimus at a time from the internet pharmacies in India, and have done this half a dozen times or more and never had any issues. As long as you don’t order too much, it seems you have fewer issues.

We have also heard from some unlucky people who had their first shipment was confiscated by customs in the USA. We don’t know what percentage of packages that US customs checks inside, but most people seem to think its in the low single digits - e.g. 1% to 3%. The worst we’ve ever heard is that the medicine is confiscated and you get a letter from customs like this letter shown below, and you’ve lost your money. We suspect that the person who had their product confiscated in the below letter might have been importing too many tablets at once (600) for the customs officer to accept as personal use.

The manufacturers and names for rapamycin are as follows:

Zydus Cadila (sometimes identified as "Zydus Biogen) - brand name “Siromus

Biocon - brand name "Rapacan"


Rocas - “Sirolimus tablets” on the box


Panacea Biotec - brand name “Siropan”


Actiza - generic name “Sirolimus tablets”


There are many ways to send money to Indian venders, first, the bank wire, but it costs $45 plus a trip to the bank and doing extra paperworks.
Second is by Western Union/Money gram. I went to a WU booth inside a supermarket, and they asked me a lot of questions and eventually rejected my request. Doing online transactions at home by WU and moneygram were not any use and also got rejected.
Finally i found the money transfer by works! It got through to India with little extra charges. Just enter the recepient’s bank account info. It even has an option in the computer screen to choose “purchasing medical supply” as a reason for money transfer. great!
If anyone has better ways to send money to India, please post it.


I have had no issues with Wells Fargo doing bank wires - but it does cost $45. You can do it either in-bank, or via your online banking account - which is actually easier and saves the information so the second time you do it all the information is already input. But only costs about $5 I think - so that is likely the best way to go, or a service like that. There are a few we list above.

if you are taking 20 pills every other week, you will need more than 500 pills a year. But you dont want to buy 500 pills at one time, for the risk being confiscated by the custom. So we need to purchase twice from India every year. Stock up.

My orders are typically around 360 pills (360mg total) at a time. Though - with Everolimus you could order the 10mg tablets, and so get by with ordering fewer pills - e.g. 100 would be 1,000mg. I’m considering buying everolimus and then alternating between the two medicines.

1 Like is easy to use, I recommend it too.

Recently I found another good way to pay, that is
It only charged me 5USD fee for total 250USD transaction, and it also works for many non-USA countries

I can relate you that Western Union is too complicated, and MoneyGram only supports a few countries.
I also know a way to pay, Worldremit, but I don’t recommend it, it charges almost the 70% of the original transaction, too expensive.


I used my brokerage eTrade account with a $25 fee. You have to do this by phone with an agent, and it takes about 15 minutes. The reason I used was “medical supplies.” The transfer went perfectly.

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have you tried the 10mg Everolimus pills yourself?

I have not. But @morlock mentioned in this post that he is. Perhaps he can mention how its going for him?

I just completed my first 8 week on, 4 off cycle and it’s been going well. No felt differences to 6mg Sirolimus which I had cycled for 6 mo.

Perhaps weights are a bit harder on everolimus, but that might just be in my head. When I’m on Everolimus or Sirolimus I plateau immediately and start to lose a little capacity. Once I’m off for 2 weeks though, I’m back to normal.

I don’t have blood tests yet though, but am planning a panel in 3mo.


Everolimus claims to be more hydrophilic and higher bioavailability. Niba Health of Indiamart also sells 5 mg version. One strip containing 10 pills cost $70.

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Does anyone know if getting the branded rapamune is like taking a higher dose, since rapamune is some form of nanocrystals that is supposed to help absorption?

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The whole nanocrystal thing is something most of us just discovered - based on Dr. Ross’s post here.

We still haven’t determined which, if any, of the generic versions of rapamycin are using nanocrystal or other time-release technologies. Something for all of us to keep an eye out for. Also - perhaps the blood/sirolimus testing will allow us to figure this out ourselves. If we can get blood sirolimus tests from people taking specific doses of rapamune vs. other generic sirolimus, perhaps we can understand this better.


If you live in Switzerland, you can read this page:

In a nutshell, you can import only a month’s supply for your own use (exceptions apply for narcotics and doping products). And if you get “caught”, …

If the withheld medicinal products pose a risk to health or originate from an illegal source, they will be destroyed. Otherwise, they may be returned to the sender. In any case, you will have to pay the administrative costs (at least CHF 300).

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Are you using rapamycin yet? Did you import from India?

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I am not and I didn’t. I’m still unsure. I guess I’m going to stick to my present system for a few months more. And maybe look for an rapamycin friendly MD.

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I have ordered 100 sirokem pills from G.P.Pharma International on Indiamart for USD 105.- and paid very comfortably with PayPal.
Everything worked and I received the package 3 weeks later in Switzerland.


Same brand I use.

I tested my peak and troughs here:


Just reporting that I’ve had an India Post delivery into the UK from Varun Medicals just 13 days after sending the money (and the bank took 2 days to get that through).
Package untouched as far as I can tell.


I ordered Biocon Rapacan (plus Metformin and Acarbose) from

Cost of Rapacan 1mg Tablet ; Sirolimus = 70 USD for 100 tablets.

Shipping (EMS) and handling= 40 USD (Switzerland).

Total = 110 USD.

I paid with and received the shipment after two weeks without any problem.