Rapamune OTC in Turkey

Looks to be around $1.50 a 1mg tablet - Pfizer. Good deal?

In a port city, probably better pricing in other areas.


Well Im about to pay £786 for 200 x 1mg on this site https://www.inhousepharmacy.vu/p-99900854-rapamune-tablets-1mg.aspx so yes it sounds like a good deal. So you can just walk in to a pharamcy there and they have them in stock? Which city are you in?

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Kusadasi - no prescription:

Top line of invoice, 1mg, 100 per box. Blister pack.


$314 usd for 200 1mg.

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Did you purchase and have shipped or did you purchase in person?

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On a cruise.

Probably very expensive when you factor that in, but Turkey is fabulous.

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Maybe there is an online turkish pharmacy that would ship them. Wondering whether to jump on a flight. Airport near here flies direct to Dalaman. :thinking:

The pharmacists were very helpful - they had to visit another pharmacy to get the qty of 200 for me.

It might be worth an e-mail to them directly.


do you have the same limitations for bringing them into US as we do here? I think we are only allowed to bring in 90 days worth of medication for ourself…not sure how they would work that out…I guess one could always post them…

I did email them, the address on the photo of the receipt you posted.


sorry we can not send medicine out of Turkey.”


I just did a bit of seacrhing and found this : ‘Drugs cannot be sold on the internet or in any other electronic environment. A website cannot be opened on behalf of pharmacy, pharmacists and pharmacies.’ its the law apparently. Online pharmacy Turkey - Turkpidya So looks like my mini break is on - hows the weather? :smiley:

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See this thread, there is a guy who will ship Turkey rapamycin to you…

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So I have managed to get a Turkish source to send for much jess than Inhousepharma. It only took a few days and seems like the real deal. However I notice that it came packed with some non drug products I had not purchased and the external customs paperwork only mentions the non drug products. So this confirms to me that it is illegal for Turkish vendors to send drugs abroad. For this reason I won’t be posting the vendors details Turkish prisons are not great I hear :flushed:


What was the cost, how many mg did you order and did you pay by wire transfer?

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After the original post, I looked into sourcing rapamycin in Turkey. I have heard from friends who are licensed to practice medicine in Turkey that it’s not legal to acquire rapamycin there without a prescription. That does not mean you can’t get it, just that you are supposed to have a prescription. I opted to order two boxes of 100 Pfizer Rapamune for $350 each. At $3.50 per Mg it’s cheaper than I can source Sirolimus in the U.S. I can’t share my sources (and this is probably a one-time deal for me), but I thought I would share pricing and legal status for reference. If you are curious, my price comparison spreadsheet is here with commenting enabled.

On a related note, I saw a post somewhere on the forum that makes me want to ask: Is there any reason to question to quality of generic Sirolimus purchased through a national U.S. pharmacy like Amazon Pharmacy?


Just the general concern brought up with all generic medications in the USA, etc. - sourced from India where they don’t really have much in the way of FDA oversight…

Rapamycin is the first medication that I’ve taken with the explicit perspective that it may be something I take the rest of my life, so the quality issue seems more important than the typical medication you might take when you are sick,

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Very low availability of Rapamune in Türkiya this very October. After visiting several towns, starting at Istanbul, only been able to get 3 boxes of 100 x 1 mg. tablets for three of us. Not enough even for a year of 6 mg._8 weeks on / 5 weeks off. Anyone has experienced the same scarcity of Rapamune there? If so, any suggestions about the reason for it?.

There are drug shortages all over the world right now - probably due to war and supply chain disruptions / covid, etc.

Well, then my post is to confirm Türkiya is not out of this worldwide shortage situation, unfortunately.
OTOH so deeply sorry for the part of the population - those in an organ transplant urgent need - who need rapa far and far more than us to overcome their life threatening condition. I hope hospitals have stockpiled rapamycin as a priority and the few remains are in hands of pharmacists.

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