Rapamycin Prescription, Doctors that Prescribe It

I asked for 6mg per week{in 2mg tablet’s] one week on, one week off for 3 month.{this is what I asked for] I puchase by the month, 12 tablet’s at a time. This is my first time / course, will review/discuss changing after this course is finished.

I’m really surprised the provider was willing to take on the potential liability. Would be interesting to see if other people have similar luck with different providers in that network. Did he/she seem familiar with sirolimus as an anti-aging med?

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I located through this site.

There where two other user/member’s that used this organization and posted information/comments. One person is an MD with a MPH. Scroll upon this thread you could read the postings.

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You’re the first person on this thread who tried PushHealth. Oh, the very beginning with the twitter posts! I hadn’t noticed those😬. Looks like the 2nd person failed the first attempt but was better prepared the 2nd time around. The first person, being an actual MD himself, had a definite advantage in convincing the doc to prescribe it to him. Clearly it’s worth a try if a person is prepared to potentially pay the $70 fee and not get anything for it. And it definitely helps to be prepared and/or a health care provider.

I hope you’ll have continuity of care in your follow up visits such that you don’t end up with a different provider who refuses to refill the Rx.

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Any doctors in Sydney, Australia who can prescribe Rapamycin for longevity benefits? Thanks

Hi Amit, welcome to the site, and thanks for posting. I have not heard of any doctors in Australia that prescribe rapamycin yet. But there are people here who are buying it from places that sell it without prescription and having it delivered to them in Australia.

I’m not sure if people have also used Indian pharmacies on our list of reliable online rapamycin sources, but they also seem like an option for people like you.

See this link:

I can verify that healthspan delivers on what it promises. You’ll have access to a physician for review of health history and able to message directly; I received a prescription and started my rapamycin (sirolimus) journey last week. They are not the cheapest option, but provides so much peace of mind; I’m not concerned about purity/toxins of medication from a foreign pharmacy, being caught up in a scam, or having U.S. customs confiscate my medications from overseas.

They are starting to build a community, and I’m excited to see where it leads!

I am simply a customer – not an employee or paid rep for them.


I should have included the website: zenpatient

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Hello everyone! Regarding an appointment with Dr. Green in NY - I wasn’t able to get it, no one picks up the phone and it doesn’t accept messages either. Then I email him, but didn’t get any response… I wonder if anyone had an appointment with him and how did it go? Thank you!

He has so many patients I think he may be over-committed. I had the same experience a few years ago. He’s gotten better at responding, but I think he now has over 800 clients - and it seems he’s overwhelmed. I suggest that you contact one of the other doctors on the list.

I tried Push Health. Their site looks promising, but I felt ripped off. Payment never did result in a valid Rapamycin/Sirolimus prescription. I would beware of this company. Use at your own monetary risk.

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When did you used Push Health?

I signed up with a company called healthspan on April 15th. It’s now the 26th and i just received my sirolimus 1mg 40 pills. $80 for the intake/ health questionnaire. A few days later $150 for the RX. For the 1st 3 days, i didn’t receive any confirmation or acknowledgement and started to explore their website / patient area and found that i could send them messages and ask questions. At this point i learned that this company sends your meds thru the USPS and you don’t get a script that you can refill for a designated amount of time. All the meds come from there and if you’re not careful when making your request, they will only send you qty 10 - 1mg sirolimus. (Look for the drop down box for larger qty, 40 being the most in one script)
And it looks like they may be charging the $80 intake fee every month as part of the subscription. I intend to message them and find out. Right now it looks like this company is making bank off generic rapamycin. After i complained that i thought i was to be receiving a script that i could pick up at a local pharmacy and that this was taking way longer than i had anticipated, i received an email from the founder of healthspan, explaining that this is a fairly new company and that i am among their 1st 100 clients and that any feedback is appreciated - but still took about 5 days longer than promised. I admit my impatience - because - honestly i just wanted to get started. 64 yr old female here and getting older is hell. I am a server and can only hold out to run around like crazy for 6 hours at a time before becoming completely exhausted. I’M starting my rapamycin TODAY!!! I have never been more excited and i hope that I’m not disappointed!!! I will keep y’all posted

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You seem to have good/valuable knowledge about purchasing rapamycin overseas. I would be interested to know what is working for you at this time?

I am still using Jagdish Nikose. He has not disappointed so far.

From a previous post:
This is neither a recommendation nor endorsement,

only to tell you I received very good communication and service.

I was happy with the product I received;

100 Rapacan Sirolimus, 1 mg tablets

Jagdish Nikose


Email : rlhealthcare1928@gmail.com

Phone Number: +91 7219601928

Watsapp number : +917219601928

Email Mr. Jagdish Nikose with your requirements and he

will respond within 24 hours.

He will provide you with a PDF invoice and banking details.

Accepts wire transfer to bank only.

I used: https://wise.com/ for payment transfer.

Wise is quick and easy to use and the fees are reasonable.

Quickest service from India so far.

15 total days from placing order

I used: https://wise.com/ for payment transfer.

Wise is quick and easy to use and the fees are reasonable.

Your order will be sent by EMS Speed Post with a tracking number.

Unfortunately, the tracking number does not seem to track past leaving India.

His quote was: $80 for 100 tablets + $36 for shipping and handling by

EMS Speed Post.



Had two other rapamycin prescription filled by Push Health.

A new one for my other half, last week, 04/06/2022

And a renewal/updated one for myself today 04/13/2022. Will start taking 8mg a week{have been on 6mg a week] after the week.

I have no business connection with Push Health, I am only a very happy customer/patient.


yes you can still track when it arrives in NYC, you can track through USPS using the EMS number also.


Thanks, I’ll try that next time.

Dr Brad Rosen in Califonia ( Website: https://mtormd.com
Email: mtormedicine@gmail.com) is my Rapa doctor. He is an abosute joy to work with. His initial consult was $250 but he has spent multitudes of hours coresponding with me by email and on the phone, analyzing all my pre-existing conditions, providing a wealth of information and resources to educate myself, multiple back and forths with my pharmacy to get them to prescribe what I need and put it through my insurance. He has been always available by email within a short response time. Very ethical and consciountious and super smart. He knows how to study the research and critically evaluate scientific papers. Highly highily recommend him.


Hello All,

Just wanted to follow up on this thread and state that I was able to get a script for sirolimus through Push Health with appropriate citations of the literature. $65 for the consult. Was rather seamless!