Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

Many people like to buy their rapamycin (sirolimus) online, to save money and simplify their purchase. Below is a list of vendors that users here say they have received shipments from without problems and without need for a prescription. Results may vary by country being shipped to, due to different importation rules and regulations.

Before you order, review the import process that people have used: Importing rapamycin details. Also, we recommend you work with a doctor for any medications you are taking: Rapamycin Prescribing Doctor List

Pricing: For comparison’s sake, the lowest prices in the USA for generic sirolimus seem to be coming out of the Amazon (prime) pharmacy. As of Dec/2021 the price is $742 for 90 tablets of 2mg, for a total of 180mg. So, a price of $4.12 per mg. (Obviously, with Amazon pharmacy you need a prescription). Sometimes I’ve seen the Amazon 90 tablet / 2mg price as low as $307, or $1.70 per mg.

For people in Europe, another option is to purchase rapamycin in Turkey. See this discussion - No Prescription Needed for Rapamycin Purchase in Turkey.

The pricing for rapamycin at these online pharmacies (at least the India-based ones) is typically in the $0.90 to $1.50 range per 1mg tablet (when purchasing 100+ tablets at a time). Our India-based members say the street price for sirolimus at walk-in pharmacies in India is typically around $1/1mg, so this seems to be the current market price for the drug. You will, however, see some companies charging much more, so buyer beware.

Product Quality: We have the lab test results from one user’s tests by Valisure of samples from Biocon Sirolimus and Zydus Sirolimus. You can see the lab tests results on this page: Rapamycin from India Product Quality Test Results

Important Shipping Note: If you are making an international order and do not have a prescription, be sure to choose the EMS/Speedpost shipping option. If you use either DHL or Fedex, you must have a prescription for the medicine. If you don’t they will not deliver the product.

GP Pharma


Magicine Pharma

Dropship MD

Users Say: dropshipmd is real reliable. I have done several orders. Depending on quantity it works out to about $2.60 /1mg including shipping.
Another User: I order 500 from dropship MD. It works out 1.6 dollars per mg when paying in bitcoin.

Niba Healthcare

Oddway International

People have noted that Oddway is pretty good at making the package nondescript (the package does not have the name “Oddway International” on it - just a hand written personal name and address for the “From” and your address as the “To” address. This contrasts with “MagicinePharma” which has its name on the package, which may be less desired.

RL Pharma

RLPharma: $8 for 10 1mg rapacan tablets. I got 200mg and with shipping it was $196.

Sea Pacific Exports:

Shivansh Trade India

Website: Pharmaceutical Tablets & Capsules | Exporter from Nagpur

Buyer Comment: have been using these guys for 3 orders and never an issue. I pay 1.2 US dollars plus postage (I get it delivered to the UK as substantially cheaper with it’s India connection)

Varun Medicals

Note: Varun Medicals uses for money transfer, which is quite expedient, although they probably dont give refund if mailing fails.

Dewka Pharmacon

Welcome Healthcare Co, India


User @desertshores reports (see post here):

He is not the absolute cheapest, but he does accept PayPal
The order will be sent by India Post with a valid mail tracking number.
It takes 3 to 6 weeks for delivery to your home.
This is what I paid:
Sirolimus 1mg Tablet 100Tablets
Subtotal $110.00 USD

Feb. 22/2022 from @Guywholikessleep :

So my rapamycin came in from Welcome Healthcare, so you can just add another source saying that they got their rapamycin. It actually came way faster than expected. It shipped on 2/8 and I got it 2/22. It was suppose to be 21-25 business days.

Shipped from other countries (other than India):

All Day Chemist (Singapore)

All Day Chemist Ships from Singapore.
The cost was US$121, so about $4/tab, including postage.
I am in Australia and they were sent from Singapore. No script needed.

Inhouse Pharmacy (Vanuatu)

this site (not in India) sells this med too without prescription.

Companies to Avoid:

Marksans Pharma Limited India - See discussion

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I just started with Amazon Pharmacy which is much cheaper than CVS w/ GoodRx. Prescription required. Any thoughts on safety?


Assuming you are buying the generic version of sirolimus (not rapamume) I believe it is like to be the Glenmark version of sirolimus. Like most of the generics it “should” be fine almost all of the time. All we really know (from the Katerine Eban book) is that generics, broadly speaking, have a poorer track record than brand name drugs, in terms of contaminants and and dosing. Translating that general knowledge into a specific risk factor on a specific drug is sadly impossible.


Thanks. So other than paying the absorbidant price of the non-generic, is there any source that seems safer? Prior to amazon, I was using CVS sourced generic using goodrx.

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The only Lab-confirmed purity/dosing quality information (that I know of) is the Valisure Lab test results report that are shown in the lab test summary at the bottom of this page: Why test your rapamycin

A couple days ago I bought 90 1mg sirolimus from Amazon at $155.


Been using for two years. Ordering quantity drops the price per mgram substantially.
Never disappointed. Paid $1.90 for 500 mg including shipping last month


They plugged this loophole. I went to refill my 90 day supply on Amazon, and it’s now $383. :frowning:

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Oh well. It was so far below market it made me suspicious. But, for better or worse, I do have 90 tablets at a good price.

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I was going to use Amazon at approximately $1.60 per gram. At $4 a gram I hesitate and certain Indian suppliers look very favorable. I recently received 120 MG (Rapacan) from Varun Medicals for a total of $140. I noticed that that the customs slip right on the box said :Rapacan - Personal supply of RX Medicines. The box looked as if it had been opened by customs and was resealed by them. Has anyone here ever had a problem with a rapamycin being seized by customs? It would be great if customs specifically does not seize rapamycin.


People have definitely had their rapamycin / sirolimus seized by customs - see our “importing rapamycin” page and scroll down to see the letter that you would receive if your medicine has been held by customs - we have an example from such a case from a few months ago.


I am aware of the official customs laws. I was just hoping it might be the case that in practice they are not after rapamycin. But, obviously they do seize it. That can lead to a tough decision for a person looking to minimize costs. It seems you can get rapamycin for just about a dollar a gram if you will bear the risk seizure by customs. Suppliers who reship for free seem to charge over twice as much per gram. Still that is quite a bargain compared to even the lowest cost US pharmacy.


I suspect that we have something like a 10% chance of seizure by customs, so we just need to factor that into our pricing calculations. Over the long-term you might expect to pay about 10% more than the list price you purchase the product for (assuming 1 out of 10 orders get held by FDA/customs).


Another person’s experience buying from online pharmacies in India:

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Anyone know is this a good brand of Rapamycin RapaPro™:

Hard to know. They don’t actually make it - they seem to buy it from some other company and put their own brand name on it. I’ve seen people mention them, and I believe if you look in the age-reversal forum, that some people have mentioned that when they tested their product at a lab they found it contained very little rapamycin and they got their money refunded. I think it was this company you are mentioning - but check that other forum if you’re interested. Not sure if they’ve fixed it or not. Isn’t this company based in Singapore or something?

Isn’t this company based in Singapore or something?
You are right here, they are. Here they are selling online:

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see this discussion:


Does require a prescription? Thanks, Jay

Dropshipmd does not require a prescription