Rapamycin (& Other Longevity Drug) Pricing Quotes Wiki

I’m creating this wiki page to make it easy for people to post and find the latest pricing information on rapamycin (and other longevity drugs like acarbose, canagliflozin, empagliflozin, semaglutide, etc.).

This page will be linked to from the top of the “reliable online pharmacy” page, which is linked to from the “Buy Rapamycin” link at the top of the home page.

Please just post any new quotes you get at the top of the Wiki (so the newest pricing quotes/information is at the top of the page, and older ones are below). Add a new month, if you need to. You can copy and past the actual quote from the vendor below. Just be sure there is a date, quantity purchased/quoted, and vendor name included.

Rapamycin & Other Longevity Drug Pricing / Price Quote Wiki

October, 2022

September, 2022

Latest Biocon Rapamycin / Rapacan / Sirolimus quote through Jagdish (NIBA Health) is $7 USD for 10 mg (10 tablets).

Also for empagliflozin:

1- Jardiance 10mg Tablet; Empagliflozin (10mg) = 7.2 USD for 10 tablets
2- Jardiance 25mg Tablet;Empagliflozin (25mg) = 8.8 USD for 10 tablets

Received a shipment of Biocon Rapacan from Oddway International. Pretty easy process, shipping was about 10 days, paid with Bitcoin but there were options to pay with credit card or bank transfer. Price $18 per strip of 10. It was the actual quoted tablet price from Oddway, shipping was an additional $25.

I ended up going with Welcome Healthcare, recommended on the list here for trusted sources. Quick email response and subsequent phone call; fairly straightforward wire transfer with Wise.com (though I changed my banking login creds after using just in case); offers tracking for the shipment; $210/100mg including shipping + $3 wire transfer fee. Rapamycin in the form of 1mg Biocon Rapacan tablets arrived today (2 weeks from order date)!


The cheapest Semaglutide I’ve found is canshipmeds.com $284 for a 4mg pen, which lasts at least 3 months for most people. You need a paper Rx to send to them. They are very very good.

Injectable Semaglutide is not available in India, and everyone on Indiamart is a scammer, in my experience.

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Today, Oct 24, 2022, I will be placing an initial order from Jagdish Nikose / R L Pharma for 100 x 1 mg Rapacan Sirolimus, for $120, including EMS shipping.

I don’t yet have wire instructions, but worth trying to find a reliable, reasonable priced source.


They offered me 35 strips of 6 tablets (210 x 1mg) of Zydus Rapamycin. That’s twice the cost you paid. They said it’s the highest quality and that they could give me lower quality for your price if I want. Any advice??

  1. I was unable to complete, as had problems with Wise.com & another vendor;
  2. You did not state the price you were offered for the 210 mg.
  3. I received below, from Oddway, that for whatever reason accepts credit / debit cards. However, trying this morning, the order did not go thru; I will try again later today.

Thank you for contacting Oddway International

We wanted to inform you that Siromus tablets are short in supply. We have Rapacan tablets containing same composition Sirolimus by Biocon Ltd at more competitive price

Brand Name: Rapacan
Composition: Sirolimus 1mg
Manufactured By: Biocon
Form: Tablet
Packing: Pack of 10 Tablets
Country Of Origin: India
Price : USD 10 per pack of 10 tablets
Minimum order qty : 30 packs
Shipping charges : USD 25

The price was $12 a strip, so $420 for 210 x 1mg. But he said he could give me $15 off, so $405. When I said I wanted to do some research he said he’d call back if he found another source at high quality.

Keep in mind this is Zydus Rapamycin and not the Rapacan you mention.

He called back a few hours later saying a senior manager had informed him of a supplier that would cost $8 a strip. Previously I had told him that I knew of someone (you) who was offered $6 a strip, not realizing you were looking at rapacan.

So he split the difference. I’m a little uncomfortable haggling over drug prices and making bets with my body on drug quality. Not sure what I’ll do.

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Nobody knows. Some prior posts indicate satisfaction with Oddway, & I agree, I prefer vendors to have one price, based on size of order, rather than negotiate.

Try: https://www.xe.com/
For your payments, easier faster, and cheaper. Plus they have a U.S. presence and take debit cards etc.

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Thanks. I tried that yesterday. My Chase Visa credit card was rejected; probably denied by Chase since India. I could try direct to a bank account, but XE uses Plaid, & there are mixed reviews, & that would require providing my bank login info. I have a bank acct with low balance, but still not crazy about providing that info. I’ll figure something.

XE could not connect with my Fifth Third bank account either. Deleted XE acct; changed passwords at Fifth.

Odd, I have used them several times with my Visa debit card with no problems and quick transfer. They did not use Plaid for the transfer.
This is my latest transaction.

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I understand: you have an honest face. For some reason my Chase Amazon Visa must have standing orders to reject certain companies, because I don’t think the specific transaction even was identified to Chase, as they typically send me a text asking if I authorized the charge. Meanwhile, after about 1 hour on the phone, I completed the transaction with Remitly to that same recipient. I still plan on placing another order with different vendor. The up/down with Rapa, is far less than trying to send money abroad.

Remitly is fine.
“The up/down with Rapa, is far less than trying to send money abroad.”
It becomes easier the more times you do it.

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