Tony Wyss-Coray | Young Blood for Old Brains

Tony Wyss-Coray is the leader of lab at Stanford U. that has done a lot of work on heterochronic parabiosis (joining the blood systems of an old and young mouse) and I believe he’s also a founder of Alkahest, which was covered in the Longevity Summit update.


Related to this general topic, another interview:

I wonder how this research might impact the “Young Blood” potential. Seems like it could be a big caveat:


Results from a new study published in the journal Stem Cell Reports suggest that transfusions and transplants of blood, bone marrow, organs and other biological matter from one person with hereditary Alzheimer’s to a healthy person can spread the disease.

Canadian scientists at the University of British Columbia arrived at this conclusion after performing lab experiments with mice and stem cells.

What, no mention of Teal Omics and the proteomic BioAge clock? May turn out to be the most accurate aging clock yet. He’s the co-founder but maybe that’s just what he does in his spare time.

I need to email them and see when it will be made available.

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