Your India Mart Experience With Rapalogs!?

Hey Guys!

I am thinking about buying Rapalog from India Mart!

Can you share your experiences from some of the vendors with prices, shipping time included etc … !

Thank You in Advance!


Are you specifically looking for rapalogs other than rapamycin / sirolimus or are you just using that term to apply to all the rapamycin class of drugs? (e.g. sirolimus, everolimus, etc.)?

See this post on all the different names for rapamycin and related drugs (it can be confusing!)

We have a list if good vendors already and lots if comments in the “Reliable Online pharmacy list” that is here on this page:

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@Sasa_Loncar did you find what you were looking for? Please post how your order goes so we can all get more data points on these suppliers.

Still looking.

If I make the purchase I will post it in here, no worries!

I ordered and obtained Rapamycin through Indiamart. I would advise anyone doing so to use a burner email address and phone. Within seconds of placing a query for Rapamycin on the website, my email had responses from at least ten would be vendors. My phone rang and a fellow in India took my order. I was not sure at the time which of the vendors he represented. (Welcome Healthcare as it turned out) I ordered 360 tablets from this gentleman for 640 USD. I payed with paypal and the package shipped via speedpost. I was emailed a picture of the package the next day which showed the tracking number. The tracking number did not work when I tried the online tracking, but the package showed up in about 3 weeks and seems to be legit. So the experience was a bit chaotic, but it worked.


You don’t even need to go to Indiamart any longer - since we pulled together this list of reliable pharmacies. You can just go directly to the pharmacies.

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Service from India has been getting quicker with each order.
Jagdish Nikose of R L PHARMA and NIBA HEALTHCARE received my money on May 3 from Swift and the package was delivered on May 16, incredibly (or maybe not) the package was delivered to the U.S. Postal service via IndiaPost in less time than USPS took to deliver to me.
In case anyone is interested in the freshness of the product, this is the latest batch.
I would be interested if anyone is receiving a fresher product from another source.
Notice the MRSP of 966 India Rupees is ~$12.42 for 6 tablets.
His price is $8 plus postage for 6 tablets, so he is giving a nice discount on MSRP


Just contacted Custom Service in my country and they said I can only import medications through Certified Medication Distributers.

Are this sellers Certified Medication Distributers if anyone knows?

I don’t know how strict your customs inspections are, but U.S. customs typically overlook small packages labeled sample, health product, etc. I buy from India and hope it makes it through customs. Even if two out of three didn’t make it, it would still be less of a hassle and cheaper for me. I order and take my chances. So far I have ordered six medical products from India and all were delivered to me in a timely manner.

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Probably not.

As @desertshores mentions above, most people just order the medicines from the list of online pharmacies we have, which don’t require doctor prescriptions (smaller amounts tend to be better) and just hope that the customs people in the country either allow it or miss it. In most countries it seems that the customs will just confiscate (keep) the medicine if its not allowed and if they open and find it.

As long as its a small amount of medicine (people here frequently start with 100 or 200 tablets as an initial order) in most countries that people here have ordered from - the worst case is you don’t get your package and you’ve lost your money because they blocked it at customs, but in most cases the packages just get delivered (people have estimated that Customs/Mail people only check 1 or 2 out of every 100 packages. You can read more about the importation process on this post:

How people are importing rapamycin to save money

But the best way to get rapamycin is to find a doctor that prescribes rapamycin for anti-aging. I get emails from doctors almost every week who ask us to add them to the list we’ve pulled together so I recommend you first look there (we added a new clinic in London, England a few weeks ago). See this page of links for more information on doctors, online services and pharmacies that prescribe and sell rapamycin (this is the same links as at the top of the page in the header area of the desktop/laptop computer view of this website (where it says “Buy_Rapamycin”):

How to Get a Rapamycin Prescription, How to Buy Rapamycin

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Yes, I visited one of the doctors and he would only prescribe low doses at a very expensive
compounding pharmacy. I felt I wasted my time and money. We need information on doctors, other than Dr. Greene, that will actually prescribe the higher doses needed by the elderly.
I would like to know if anyone has had any experience with a doctor, other than Dr. Greene, who would prescribe the high doses needed in elderly patients. And if so, what is the cost of using U.S. prescription rapamycin in higher doses.

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Can you share the doctors’ name so we can note that in the list? Some people may want to avoid that doctors, but most people are probably fine with the low/moderate dose of rapamycin (at least to start with).

Dr. Julio Garcia, Las Vegas. He is a very nice man, but working with him would be more than I can afford. And, as I said, at least at the time of my visit which was a few months ago, he wouldn’t prescribe the higher doses I was interested in.

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Yes, no need to go to Indiamart. The list of reliable pharmacies here is a great resource.

And what Ray noted about the flood of email / WhatsApp messages, etc., definitely matches my experience. (I made an inquiry at Indiamart before discovering, alas.)

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Dr. Julio Garcia, Las Vegas seems to have retired. No go if your out of state.