Longevity Experts Announce Their Rapamycin Use

I saw two posts on Twitter yesterday from new users of rapamycin who are also leaders in the longevity field (see tweets below).

The momentum is growing quickly as its now easier to get rapamycin and more doctors around the world are prescribing it:

More and more people who are involved in the longevity biotech and research areas and who are deeply familiar with rapamycin are now using it, as we’ve covered here: Who in the Health and Longevity Field are Taking Rapamycin (part 2), "Rapamycin is a no-brainer" says Vinod Khosla, Industry-Leading Venture Capitalist

I hope these announcements serves as a motivator for others who are visiting here: If you’re new to the site, and have started rapamycin, please post an introduction to yourself. We get so many “lurkers” here that visit but don’t join in the conversation. We hope you will join the discussion.

Pankaj Kapahi is a well-known biology of aging researcher at the Buck Institute, and at UCSF and founder of Juvify: https://juvifyhealth.com

Chris Linnell is the founder of the Canadian Longevity Foundation: https://canadianlongevity.ca