Push Health prescribing experience

In case people are interested …

People have mentioned push health on the site. Today I went to the site & signed up & as it turned out, have a prescription & some rapa that will soon be on the way to me.

In more detail, I chose the prescription refill option for the sign up & put in that I wanted rapamycin, aka sirolimus. In not a long time, I got a message that I had been matched with a provider & she had sent a prescription (for 5 mg/week, 4 weeks, 5 refills, so just under 6 months).

They have a few pharmacies to choose from, none of which are Amazon. I picked one named Honeybee, which is mail order. I wanted to switch (back) to Amazon, but when I got the email from Honeybee with the price & checked, it’s about the same as amazon, so I just went with them.

It was much easier than I had expected. The hardest part was all the worrying I did. :slight_smile:



Thanks for sharing! What did you say under “Reason for medication”? I wonder if attaching studies or literature may be over the top haha

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I said it was for improving heathspan (hopefully) & added that I’ve been taking it via a prescription from another provider. The push health provider didn’t ask any questions, just sent the prescription.

I expect you could attach references, but it didn’t seem to be needed.


I followed pretty much the same script with Push. It only took about 2 hours to get a prescription, but for the $65 fee, a doctor gave me a prescription for 30 1 mg Sirolimus. I requested 5 mg 1 per week for refills to cover 6 months. I feel a little ripped off. Hopefully I will be able to get refills.

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I love that this works so well and I’m probably going to try it when I run low on my supply of Rapacan… and at the same time I’m a little shocked that there’s a service that seemingly just prescribes people whatever they want.

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I understand the 1 mg tablets are less expensive per mg, than similar 2 or higher. Maybe just asking Push MD to check box for 2 or more refills.

In any event, I just paid $250 for phone consult for 60 x 2 mg Siromilus. Then found an online coupon where I bought at local Kroger for about $2.80 per mg, vs $4.13 at Amazon.

But I will also look at Push, as $65 sounds better than $250, for an MD, whom does not provide added value.

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Does anyone know how prescription renewals work on Push Health? Do you have to pay another $65 fee to ask the provider for a renewal of a prescription?

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As far as I am concerned Push is a lottery. It depends on who you get assigned to.
I was completely ripped off as I was assigned a nurse practitioner who kept sending prescriptions for ivermectin, which was very popular during the height of the Covid epidemic.
I sent her several emails, but she seemed completely unbalanced.

That’s when I discovered Rapamycin News and got my rapamycin from India.

Why people at this stage are afraid of getting rapamycin from India for a far cheaper price and less hassle is beyond me.

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Really? I’m waiting for my Sirolimus from India, but will not take until I have it analyzed. The dangerous products from China - likely source for India’s product – has risks, not just of being a placebo, but containing dangerous items.

On the other hand, if you have no calms, I could send you a couple of my India order, to see how you react! Just kidding, as if anything negative did occur, I could be legally – criminally – liable.

I don’t see that Rapamycin or Sirolimus as an option on the Push website. Did you just pick another medication to refill and then fill in Rapa? Thanks!

I think I just went to the refill medication option & it asked what I wanted.

I would ask my primary practitioner for a prescription, but I don’t think she could prescribe it. Someday, I hope, it will go off the scary list (my term) & practitioners will be able to prescribe it without fear of having their organizations call them on the carpet for it.

At least, that’s my expectation for what she would think. Does anyone else here go to a practitioner that is part of a large organization? Have you asked your practitioner for a prescription & if so, what did they say?

Thanks, Beth

I’ve looked at getting rapa from India without a prescription. I’ll probably try it someday, to make the rapa toothpaste. If it seems like it works well, I may switch to that.

I requested 8mg/week 90 supply with push health. I got a prescription for 5mg/week for 42 days (30 pills) with no refills. I’m ok with that. It’s an expensive therapy if I have to go to push health every 42 days and pay for the drug out of pocket, so I might try to find other methods, but having it come from a U.S. pharmacy makes me feel a bit safer right now.


Here is my Push experience: I requested 5mg, 6 month supply. I was given 2mg, prescribed 2.5mg per week with a two month supply (20 tabs). I filled it at the cheapest local pharmacy using a GoodRX coupon and it cost about $225. The prescribing doc wants blood tests after the two months which I will do in conjunction with my annual exam. However, I’m now going to buy from India going forward. I will talk to my NP just to see what she knows about it, but I doubt she will prescribe.

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Also used Push Health recently. Went fine and got my prescription filled at my local pharmacy I use for other precriptions. Provider did not give me amount I was requesting 100 mg, only gave me prescription for 36 mg. 3 mg per week for 12 weeks. No refills. Cost was approx $5 per mg at my Raley’s pharmacy.

I will probably ask her to up dose to 6 mg per week and re fills.

I got my Rapamycin from India. I am mildly nervous about whether or not it was actually Rapamycin, but given what happens when I took it I think it is. On the other hand I bought something that claimed to be NMN via Amazon and I am 99% certain it was a con.

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Hi John

What India Pharmacy did you use? How was that process ?

Apologies, but at the moment I am getting quite drunk and the dog has just stolen one of my tomatoes. However, if I remember later I will try to find out. If I don’t answer this later please ask me again. I am not drinking tomorrow, so there is a fair chance I will respond with the answer.

The problem with having read the message is the system (unlike email) will no longer remind me I need to respond. It is quite a good forum software, but I use my inbox in email to manage what I need to respond to and I cannot do that with the forum.

India is the largest producer of generic pharmaceuticals in the world. If you’re buying sealed blister packs of Zydus or Biocon, companies which have FDA approved generics sold in the United States, it’s extremely unlikely that you’re receiving products from China.

Absolutely agree that anyone buying bulk rapamycin powder on Indiamart is making a bad move.


75% or more of the NMN on Amazon is fake. I buy my NMN powder through DoNotAge with a 10% off code.