How to import Rapamycin into the EU Countries? Your Experiences Please

Is there anyone here who has successfully imported the shipment Rapa into the EU? I tried and the shipment was rejected at customs. When they saw on paper that inside are the pills Rapa they stop the shipment.

Yes, I have had 2 shipments. No pills impossible with customs, powder rapa, cheaper and easy to mix.250 grams lactose to 1 gram of Sirolimus mix very well according to instructions on mixing powders online. You are all set for 1-2 years. 2 grams of powder is like a small envelope, much easier to get past customs. 3-4 year supply for about 150 euros including shipping. Shipping is with Fedex which is 50 euros and worth it. Your shipment has best chance to get through China Rapamycin, Rapamycin Manufacturers, Suppliers, Price |

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I’m not sure that all EU countries are the same regarding import controls. Also - the online pharmacies frequently identify the product differently on the customs forms (it sounds like on your order they identified it specifically as medicine).

You might try a series of smaller orders from different online pharmacies and ask them to identify the product as “health products” or something else benign.

I’ve never had any issues (nock on wood) importing into the US - and have had perhaps a dozen orders. But I started with about 6 small orders of 40 to 60 tablets just to test the different vendors in India and to test the different products. Oddway international tends to identify the products as “healthcare products” - see the writeup on “Importing Rapamycin

@KERRY_BELL has a higher risk tolerance than I have personally for importing powders from Rapamycin, perhaps because I’ve worked a lot with China and have had many supplier problems with regard to quality, and products not being what they say the are. I recommend you read this post about supplements from china before you embark on that path.

I believe I’ve seen people importing rapamycin successfully into Sweden.
I’ve also heard from people who buy it from pharmacies in Istanbul when they visit Turkey
I’ve also heard about people purchasing it easily from pharmacies in countries that have been classified as “Eastern Europe” - not sure if this was online or in person purchases.

But - I hope someone from the EU countries will post with some successful experiences.

Imported Rapamune into UK twice without any issues…

How was the product identified for Customs purposes?

There weren’t any customs issues, I ordered and received the package three weeks later…

I never imported rapamycin and I’m in Switzerland, that is, technically not in the EU.
But I tried to find a good source online and it looks like Avantor is willing to sell me all sort of preparations of rapamycin that look quite legit, from those suppliers:

  • Apollo Scientific (4)
  • Enzo Life Sciences (2)
  • MP Biomedicals (2)
  • Thermo Scientific (2)
  • ADIPOGEN (1)
    Rapamycin | VWR

From my account I also can see the pricing (ouch!) and availability.

I can make a test if someone knowledgeable tells me what exactly to order. Please note: I don’t intend to take it. I’m registered in the UW Rapamycin Study as a control (well, as candidate).

These are all lab samples of rapamycin powder, not the pharmaceutical tablets that most people take. The pricing of lab samples is typically much more expensive than the medicine versions. Also, you typically need to work in a chemistry / biological lab to order these types of products (perhaps you do), but then the user would have to become their own compounding pharmacist (making their own medicine) and would have to mix the raw rapamycin powder with other powders because measuring out 1mg of rapamycin powder at any level of granularity is pretty hard, unless you have lab-grade equipment.

So - while the rapamycin is available this way (to people who have Lab access, or friends who work in a lab and will do this on the side) - its a pretty complex and expensive way to get rapamycin.

I have seen people who have successfully ordered rapamycin from more Eastern European countries, or have purchased it in Turkey while they were on vacation. Some people do successfully get rapamycin tablets delivered in EU countries, from the Indian pharmacies we have listed, but I’m not sure what the actions are that they took to help improve the probabilities that the tablets get through the mail / customs.

I suspect that smaller orders (e.g. Under 200 tablets?) are more likely to get in, as are shipments that are labeled more generally (e.g. “healthcare products” instead of “medicines”), so its probably helpful to ask and make sure the shipper labels it more generically.

People in Canada are being successful it seems at receiving shipments of rapamycin from Indian pharmacies.

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another UK person successful with importing from India. But - would love to hear from other EU countries (not the former EU country :smiley: )

I tried and it seems it’s impossibe to import to EU. As soon customs see drug Rapamycin on the label box it does not go through. Maybe if the drug is labels as some generic supplements in the billing paper but this could be seen as fraud.

Is there anyone who could send me private from home Rapamycin with standard shipping?

Where do you live and what quantities have you tried to purchase?

I live in Slovenia, EU. I purchased Rapamune from Pfizer, from I think they are from Hong Kong. I lost 500 € because of that.

David - you might try contacting the different online pharmacies on our list that ship all over the world and ask them a few questions… like "what has been your success record in terms of shipping to Slovenia (or other close EU country), and also ask how they label the shipment on the Customs form… some of the vendors likely have more experience than others in this. Also - some guarantee successful delivery (at least to the US, not sure about other countries).

Also - review this overview on importing rapamycin - perhaps there is some information in there that can help you too.

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