Does anyone have success importing Rapamycin to Canada?

Hello Everyone. I’m looking for a Rapamycin source that has experience shipping into Canada. Seems this country is one of the most difficult to get by customs. Has anyone had any success?

I have not yet heard of people importing rapamycin directly into Canada from an online pharmacy, but I have heard of people in the US shipping rapamycin up to their friends and family in Canada from the USA.

Generally, rapamycin comes in a pretty “space-inefficient packaging” box from the India pharmacies. The tablets are in bubble packs of typically 6 tablets per package. The bubble packs are in boxes, each with their own paper package insert. Then these boxes are in-turn repacked in larger paper boxes of about 15 boxes per medium sized box, then these boxes are intern packaged again the main shipping box coming from the online pharmacy.

Its all a little bit like the nesting, Russian matryoshka dolls.

The result of all this is that about 98% of the box you receive from pharmacy is air, paper and bubble pack. The actual rapamycin tablet is about 2% of the total space. This means that rapamycin tablets can easily be taken out of all the packaging, and for example a shoe-box sized rapamycin shipping box from India holds about 300+ tablets of rapamycin, but the actual rapamycin tablets only take up space equivalent to a small regular pill bottle or small envelope.

So, I have heard of people repacking one “shoe box” of 300+ tablets of rapamycin into a birthday card envelope and mailing it to Canada from the USA with no problems.

So - this is one known approach that works. I hope someone else who has actually imported rapamycin into Canada can also add commentary.

Yes, I have had success from a producer in China. The rapamycin has been assessed for purity (via mass spectroscopy) by a friend and I have had my trough levels assessed when on consistent doses and the self-compounded drug was identical at the same daily dose (when I was taking it daily). Two people had shipments intercepted by customs who in one case did their own mass spectroscopy and seized it but said a note that it was rapamycin. Supplier is Wuhan Hengheda Pharma co. Look for them at " They are a good company to deal with and several medications have been assayed by the same friend and all have been pure.


Hi Steve,

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your experiences.

Everyone has a different risk/reward profile, and I know for some people they are very happy with the powders imported from China.

I personally am more conservative in this area. I lay out my concerns about the rapamycin / sirolimus powders from China (and related products) here in this post.

The variable that I don’t think any of us here understand with regard to the manufacturing of the rapamycin in China is that there may be specific contaminants, etc. that are unique to the manufacturing environment in the producer and their supplier network.

For example, perhaps the water in that part of China is more likely to be polluted with some sort of chemical or bacteria that isn’t common elsewhere in the industry, perhaps they manufacture other products that have small amounts that may, due to using the same manufacturing equipment, may have residue the caries over to the rapamycin production… I just want to emphasize that there are a lot of unknowns, and even with a MasSpec test, or even a 3rd party test like the Valisure test - for chemicals coming from a unknown factory in an unknown locale… we are likely missing much… or could be missing much. In the area of contaminants, if you don’t know what to look for, its really hard to find it.

While it is true that for probably all the rapamycin / sirolimus tablets from the India pharmacies and tablets, the APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, i.e. the actual raw sirolimus powder) comes from China. The key is that they come from a small number of dominant pharma companies in China. I have no idea how you can guarantee how to purchase a small amount of raw materials from these large pharma. Without friends who actually work in one of those companies in China and has personal contacts, I suspect its extremely hard.

More good news from a rapamycin users in Canada:

Great! I’ll take a look

Two rules of thumb for ordering rapamycin from India:

  1. Don’t order too many tablets (people ordering up to 300 or 360 tablets seem to have better luck than people ordering much more).
  2. Have delivery made via SpeedPostEMS (not DHL or Fedex, which require you to have a prescription)
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Thanks for the advice. I was wondering if more in less shipments was better than less in more frequent shipments.

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Just ordered to Canada from India - Kachhela MedEx Pvt. Ltd…I’ll report back if it actually shows up. He was super responsive over email over the course of a couple of weeks. He’d had successes and failures getting it past Canadian Customs thru the mail.


I concur that everyone’s risk/benefit calculations are different. However, elemental contaminants (chromium/arsenic etc) would be addressed by the mass spectroscopy, which has been done on several shipments.
The COP provided by this company, unless fraudulent addresses bacterial contaminants, although there is uncertainty everywhere.


I think in general smaller size, smaller volume shipments are better (in terms of probability of successfully reaching you) than larger, higher volume (higher tablet count) shipments.

