Doctors Who Prescribe Rapamycin (part 2)


How to get a prescription for Rapamycin for Anti-Aging

Following is a list of all the doctors that we know of that prescribe rapamycin for anti-aging. Please let us know if we’ve missed any (just add a comment at the bottom of this post).
Note: See bottom of this page for Mexico, UK/England and Europe options.

People in areas are not currently served by doctors prescribing rapamycin or who want to save money, read how others are buying and importing rapamycin themselves (with or without prescriptions): How are People Importing Rapamycin to Save Money?, and also Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Online Pharmacies for Buying Rapamycin

Doctors in the USA that Prescribe Rapamycin:


Dr. Sarah Bennett

Their page on rapamycin therapy: NaturalMeddoc Rapamycin
Address: 3226 N Miller Rd Suite #4, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 646-4427

From a member here:

She does virtual appointments if in Arizona. For all out of state residents - They need to be seen once in person when establishing care ( 1st or preferably 2nd appointment). After being seen in person once, she will treat them virtually for a year…then they will have to see her in person once a year thereafter.


Bradley Rosen MD

16 ketch street , #2
Los Angeles CA 90202

User Commentary: His initial consultation fee for me was $200. Peter B. says “Yes…I recommend him”


Dr. Landrey Fagan

5330 Manhattan Circle Suite B
Boulder, CO 80303 (Google Maps)
Phone: (303) 884-7557
Website: Rapamycin Treatment - Anti Aging, Dosage, Side Effects | Boulder


Steven E Warren MD DPA

Regenerative/Longevity Specialist
Phone: 801-797-5901

User Commentary: Dr. Warren does in-person and tele-consultations


Warren M. Ross, M.D.

Integrative Medicine at Crossroads
4801 Dorsey Hall Drive, S 201
Ellicott City, MD 21042

New York State

Dr. Ronald Primas

Ronald A. Primas, MD, FACP, FACPM, DABIHM, CTH
952 Fifth Avenue Suite 1D
New York, NY 10075
Tel. 212-737-1212

Dr. Neil Paulvin

New York City, NY

Dr. Alan Green

Little Neck, New York

Patients report that Dr. Green’s first visit is usually $350, and the prescription for rapamycin is included in that visit.

Interviews with Dr. Green:

Rhode Island

Anderson Longevity Clinic

Anderson Longevity Clinic - Rhode Island


Dr. Thimineur



Ward Dean, M.D.

Phone: 850-912-6981
6708 Plantation Road, Suite C-1
Pensacola, Florida 32504

Anderson Longevity Clinic

Anderson Longevity Clinic - Jacksonville, FL

Richard Gains MD

LifeGaines Medical Spa & Aesthetics
3785 N Federal Hwy Suite 150, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Howard Chipman MD

Atlantis Clinic - Tampa, Florida

Younique Medical

Fruitland Park, Ocala, Daytona, Orlando
Younique has a video on rapamycin: Rapamycin with Dr Suzanne Turner

South Carolina

Dr. Menendez

LowCountry Male Medical Practice
Charleston, Greenville, and Fort Mill SC
Rapamycin Anti-aging Treatment Webpage
Youtube Interview with Dr. Menendez

Atlanta Georgia

Dr. Smith - Atlanta Anti-Aging Clinic



Dr. Jerry Morris

Southlake Texas

Apparently they do telemedicine, so no traveling to get there.
Approx. $275 for initial consult.


Dr. Julio Garcia, Las Vegas

5735 S. Fort Apache Rd.Suite
(702) 838-0571

One user says " $50 consult, and provides the meds. Less than $120 for a three month supply."
Another person says: “He is a very nice man, but working with him would be more than I can afford. And, as I said, at least at the time of my visit which was a few months ago, he wouldn’t prescribe the higher doses I was interested in”. (this user has been taking 10mg to 20mg rapamycin every two weeks, so is on the higher range of doses). Source: this post.


USA Online Medical Services / Prescriptions:

One user has mentioned they use an online medical service (PushHealth):

Push Health

it goes through my insurance and my own pharmacy. I get 60 2mg pills for about $160 which includes the price of the pills at the pharmacy and the $67 fee I pay for each refill from the online medical service.


an internet-based doctor and pharmacy service. Plans to offer rapamycin “soon”
Currently doing clinical trial on Rapamycin in co-ordination with UCLA

Healthspan - Online Clinic



new clinic in Tijuana called VidaSpan.
Phone number is 52-664 730 5059.

VidaSpan Clinic,

Fray Servando Teresa de Mier 10, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana,
Tijuana, B.C., Mexico , 22320



Two doctors Dr. Olvera and Dr. Vega, both speak English. They require a physical examination that they charge $200 for. And you either have to bring your lab results, or get labs done there, for additional charge.
For appropriate patients, they will be prescribing rapamycin, senolytics, and administering the mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes.

