What blood tests are people taking?, Any rapamycin specific ones?

Was that price from GP Pharma? For their Sirokem Sirolimus?

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Curt, It would be great if you would supply the names or links to your sources of sirolimus, etc. Thanks, Jay


Thanks for the detailed sharing
Sirolimus 500 tablets are A Lot. Have you been intercepted by customs?
I heard people said that too many drugs (>200) in one shipping may be intercepted by customs.

Chinese rapa powder is cheap, there are many vendors in Alibaba and Taobao.
But the concern is it’s for research use, not for drug.
Even their purity is ≥98.0%, we don’t know what’s in the rest 2%.

And this 2% may be some very toxic substances, that can irreversibly damage our organs, and permanently accumulate in our body and tissue.
If people want to live more than 120 years, it’s not wise to accumulate unknown substance in our body

However, $350 for 500 1mg sirolimus is a nice price in IndiaMart, thanks for sharing experience, I would like trying to buy sirolimus from this vendor too in future


Yes. via Mehesh off indiamart. I’d see if emailing the emails above get to him. I perfered buying metoformin and other items off sites like alldaychemists.com. Seems more legit But allday doesn’t sell sirulimus or dasinitib etc, nor have I found a an official looking website selling this stuff.

I just pondered, as an ex technologist, that selling obtusely off sites like indiamart/allababa without pictures or item names prevents google to find sellers of prescription only drugs and thus the FDA etc to send cease and desist. Thus keeping sales semi under ground via writing back and forth on exchanges with these questionable middle men.

Jay, there are no “urls” per my above theory. You might email the above emails. OR go on indiamart.com and ask for 1mg sirolimus …

It does have a back-alley feel I agree. My blood tests show that at least one buy did contain rapa. At only $99/per rapa test maybe do this test for each batch bought. Get blood drawn the day after your dose. Just theory and just tossing this tactic out there.

Good luck to all, curt

Its the DIY world we live in. ;(


Lee re 2% highly toxic impurity. I totally agree.

Just my thinking;

  1. Sugar is highly toxic and injurious yet the average American consumes 50gr/day x 30 = 1500 grams per month.

  2. Glyphosphate (roundup) is everwhere even in trace amounts in organic due to air borne drift. We consume untold mg / mo especially if you eat conventional or live near ag areas like CA central valley.

Do you eat peaches? its the most sprayed fruit where it soaks in and can;t be washed off. Apple juice contains residues you don’;t want (plus HFCs).

  1. 2% of 6mg/week x 4 x 0.02 = .00048 gm or 0.5 mg / mo of something. This is relative to how many gms of other bad things we unknowingly consume (in my guessing).

  2. how much cyanide in apple seeds - Google Search

Apple seeds contain 0.6mg of cyanide per gram of seeds. Ever eat apple seeds?

This is bordering on silly, certainly hyperbole and only my views re risks. But reflecting on it all, I’m moving from chinese powder to indian 1mg pills. I just wished I would have NOT mixed all my chinese power up into diluted mix so as to have some pure powder to make topicals with… Grrrrr!

Good luck to all.


I used Kachhela Medex at Indiamart in September, 2021. An excellent price for Sirokem 1 mg ( Sirolimus 1 mg ) tablets 300 pills for $ 90 plus shipping charges $ 40. It took about a 3 weeks to arrive, with no problems in shipping. I can’t attest to the purity, but I’m planning on the LEF test for plasma sirolimus soon.


Thanks for the detailled reply, I get my Rapa doctor prescribed from any Belgium pharmacy,
I tried chinese dasnitib but felt nothing, will try it from Mahesh Sonwane now

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InquilineKea, I can see the names of these tests in the results you shared- beta galactosidase, and NAD, GSP, and Oxidative stress. Are there others on the report that are not visible? I can’t see the details on the graphics. Thanks.

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@Ludovic Can you please explain how you do this? I hear from many europeans that they don’t know how to get rapamycin prescribed, or how to buy it. Any recommendations you can give on what is working for you would probably help a lot of people here.