I suspect that Customs looks at larger packages more closely than smaller packages. We have limited data here. Many people seem to be successful with the 100 tablet to 300 or so tablet shipments. I’ve heard a couple of people with larger orders - see the 600 tablet order that one person had confiscated in NY customs in the “Importing Rapamycin” writeup.

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I think the raw powder would be easier to import. As long as you can find a legit source of pharmaceutical grade. There are companies that are practiced at labeling powders as something else to bypass customs. That’s how I get my NMN and NR by the kg without paying tons of duty. Of course you’d have to make your own capsules.

Definitely, getting raw powder into any country is probably easier, but the risks are also much higher that you are not getting what you think you are getting.

Did you see the analysis of a broad range of NMN products on Amazon and their purity and actual NMN content?

See this link: Buy Rapamycin Online - List of Reliable Online Pharmacies - #63 by RapAdmin

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OK, it arrived to my home in North Vancouver today from India - Kachhela MedEx Pvt. Ltd. 50 strips of 10 pills, 1mg each. Right around $250 Canadian including shipping, and it doesn’t appear that the box was opened by Canada Customs.

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So in total, 16 days from ordering to having it in my hands. And they have a great tracking site so I could see exactly where it was at all times.

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Nice job! I’ve got 3 different orders on the way from 3 different Indian pharmacies. :crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

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Hope it works :slight_smile: You might end up with a 5 year supply!

How long did your package sit at customs? Mine have been there a week so far.

Just curious - what did they identify the package as in the customs forms - I’m assuming something other than pharmaceuticals? Did they label it as “healthcare products” or something like that?

Here’s the tracking details. At Customs about 7 days

Number: EM747593892IN
Package status: Delivered (16 Days)
Country: India → Canada
2022-04-20 17:17 NORTH VANCOUVER, Signature available
2022-04-20 17:17 NORTH VANCOUVER,BC, Delivered
2022-04-20 13:44 NORTH VANCOUVER,BC, Item available for pickup at Post Office
2022-04-20 12:46 NORTH VANCOUVER,BC, Notice card left indicating where and when to pick up item
2022-04-20 10:06 NORTH VANCOUVER,BC, Item out for delivery
2022-04-20 08:47 NORTH VANCOUVER,BC, Item processed
2022-04-20 05:42 RICHMOND,BC, Item processed
2022-04-19 18:52 MISSISSAUGA,ON, Item processed
2022-04-18 17:06 MISSISSAUGA,ON, International item released from Customs for processing by Canada Post
2022-04-11 12:55 MISSISSAUGA,ON, Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review.
2022-04-11 12:52 MISSISSAUGA,ON, Item has arrived in Canada and will be presented for review
2022-04-11 12:52 MISSISSAUGA,ON, Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review.
2022-04-05 14:19 INBOMB,India, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
2022-04-05 08:51 INBOMB,India, International item processed in originating country
2022-04-04 09:24 IN400001,India, International item mailed in originating country
2022-04-20 17:17 V7H, Item Delivery Confirmed
2022-04-20 13:44 105851, Item Received
2022-04-20 12:46 V7J, Not Delivered
2022-04-20 10:06 V7J, Out for Delivery
2022-04-20 08:47 V7J, Item Received
2022-04-20 05:44 V7B, Item Received
2022-04-20 05:42 V7B, Item Received
2022-04-19 18:52 L4W, Item Received
2022-04-18 17:07 TORONTO-A, Item Dispatched
2022-04-18 17:06 TORONTO-A, Item Dispatched
2022-04-12 00:22 CA, Received Receptacle from abroad
2022-04-11 12:55 TORONTO-A, Custom Hold
2022-04-11 12:52 TORONTO-A, Item Received
2022-04-08 02:19 IGI TMO NEW DELHI, Send receptacle abroad (Otb)
2022-04-06 21:45 Delhi AP TMO, Item Received
2022-04-05 14:19 MUMBAI EMS SPEED POST CENTRE, Item Bagged
2022-04-05 08:51 MUMBAI EMS SPEED POST CENTRE, Item Received
2022-04-04 21:44 Mumbai A Zone, Item Dispatched
2022-04-04 21:42 Mumbai A Zone, Item Received
2022-04-04 18:36 MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Booking, Item Dispatched
2022-04-04 15:19 MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Booking, Item Bagged
2022-04-04 14:54 MUMBAI FOREIGN POST OFFICE Booking, Item Booked


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