Is anyone here in the UK taking rapamycin for longevity - if so how did you get it?

I am in the UK trying to get hold of rapamycin for myself and my dogs - can anyone advise on how to get it in the UK? Will US doctors prescibe for overseas people?

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I’ve heard it’s not easy to find a doctor willing to help, but here at least some useful informations:

And perhaps some members from the UK will jump in.


I’m based in the UK and buy Rapamune from inhousepharma. It’s not cheap but seems legit

Oh yes it is expensive isn’t it!

See this thread also


Yes but it’s genuine Pfizer so worth it for peace of mind IMO

By the way - there is a doctor in the UK who is setting up a Clinic that will prescribe rapamycin, who I’ve been in contact with. He is based in London I believe. From my brief discussions with him, his clinic is up and running and he’s started taking patients/clients.

Here is his twitter account:

I have his email address - but not sure he wants it shared in the public internet - so will send it to you by private message here in the forum.

Pls could you share it with me also?

Yes - sending it by private message now. Please post results of any conversations you have with him - perhaps he has a website up now, and public contact information we can share here.

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Thank you much appreciated.

Im working with this guy - he still hasn’t quite got everything up and running yet but it is fairly close.
I’m have blood taken tomorrow for all the baseline measurements pre the first Rapa dosage, as well as a bunch of physical tests (next week) and the TruAge Diagnostic test. (I need to cost it all up for him - warning, these things are not cheap down in London!!)
What I can also tell you is that it will commence with 2mg fortnightly dosing starting at 2mg with this repeated once before moving up to 4mg, repeating, and then up to 6mg etc. going up to 6 doses at the 15mg level. Safety blood markers taken along the way, and the full blood panel, physical tests and TruAge done again after week 35.


I just got a message from Dr. Adam Bataineh about his new longevity-focused clinic in London, England (UK). He finally has a website up and running, and a new email - so it seems he’s started the clinic and is now in business. Details here:

His Twitter Profile:


Email Address: contact At

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“going up to 6 doses at the 15mg level”, every 2 weeks as you’ve stated I assume.

Please let us know your results, exciting!


Yes, every two weeks.
Certainly will post results as and when any significant changes show and the full pre and post data. (Should be a lot of it - hope to be covering all the bases).
Looking forward to taking my first dose - hope I don’t have an adverse reaction😬


I had a response from Adam. His view is that, when you add in the consultation fees, it’s probably not going to work out cheaper than inhousepharma (£4/mg).

My concern is that I may have issues with customs in the future so was looking for a contingency…

It would also probably be good to have a doctor involved in your treatment program who (it is hoped) has a good understanding of the medicine and its effects. I think I saw that Adam is an oncologist by training - so it seems like a reasonable match, and he likely has some experience with rapamycin already for cancer patients.

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Is this the one you mean?

Yes that’s the one.

The other benefit is you can use American Express. Not sure what I’ll do if this avenue closes however…

I’ve heard of many people in the UK being successful in their import of rapamycin from virtually all the vendors listed on our list of reliable online pharmacies selling rapamycin.

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