Overseas vs obtaining a prescription

I am interested in starting rapamycin. Got a couple questions.

First, the thread here that shows a “list of reliable online pharmacies selling rapamycin” was posted in 2021. Is that kept up to date? I’m in the USA. If I don’t have a prescription… Is there one or two on the list that stand out among others as being high quality (micro encapsulation) and easy to pay for (like PayPal). Sounds like some of you have been taking this for years so I figure by now you’ve tried more than one pharmacy and for one reason or another like one over the other.

Second question, how easy is it to get a prescription in the USA. My GP and most I know wouldn’t even consider it. So, is there a way to get a prescription online to get it from a US pharmacy like amazon?


Have you seen this?


At the top of the page of our site (when you’re accessing it via a computer, not a phone) is this link: (Buy Rapamycin): How to Get Rapamycin, Where to get a Prescription

The Indian online pharmacies we list do not require a prescription - but if you’re new to rapamycin and have not been reading a lot, working with a doctor is a very good idea, and something I recommend. Its easy to get a prescription from the US doctors who work in the longevity field, and from a few online companies.


Thank you both. I’m still debating between prescription vs not. But will probably not try to get a prescription. I work in healthcare but I don’t prescribe. I frequently do my own labs through walkinlab and quest since I take quite a few longevity supplements. I know what I’m getting into and feel as comfortable as anyone should be with starting the drug. I understand the potential risks and benefits.

So, on the list of pharmacies overseas they are all just as good. None stand out above the rest?


Yes - I think all the pharmacies are virtually identical from a performance standpoint - they all seem to deliver the medicine in about the same time. I get quotes from 5 or 6 vendors and go with the cheapest - and feel free to use one vendor’s quote to drive down the cost on another vendor that may have more of the medications you are looking to purchase in a single group. As others here have said before, this is more like buying from “Craigslist sellers” than Amazon - so just go into it with that perspective.

The more important thing for me is the actual manufacturers of the medications. You want to get, as much as possible, larger vendors that have operations in North America and Europe and who have a reasonable chance of meeting high quality standards. I don’t bet on smaller, lesser known pharma companies in India… they are likely not up to the same quality standards, in my opinion.


Thanks for your advice. Believe me. I’m trying to follow your recommendations. I just feel like I’m not understanding something. So I should choose from “large vendors that have operations in North America and Europe” and avoid “lesser known pharma companies in India”. Yet when I use your “list of reliable pharmacies” the first one on the list GP Pharma Biocon Rapacan appears to be manufactured in India. Second on the list Kachhela Siroboon appears to be made in India. Third on the list Siromus from Zydus Biogen appears to be made in India. Please help me understand what I’m missing here. Thanks for your help and patience.


Just keep asking and learning. You’ll get it. Take your time. Be safe while you are learning. There are people here who have been in this for a while. I am only 3 months in.


As in any industry, there are companies with the majority of the marketshare and that invest heavily in meeting global quality standards, and small 3rd tier companies that are picking up the bottom of the market (think Toyota vs. Alpha Romeo, in the car market).

In the Indian Pharma market you have larger, established and pretty international companies like Zydus:

and Biocon:

And you have smaller 3rd tier companies like Siroboon which is very hard to find any information on… they seem to be a small startup India Pharma company… and we have no quality information on their products.

I tend to avoid small, 3rd tier companies unless I have good information on their quality. Typically Siroboon is by far the cheapest of any vendor of rapamycin / sirolimus. Your risk/reward profile may differ from mine, but I pay the extra amount for Zydus or Biocon.

Some reading on this topic:

Here: Buying Rapamycin (siroboon a good brand?) online

Here: For Those Who Take Indian Generic Rapamycin, Which do you take?

And, perhaps something to be aware of:

Here: Why and How to Test Your Rapamycin for Purity, Dosage and Contaminants


Great info! Thanks for your time.

As a final question (hopefully) are Zydus or Biocon’s rapamycin manufactured with nanoparticles to improve bioavailability as described by the name brand Rapamune here: Nanomedicine approaches for sirolimus delivery: a review of pharmaceutical properties and preclinical studies - PubMed

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Yes - all the generic versions of rapamycin have some sort of enteric or other coating or process that helps maximize bioavailability… otherwise the rapamycin would get destroyed in the digestive process, and it wouldn’t work in its primary application in organ transplant patients.

More in this thread: Rapamycin and NanoCrystal Formulations

But - the compounded drugs you get from compounding pharmacies in the USA seem to have issues as they typically are only in gel-caps that may or may not provide the increase in bioavailability, see discussions:

Here: Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy

Here: New Peter Attia interview w/Matt Kaeberlein, inferior bioavailability of encapsulated rapa

Here: Rapamycin enteric coating vs powder bioavailability

But Sajad at Ageless RX says they have looked at their compounded rapamycin / sirolimus and see lower but still good bioavailability - see comment here: Bioavailability of Rapamycin From Compounding Pharmacy - #32 by szalzala

I recently purchased (twice) from Apple Pharma, India. Biocon Sirolimus. With shipping and fees about $120 for 100mg. They were super helpful and patient as I worked through the foreign payment issues (trying to avoid excessive wire transfer fees). Paid with Wise.com.


I have ordered 3x from here:
At this point I send an email requesting a quote for to the following email:
kmpl1XXX@gmail.com. I typically hear back within a day and I’ve encountered no issues. I use WISE to pay.

I exchanged info with several vendors and ultimately these guys had the best deal for Zydus Sirolimus; not Biocon or siraboon. I went through Marek health and ordered my own labs from Labcorp to check rapamycin serum levels @ ~90 min after taking 6mg. Tests showed ~10.7ng/mL, and 10.8ng/mL, so it’s legit. :slight_smile:

I think I paid around $1 per 1mg, and added in 18 250mg azithromycin tablets to have on hand in case of a bacterial infection; the equivalent of 3 z-packs. A years worth @ 6mg/week was a little over $200. The last shipment was opened by customs and they forwarded it on through. It probably helps that there is a large Indian population here as well.s


I started Rapamycin on March 29 of this year so I have 6 months experience with Rapacan made by Biocon. My husband started 2 months later. We’re extremely happy with our results, and I can honestly say I felt improvement within 2-3 weeks…I have CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia. I’ve purchased from Lifebelt Sales three times this year.

Their quote will differ depending on quantity, but is generally in the 55-72¢/tablet (1mg). My last order was placed last month and was for 500 tablets along with two other items. The cost was $270 for 500 tablets with an expiration date of February 2025. That’s the least I’ve ever paid, but I did have two other items on the order as well. Expect shipping costs to be about $35.00. What I really like about Lifebelt is that they will send you a photo of the boxes, displaying the expiration date, and a photo of the final shipping package with the mailing label.

Payment is through WISE, and I use my debit card which is with a credit union. The first time I used WISE, my credit union denied payment. With a quick call to explain that it was a legitimate purchase, all my other payments have gone through without a problem. This last order came in record time…11 days from the actual shipping date, but I’ve waited as long as 32 days in the past.


Wow! What a great price you got. I already placed an order before I saw this but I might give it that a try next time. Did you get the Biocon Rapacan or the SiroBoon?

I always request Rapacan by Biocon and ask for a photo of the box. Actually, come to think of it, that may be why Lifebelt always sends me the photos. :blush:

I take 7 tablets a week and have no trouble downing them all at once.

Here’s the picture of 250 tablets, half of my order. They’ll also double up and place 2 foil packets in each box and send the flattened boxes. This helps them use smaller shipping boxes for larger orders like mine, hopefully escaping the prying eyes of customs in NY.