How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

Its gotten much easier to purchase rapamycin, or get a prescription for rapamycin, over the past year. Below is detailed information (regularly updated) on doctors that prescribe rapamycin, and pharmacies where you can acquire rapamycin.

Health insurance programs typically won’t cover the cost of rapamycin for anti-aging applications, and research suggests we’ll probably want to take it weekly for many years to get the full longevity benefit, so people are looking around to find a good price. Below we provide links to the best options users here have found.

Note: before you talk to a doctor or buy rapamycin, we recommend you learn about rapamycin in our detailed RapamycinFAQ (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers), and also be sure to join our discussion forum to keep up on the latest news and research, and people’s ongoing experiences with rapamycin and other new longevity medications.

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