No Prescription Needed for Rapamycin Purchase in Turkey

A good way for Europeans to get rapamycin… Pick it up during vacations in Turkey… Also - see below in the thread, there seem to be at least one business who will ship to you this medication from within the EU, so possibly easier to get if you are trying to order online and want to avoid the trip to Turkey. If you do buy the Turkish rapamycin, please post your experience and pricing information here to share with the community.


And we’re worried about safety??

Any idea cost?

This has been posted on other threads.

Several weeks ago I received a quote, just under $400.00 shipped for a box of 100 of RAPAMUNE® by Pfizer.

The product is manufactured in Ireland, distributed through Turkey.

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Looks like fraud going on as well, black market.

“The gangs, who seized the electronic prescription (e-prescription) passwords that allow the regulation of health reports and prescriptions online, started fraud with fake stamps”

But they do reference price:

Rapamune 1 mg Tablet price thousand 7 TL (this is $420 USD/mg…must be a typo, they likely meant 100 tablets)

Somewhat confused why organized crime would need to generate fake scripts for Rapamycin if you can buy it without a script in Turkey? (my reference is from 2015, however)

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Chris (who is in Canada) added cost data in a new tweet that I’ve added above, and below:

“$205 CAD for 100mg, but my friend had pharmacist friends so don’t know if that is the standard price”

and this is the real rapamune, so no concerns on quality at all.

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About $1.60 USD/mg, albeit FOB Turkey. What are people paying USD/mg Indian 1mg tablets landed door?

This Turkish website has drug pricing (list pricing I guess):

The quoted price is (in Turkish Lira): 2630.53 ₺

Which, at 16.9 Turkish Lire to the US $, equals to about $156 US for 100 tablets.

This other website suggests a much lower price:

Medicine Price: 1245.27 TL (which works out to about $74 US dollars, at current exchange rates). This would work out to $0.75 per mg. for Pfizer branded Rapamune version of Sirolimus - which would be an amazingly good price.

Drug Information (Updated: 20.4.2018)

Rapamune 1 Mg 100 Coated Tablets

It is an imported medicine for human use.
Sold by prescription.

Active Ingredient: Sirolimus

Barcode Number: 8681308127464

Details on how to buy in Turkey:

Online pharmacies are not legal in Turkey it seems, so there are no companies selling medicines on the web from Turkey.

Not really comparable since this example from Turkey is Pfizer rapamune…

But Indian prices are typically around $1.15 US /mg, plus $25 for shipping (and the wire transfer fee - ranging from around $5 for transfer, to $45 for WellsFargo wire transfer.

Understood. Sounds like we need a Turkish user in this community…“our dealer”.


@Joseph what vendor was selling you Turkish / Irish rapamune in this quote you received? Link? I can’t seem to find the previous posting you mentioned.

Post May 16 at;

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Ah - thanks!

This guy ships from within the EU - so it might be a better option for people who are also in the EU and who have any issues with getting India pharmacy product shipped to them succesfully. If anyone in the EU orders from this guy and it successful, please post here.

It also seems like this might be a good option for people who want to buy Pfizer Rapamune (generally more reliable quality than the generic, and using the nano-crystal technology that provides about 30% improved bioavailability over non coated… which may or may not be the case with the generic versions of rapamycin (Zydus, Biocon, etc.):


Given the trend line of exchange between $ and the Turkish Lira (and Euro/Turkish Lira), the prices for medicine in Turkey should be low, and getting lower:


i bought rapamune online from Turkey costing $400, they shipped by Fedex, unfortunately the package is still sitting in the US custom in Newark NJ since March this year.

Never use Fedex or DHL for medicine shipments unless you have a prescription… My understanding is that they require a prescription.

Use SpeedPost EMS for medicine shipments where you do not have a prescription.

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i understand not to ship by Fedex, but they shipped anyway. First make sure this BG Pharma is willing to ship by EMS.

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Just saw this in another forum…

Purchased from a Turkish pharmacy. I spoke to them this morning. It was ready for pickup late afternoon. They didn’t ask for a prescription. 307 USD. Around $1.5 per mg. Expires on 4/2024. Feel free to share how much you’re paying in the comments. Edit: I’m currently vacationing in Turkey. Picked this up in person.

Another person notes:

Go to Brasil better, is super high quality, and very cheap

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I’m traveling to turkey in 2 weeks to get some rapamycin. I really hope, that they have some.


I have just returned from Izmir, Turkey (3rd largest city). I tried at least 20 pharmacies. Most said it’s not available at all in Turkey, but two pharmacies said that although they didn’t have it in shop they could order it in (with 1-2 day turn around). Both showed price as 3313 Turkish Lira for 100 x 1mg Rapamune on their systems. I was buying 4 boxes so they gave me a reduction to 3000 Lira per box. One of those pharmacies fell through because there was a delay in order of a day or two so they wouldn’t arrive before I was leaving, so I had to cancel that one. And nether pharmacy would post it on to me. Apparently posting medication is prohibited in Turkey.


I am in Istanbul and Rapamycin is really hard to find! They said that the price will go up soon, but Idk.

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