Importing Rapamycin from Overseas


As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this site, because prescription medications like rapamycin (when used for anti-aging) are not covered by insurance, people are increasingly looking outside their home country to purchase the medications to save money. The US, for example, has the highest drug prices in the world due to the combined effects of lack of competition and limited regulation (due to lobbyists).

Here is the process that people are communicating to us has worked well for them to obtain the lower cost prescription medications, specifically in this case we are talking about how people purchase their rapamycin (sirolimus).

Step 1. Determine the brand of rapamycin / sirolimus you want to purchase. Read this about the different brands and names of rapamycin.

Step 2. Search on reliable web marts to find the vendors of rapamycin. People are recommending and as good starting points.

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