New Rapamycin Clinical Study for Pet Cats (treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease)

A new study being started at the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center:

Rapamycin in cats with chronic kidney disease

Purpose and Brief Explanation of Study:

Evidence exists to suggest that aging of the kidney may contribute to the onset and progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Rapamycin is a drug that is a known modulator of the aging process and additionally may decrease the formation of fibrosis (scarring) in the kidney. A feline formulation of the drug is available and the purpose of this study is to assess the potential benefit of the drug in cats with CKD.


@joseph looks like your black cat has been found nibbling on Rapamycin.


The black cat is on rapamycin!


Nice, I found also this trial. I emailed Ashley to check progress.

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Looks like there is a drug called Felycin which is like rapamycin for cats:


Does anyone know what the timeline is for the availability of Felycin for cats is? TriviumVet has a partial approval on this and is said to he released sometime next year ?

I will reach out to them and ask about specific dates. It seems like things are progressing well, from this press release from last year (see below). Most of us today are just giving our pets regular rapamycin that we get through the channels listed here (I’m not sure how TriviumVet’s product is any different from the rapamycin that we all take): How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

Thanks so much for the response! I would so greatly appreciate it if you could try and get some information:)
Are people giving their hcm pets regular repamycin? If so, what has been the result from it? Has it halted hcm from progressing ? Reversed the remodeling of the heart ?

The Felycin product is supposed to be a delayed release repamycin formulation specifically which has been studied and tested on cat trial.

Yes - people are giving their pets regular rapamycin - my dog has been on it for over 2 years and all is going well, but she’s only 5 years old (but still behaves like a puppy). Read up on people’s experiences here: How Do I Get Rapamycin for My Dog?

All rapamycin that is sold (except the compounding pharmacies’ rapamycin capsules) is specially coated to delay release, so it doesn’t seem that TriviumVet is any different - but I will ask them when I talk to them (They follow RapaNews on twitter).

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Thank you so so much. Would you please keep me posted if you speak w them?
Yes my cat was diagnosed with hcm at just 2.5 y/o; he’s now 4.4 yrs old and just had his first chf episode last month. I’m very eager to get him on this drug as it is supposed to help with changes to the heart and curing hcm. Have you seen any improvement to your dogs hcm since being on rapamycin?

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Does anyone have any idea what dosage would be appropriate for young cats? Would it be daily or weekly and for how long?
Does anyone have any experience with it on their own cats?
I have two young rescue cats that I am very fond of and would like them to live as long as possible.
I would probably grind up 1 my rapamycin tablets and feed it with their food. Most wet cat foods especially the fish varieties have a fair amount of fat so I would expect the absorption to be quite good.


Did you ever come to an answer on this? I have a 6 year-old cat who’s leaning toward CKD now and would love to help him out.

No, I have not found an answer to this. I am planning to start my cats with 1mg/week
Though, I have been reminded not to grind up the tablets.

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So how often should your cat get an echocardiogram and stress test? Do they cooperate?

Started my two ~ 1 yr old cats on 1mg/week. I used “FELINE GREENIES PILL POCKETS for Cats” from Amazon. Both cats took the pills whole. I first lay an empty pill pocket down, and when I lay the second one down with the pill inside they eat it right up. One of the cats is very finicky and cautious but this method works. After two days it is hard to say but one of the cats seems to want to play more.