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Rapamycin is considered by many geroscience researchers to be the “gold standard” of anti-aging drugs; with lifespan improvement typically 15% to 30%, and as high as 37% when combined with another longevity drug “Acarbose”. While these results have been in animals, there are early indications that these benefits may also translate to people.

BUT, rapamycin is a serious drug that can have serious side effects if you dose too high, and other factors. This is not a risk-free drug. If you are considering using rapamycin BE SURE to spend a few months reading all the information here and elsewhere on it so you can make an informed decision, ideally working in concert with a doctor. Don’t just rush into taking rapamycin because you heard a podcast mention it. Its important to note that dosing for longevity purposes as recommended by doctors today is currently only once (1 time) per week, or in some cases once (1 time) every two weeks.

If you are new to Rapamycin you likely have questions… such as:

  • What has research shown about Rapamycin for healthy life extension?
  • What age is the best to start Rapamycin?
  • What are the benefits people are seeing with Rapamycin?
  • What are the side effects people are seeing with Rapamycin?
  • What are the risks and dangers associated with rapamycin?
  • Why do people dose rapamycin only once per week when taking it for longevity?
  • What are typical dosing levels people are taking of Rapamycin for longevity purposes?
  • What are common food / drugs / supplements that can cause issues with Rapamycin?
  • How do I get a rapamycin Prescription?
  • How do I buy Rapamycin and what are good prices for Rapamycin?
  • Can Rapamycin slow Skin Aging?
  • Can Rapamycin help hair growth, reverse gray hair?
  • What are people’s results so far with Rapamycin? What percentage keep taking it?

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Start Here: Rapamycin Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


What a fantastic, thoughtful with present and future rapafans, broad and deep in knowledge guide into the geroprotective world of rapamycin/rapamune/sirolimus.

Needless to say, thank you for your time and effort moderating this site in an always science based way and to all posters feeding it with enthusiasm and hope in a more close than far away elongation of our lives in a truly healthy manner.

My congratulations to you all.


I’m new to this forum and thought I’d introduce myself.
I’m a 76 year old white male in relatively good physical shape. I’m 5’10" and around 180 pounds.
I met with Dr. Green in late December 22 and he started me off on 6 mg of rapamycin once per week. I’m about 6 weeks into the program with very few side effects. I woke up one morning with a bloodshot left eye that is rapidly disappearing. I’ve also noticed that I have more trouble swallowing. I can feel supplements working their way down my esophagus. Other than that, I’ve had no visible side effects.
I’ve had a long history with antiaging interventions. Up until I met with Dr. Green, I had been taking twice daily HGH shots for close to 20 years. Also, I use testosterone gel twice a day.
Dr. Green felt that HGH use was worrisome so I stopped and I haven’t noticed any impact.
My most pressing concern is my heart calcium score of 880! Not quite sure what to do about that. Hoping rapamycin will help.
My daily rituals keep me sane. I go to the gym almost every day where I lift weights and walk on the treadmill. I come home and stand in front of my full body infrared light while meditating at the same time. I then go into my infrared sauna for 20 minutes at around 140 degrees. Finally, I wrap it up with a shower and I’m good to go for the day.
I own a company so I’m still working with most days plopped on my butt in front of a computer.
I love reading everyone’s comments and the amazing progress you’re making. I hope to learn and contribute as time goes on.


Hello… and welcome Robert!

You should see some good changes at the end of 3 months.

You wrote… my most pressing concern is my heart calcium score of 880!

Definitely a problem. Will be curious if rapamycin can undo some of those 880 points.

Some say its impossible to undo calcium plaque… others say well wait a minute… maybe.
My veins have opened thick and clear due to Rapamycin. My Coronary Calcium Scan score zero… big protein, carb , eggs and whole milk diet.

Will be curious to see you your numbers come down a bit.

Took pic of veins… lol - been rested all morning.

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It sounds like you have a great routine. I’m 67. I’ve been taking rapamycin regularly for about 3 months. I still work out too but it sounds like your routine is much more consistent than mine.

And, like you, I own a company which also means I’m sitting at the computer all day.