UK / England

Dr. Adam Bataineh

A new longevity-focused clinic in London, England (UK). He finally has a website up and running, and a new email - so it seems he’s started the clinic and is now in business.

His Twitter Profile:


Email Address: contact (@)


We have heard that doctors that prescribe rapamycin for anti-aging are hard to find in Europe.

People in the UK have reported good success in ordering rapamycin from and having it delivered in the UK. See our section on Importing rapamycin.

Other EU citizens are buying their rapamycin from pharmacies when they are in Turkey on vacation.

Some people suggest this:

MobiDoctor Europe

You can have prescription from anywhere in the EU and the pharmacy in your country will give you the medicine. I.e prescription in Germany will get you medicine in France. Or from Malta

See discussion around doctors on Mobi that will prescribe rapamycin (see this thread)

Have we missed any - Click on the “Reply” button below and please post a message with any other doctors you know of that prescribe rapamycin for anti-aging!

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Hello everyone.

There is no mention of Canadian doctors who prescribe on the list so far. If anyone finds someone please let us know and I’ll do the same.

I acquired 2 grams rapa from WuHan Hengheda Pharm Co. to mix with lactose powder but would prefer a prescription.

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Hi and welcome to the site! Yes - I’ve had a tough time finding doctors outside of the US (its hard even in the US, but even more so in Canada and Europe).

I’m not familiar with the rules and regulations regarding medicine imports up North - but I get the general feeling its more difficult when importing into Canada. I’ve talked to friends in Canada and when they talk with their GPs, the GPs say that rapamycin is a specialty drug that the GPs can’t even prescribe; its only available to specialists who work in cancer or transplants. I hear of people getting their friends in the US to order it and then passing it on later.

I’d be very cautious about ordering powdered Rapamycin from China - you never know what you’re getting, and more importantly what the contaminants might be. You really can’t trust the chemical / drug companies (and generally they are just home-based middlemen who just source from some random company that you have no visibility into and have no way for any legal recourse if what they give you actually harms you. Even the major drug companies in China and India have problems - so the small middlemen who may disappear and shut down their website at any moment are definitely very sketchy.

Has anyone worked with this person/clinic? Apparently they do telemedicine, so no traveling to get there.

Thanks, Beth

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I have a doctor I’d like to approach about the topic of prescribing Rapamycin and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a specific article or set of articles I could share with them before to give them the background on what it is and why I’d want to try it.


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Most doctors are persuaded by human clinical studies, with less interest in animal studies. Be sure to tell him/her that the low dose, periodic dosing (weekly or every two weeks) avoids the bad side effects seen in cancer / transplant applications.

You might start with these pages - they have links (this page has summaries, as well as the links to the actual papers):

Rapamycin Human Studies

How Safe is Rapamycin

Animal Studies / benefits of rapamycin

Healthy Humans Clinical Trials Rapamycin and Risks

And perhaps this video presentation or one like it, by Matt Kaeberlein

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Hi Beth, yes he does rapamycin therapy if you don’t mind paying for a telemed appt every 6 months. He also offers a bunch of other services (hormone replacement, peptides, etc etc) so if you just want rapamycin be sure and try to keep him focused on that during your visit.

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Thanks for the great info!

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Thanks very much. Your comment about focus is also good info, I’ll keep it in mind.

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What was the cost? And also curious what dosage he prescribed? Thank you.

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I believe it was $275 for the initial consult. He’ll work with you on what dose you want to take.


Much appreciated. Thanks.

Have you tried PushHealth? Any comment on the service? It seems on their website that they prescribe sirolimus - do they also sell it? Any pricing info?

I doubt PushHealth would work. It would be like picking a random health care provider, showing up for a visit and asking if they’ll prescribe sirolimus off-label for anti-aging. Could they prescribe it? Yes. Would they prescribe it and accept liability/risk when in their mind it’s a dangerous immunosuppressant and anti-aging science is quackery? Fat chance. Also, most of these online services require an upfront consultation fee just for the visit (so the provider doesn’t waste their time), so most likely you’d be throwing away money only to have an awkward online visit where you’re treated like you’re a crazy person.:roll_eyes:


i have not tried Pushhealth, just spotted it on Twitter


This is the organization I was able to get a prescription.

To poster “Davin8r”, your doubt is incorrect, as this is who provided me with a prescription.

Did you tell them you wanted sirolimus for anti-aging purposes? Are they requiring you to get blood work? How often are you required to follow up in order to get medication refills?

Yes, I requested rapamycin for anti-aging/ longevity use. I stated very clearly that I am full aware this is off label use and I would be fully responsible. I provided a link to one of Mikhail Blagosklonny published papers.

Just started taking, do not require a refill yet. I assume the refill consultation will cost the same. Cost was around $70.00 for consultation. Prescription was sent to a local pharmacy where I purchased.