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Did he just not send it, or did customs take your package?

Hi everyone, this will be my first time ordering from an on-line pharmacy. I found that the only pharmacy which has ALL of the meds I want is Oddway. This pharmacy has Biocan Rapacan, dasatinib, jardiance, acarbose, Rybelsus. Has anyone ordered from them recently, and how was the service?

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If you are in the US, keep in mind;

If you order too much{a large order] at one time there is a much higher chance that it will be stopped by customs.


Have people honestly ordered and received their product from India? Or are there vendors on here pretending to be people that have received orders to get people to send them money? I’ve been in contact with a few places, but it seems super shady. Has anyone in the US recently ordered and got their shipment? Really need an honest place to order for a really ill family member. Thanks.

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My friends use Zydus.On indiamart . They used panoptic and his name is Sabash.

Hope that helps… Sabash has gotten medication shipped … no issues with payment or getting through customs. FYI…

I have seen their shippment… Real…

Hi Merle,

Yes - all the above pharmacies are ones that we users here have used and been successful. All the recommendations are from people who have been on the site for a while before I created the list above.

I’ve used Oddway before - they are fine. All of the above vendors almost always get the product to you (unless its a customs issue). I’ve never had any issues.

I recommend you read this page too: Importing Rapamycin to Save Money (pt 2)

But - if you have not done a ton of reading on rapamycin - I really recommend you use a doctor and get a prescription. See list here: How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription


Trying to find a source for brand name meds. Has anyone purchased from This company sells brand name meds, although I would not know how to differentiate between brand name and generic.

See this page Rapamycin, Rapamune, Sirolimus and Other Naming Conventions


I have encountered a new problem with an Indian online pharmacy (new to me at least) that I want to make others aware of and hopefully get some advice with the understanding that any decision I make is solely and completely my responsibility.

The vendor is RX Impex and my contact is Ravi. There is some good news and some potentially bad news. Good news is that total time from order to package arrival was one day less than 2 weeks. More good news is that I was able to pay through PayPal and the total for everything was $300 USD for 500 Sirolimus 1 mg tablets SiroBoon. I went with them mainly because of price but also because Ravi guaranteed in writing that no signature would be required (I’m gone a lot, so that is important to me). For whatever reason, Anil Gangwani of Kachhela, my previous supplier, never responded to my “no signature” request.

Now the potentially bad news: the tablets from RX Impex are nearly twice the size of the ones I previously received from Kachhela. Prior to my purchase, Ravi shared a photo of a carton which looked just like the ones my order from Kachhela looked like; in fact, it said Kachhela Medex on the carton. Inside the package from RX Impex, I found that the cartons did indeed have Kachhela Medex on them; but I also noticed the cartons were a little bigger and the tablets turned out to be quite a bit bigger, close to 2 times the previous tablets (maybe 65% bigger, hard to say).

I raised the size issue with Ravi and indicated that I might seek a refund if he could not provide a satisfactory explanation. He responded first with verbal assurances and then sent a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from Jineka Healthcare. The COA looks good, the batch numbers match, etc. My original tablets from Kachhela came from IOSIS, not Jineka. Unfortunately, the COA does not provide an explanation as to why these tablets are larger. When I press Ravi for an explanation, he repeats that no report is better than the COA.

I would appreciate any thoughts, advice or opinions anyone may have. Ultimately I will have to make a decision and that decision, of course, will completely and solely be my responsibility. I am currently torn between demanding a refund (unless I soon receive a satisfactory explanation of the size difference), and accepting that the COA is good enough assurance and start taking the bigger tablets once I run out of the older ones.

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Please post a photo of the tablets and perhaps others can also post photos to compare them.

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Good idea:

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I just joined Indiamart, where I found Oddway and GNH India. Has anyone tried ordering directly from a suppliers website, instead of going through Indiamart? I find Indiamart to be much less user friendly. I find it much easier to find the meds I want by going on the GNH India website, for example, rather than through their Indiamart portal.

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Yes - just order directly from the list of companies above - no need to go through Indiamart. You’ll get a ton spam contacts and emails and whats app messages if you go through IndiaMart.

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Mine from India are also that size and when I compared to the ones I got from Greenmark looked identical. Mine are Biocon Rapacan from Jagdish.

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I haven’t read in this forum of anyone receiving inert rapamycin pills from overseas. I was suspicious of my first batch from India but it was just paranoia.
Turns out, verified by lab test, what I get from India is very effective. What’s ironic is that the rapamycin that I was buying in the US, doctor prescribed, and from a US compounding pharmacy, was wasted money. That rapamycin was capsuled powder which is destroyed by stomach acid. The Biocon and Zydus brands from India that I have used are formulated to circumvent that problem.


Thanks. I asked for an opinion from Dr. Ankita Gangwani of Kachhela Medex, who I have come to respect and the reply was: “Yes the product you received is genuine. The fresh batch as you are telling me is different from the one that we had manufactured from Iosis remedies. The company Iosis remedies is going through the renovation process and hence have shut down the manufacturing unit for some time now so we chose a different manufacturer. I assure you this company follows Good Manufacturing Practice and the COA you received shows the quality assurance of the product as well.” So that is reassuring.


Sorry about your experience with a US pharmacy. I have experienced proven (N=1) safety and efficacy with SiroBoon 1 tablets from Kachhela.


I did consider calling whoever regulates pharmacy’s in their state mostly because they have to know there’s an issue with efficacy. As an early adopter, I have to remind myself that there can be some bumps in the road.


I have found the Zydus Siromus and Biocon Rapacan brands to be effective. Both purchased at NIBA Healthcare.


Rite Aid is now doing 30 pills at 1MG with a GoodRX coupon for $70. Now one of the cheaper sources.

The hospital moved me to 0.5mg every 2 days now. My blood was showing rapamune toxicity.

Heart transplant patient here, so I have to take it at that dose.