Sirolimus on Costplusdrugs

I just wanted to encourage everyone to request information on Sirolimus on Costplusdrugs.

For those that don’t know, they offer much lower drug prices than anywhere else.

By scrolling to the bottom and requesting information on when it becomes available on there, we’ll at least show them that there’s a community for it.

Go here -

And scroll to the bottom. It’d be great to have Sirolimus easily available in the US at vastly different prices.

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I checked in with Thomas - He’s not a spammer (as many of us initially thought), just a guy interested in helping get rapamycin at a lower cost. As most of us here probably know, CostPlustDrugs is the new Mark Cuban company that is selling prescription drugs at much lower costs, and unfortunately rapamycin (sirolimus) is not yet on their list. I suspect, sadly, that given the small numbers of people using rapamycin (either in organ transplants, cancer, or longevity) is so small that its a low priority for them.


We can try our best. It wouldn’t hurt to have more options.


One day, Rapa may be a best seller.


Rapamune is now available from Cost Plus Drugs:
Medications Details | Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (

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Only oral solution: