Anti-aging Benefits of Rapamycin, Personal Experiences (part 2)

Took my first dose today 1mg, very excited age 39. Alot of great info in here.


Welcome to the dark side of anti-aging… brahaha.


Do you mind if I ask what caused your tinnitus ? I have noise induced and am wondering if I can see any benefit.

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do you have any previous conditions before starting Rapa? any major medications that you are on?

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Hi there. New to this site. I would love to see the “benefits of Rapamycin” according to age categories. I suspect that the under 55 or 60 accounts for “nothing noted” and the percentages for improvements would be much greater in above 55-60 age crowd. Just an idea. Thank you for your work.


I think you are spot on.

At 62 years, I was already having a variety of issues… visceral fat, dysphagia, memory issues, strength diminished, loss of skin elasticity, eye issues.

These and more were greatly improved by 3 + years of rapamycin.


I’m 49 and that is indeed what I voted

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I am just finishing (as a subject) the year-long PEARL clinical trial using Rapamycin, where one of the principal endpoints is visceral fat, as measured in a DXA scan. I have seen a 30% drop in total-body visceral fat, from about 3.3 lb to 2.3 lb.

Source: “TahoeDenizen” here


Approximately 18 months on Rapamycin. First 3 months a 6mg once per week. Then off for some 3 months (detailed elsewhere). Then restarted at 12mg once per week.

After 3 months on following my restart, I effortlessly dropped from a peak pf 206 lbs / 24% body fat to 194 lbs / 21% bf.

About six week ago I started another loss of weight. Note: I had upped my physical activity quite at bit.

This morning I weighed in at 177 lbs / 17% body fat.

Blood work great. Interesting journey.