Hi RapAdmin, FWIW my rapa+daca from India arrived today. Approx 4 weeks travel time. For the EU’s folks; no prescription needed. I wired funds from my bank (tiaabank.com) using the complicated international wiring instructions given from (below) and my bank sent the funds. LOL!!! Not all banks are easy to work with re sending wires, certainly not international wires. I so this for real estate purchases often enough to its not uncomfortable for me. I admit: don’t buy an amount of $$ you can;t stand to loose seems like good advice… Many trip wires in this path where you might loose your funds, shipment etc. For me; many Indian purchases of other things, 1 China (alababa.com +/-) purchase all came. Zero losses.

order of 50 (x10) strips of sirolimus ($350) and 2 bottles of 50mg dasanitib (200x) ($200). That was 500 pills of 1mg rapa plus 200 50mg of dasa (senolitic main ingredient) for approx $550.

From: G.P.Pharma InternationalNagpur, Maharashtra / Mahesh Sonwane

both bottles had foil seals over the top, rapa where all sealed 10pill packs.

via indiamart.com. See above for steps to hook up with vendors on indiamart.com.

I’ll store in the freezer with my other rapa/dasa ingredients. I bought this batch on a lark to experiment with is India back in business shipping this type of product with their covid etc… They are at least for this shipment.


Thanks for the update. Good to hear you were successful in getting what you ordered.

I get my Rapa prescribed through my family doctor, but you have to see this as an endpoint of a journey me and my doctor took to maximizing my health. In that journey I followed / tried out every health advice he have me and did every test he suggested. My anti-aging journey started 4,5 years ago when at 39 year of age, I started having lower energy ( I do weight training 3x per week plus 1 boxing and 1 cardio training). I went to see an anti-aging specialist and he started me on TRT plus recommend me to optimize certain blood test results like vitamin D, zink, selenium, magnesium. From then onwards I was getting my blood checked every 4 months; once from my specialist, once for my annual check-up at work and once from my family doctor. So every 4 months I discussed these results with my doctor and tried out his health recommendations or something I wanted to try like keto, ozone theraphy, fasting, metformin. So my doctor knows I am 100% committed to living as healthy as possible and he sees the results. I now go to my doctor at least every 2 months to talk to him about my and his health, and so he’s more like a friend now.


I finally got my trough levels of rapa tested last week. 6mg/week generic rapa from US pharmacy, and I also take berberine 500mg TID (which should increase rapa levels by inhibiting cytochrome p450 3A4). Anyway, trough levels in the morning before my weekly dose (Day 7 after my last one) were zero/undetectable. I have another order in to check my peak levels, so that should be interesting. I’ll likely wait until the omicron wave has passed to go back to the lab, though.


Wow - interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I would not have expected that… interesting. Wonder how reproducible that is for others. Look forward to hearing you peak levels!

I’m on a rapa hiatus for a few more weeks thanks to vitreous humor detachment in my left eye. I have to wait total of 6 weeks to make sure it doesn’t turn into a retinal tear, then I should be in the clear. I figured if I have any kind of “wound” per se, I wouldn’t want to be inhibiting mTOR(?)


I don’t know if we have a thread for reporting our results, but here are mine after starting rapa in early October, 2021. I last had a blood panel 10/12/21, and my Levine phenotypic age (through Lustgarten’s spreadsheet) was 53.14, 4.4 lower than actual age. Now, on 2/4/22, my phenotypic age is 48.69, 9.2 lower than actual age.

So in just 3.5 months, I became 5 years younger. Most of the improvement is accounted for in improved red blood cell distribution width, but my liver function numbers (including alkaline phosphatase) also improved.


Thanks for posting. Great to see the positive results. What medicines / doses have you been using during the period prior to the blood test - Rapamycin, Canaglifozin? other?

Just rapamycin, ramping up from 1mg / wk (no GFJ) to 3mg/wk (with GFJ) over the first 8 weeks during the time between the two tests.


I just ordered two of the above sirolimus whole blood tests from LEF. I’ll post the results.

Confirming others’ experiences: you have to call customer service, provide the Labcorp test # to a specialist at LEF, takes about 10 minutes.

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