Efficacy Ratio of Rapamycin

In relation to your rapa dosing:

When did you start your TRT ?

What about your working out?

Your dramatic changes described and pictures are fantastic and drew my attention early on as a site newbie.

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Hey bud,

Hmmm I am at least 11 years older… so thanks! :wink:

I had been working out for past 7 years… no real gains… then started TRT injection… 1 time weekly… 4 years ago and BAM…
I really bulked up! … 200 mg as 1 ml.of cypionate helped turn fat into muscle.

The rapamycin then acted as a shredding… so muscled, strong and lean.

I take rapamycin then TRT 3 days later… so they balance catabolic - clean and anabolic - grow.


@Agetron I figured you would be the best person to give a good answer.

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For the other “old” people here, does anyone notice “withdrawal” symptoms when they stop Rapamycin? You wake up one morning and notice everything hurts again?


I am 72 and I started rapamycin 4 years ago.
After starting at 4mg, I have been taking 10mg a week.
My mouth health as improved
My weight has gone up which is bad.(I am the sole caregiver for my ill wife. I lose a lot of sleep. She is in the hospital frequently- is now as I write this note - and I stay with her in the hospital- 80 days since last August)

  • no joint pain before Rapa and still no joint pain since
    -All blood tests are normal except free testosterone is low and TSH is high.
    -Blood pressure is 110/60
    -I take many supplements and several drugs(from India pharmacy so not doctor supervised)
  • drugs include a statin, daily 5mg generic Cialis, acarbose and Canagliflozin
  • supplements include several medicinal mushroom extracts, glucosamine, taurine, creatine, hyaluronic acid, lithium, Ergothioneine,
    Urolithin A, Ca-Akg, collagen peptides, and Astaxthin as the most important supplements plus many of less importance.

Yes - I’ve had this when I paused rapamycin due to the plasmapheresis trial I participated in. It took a month or so to happen, but perhaps part of the issue on why I felt worse doing plasmapheresis than I had felt on rapamycin for the past 3+ years.

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On 6mg a week. Blood tests (every three months through Agelessrx.com) have shown a biological age drop from 54 to 48. I’m 56 years old. All inflammation gone from my body.


Thanks Hauber…
How long did it take to drop your age 6 years, please ?
Quite an achievement… with wonderful rewards !

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While people try to reply to that, I’d like to ask dosage people take. I take 6 mg week, never a mouth sore. Increase?

62 years old. I initially lost a little weight. Took a rapa vacation and gained it back.

Back on 6 mg/week. Dealing with other issues, it’s difficult to know what feels better and why.
Met Forman doses??

Thank you.

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Can you please share contact info for the India pharmacy you use?


Jenny, see our list and discussion here: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Pharmacies

From this page (accessible at the top of the home page of the site when viewing from a computer): How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

You are a similar age to me so I thought I would chime in. I have been on rapa for 18 months and currently pulse 6mg once a week for 6 weeks with 2 weeks off. I started at 2mg with a 4 week on and off pulse.

I have not seen any difference in how I feel nor in my blood work but I have just increased my exercise routine to fit Attia’s protocol, started metformin and now Repatha so I’m not a best test case but I thought I would answer.


75 year old woman who has taken rapa for 18 monts.

No I do not.

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I’ll probably find out. I’ve been off for 2.5 weeks fighting off 3 bacterial infections and prepping for an upcoming colonoscopy. Then today, the bacterial conjunctivitis and related URI came back. It is not my month. Hard to know what’s from being sick and what’s from Rapa withdrawal.

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@DeStrider Good luck and heal fast. This is when I’d hammer on the NAC and the methylene blue. And I’d get sunshine everyday.

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I’m taking 3.6 g of NAC daily. I’m sure it helps.

Although I’m pretty sure the antibiotic eye drops are helping even more.


3 months to drop and was also confirmed via a Viome test.

I am on a protocol at Agelessrx.com. $150 a month for drug and blood tests.

Hi Jenny,

I use Oddway International…my first and only time so far. They gave better than excellent service and I’ll be using them again.

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That’s amazing Hauber ! Well done you !!

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