New Rapamycin Results in Healthy Humans for Longevity Purposes - New Study (Kaeberlein)

Here is what Matt Kaeberlein has revealed so far about the Rapamycin Survey study (that many of us here participated in last year). Full video of his presentation down at the bottom of this post. The most interesting result I saw was that nobody in the rapamycin group has reported getting long covid.

These are the unpublished results that give us an early look at the study results; the full study paper is due out later this year. The results are not very different from what we’ve seen reported in our users and user polls: Dosing, and Side Effects, and Benefits.

Full Video of his discussion on this topic below:


Thanks RapAdmin You made an excellent overview. All the meat and it is concise.

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Good synopsis. Was the user survey that you had posted here used in this study, or did they do another survey that had similar questions?

I had not heard that he was leaving academia for a startup. Hopefully he continues to post on Twitter and give his take on studies and results. His takes are always informative and helpful.

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They developed a much more in-depth survey that people filled out.

I think he’ll still be in the public’s eye. He’s going to Optispan ventures where they are developing a bunch of longevity clinics and also doing investing in longevity startups.


Is he leaving the UW? I think he can be involved in a startup & still be a prof.

If you watch the end of the video it’s quite clear that he’s leaving. I am surprised that he’s packing up and leaving to do it rather than consulting part time for the startup.

Yes - he’s phasing out entirely. As I’ve heard, he was given the chance to define his own job at the new company, and he’s eager to try to move the longevity field forward faster than he can do in academia.

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I saw was that nobody in the Rapamycin group has reported getting long covid.

I had taken rapamycin (12 mg once per week) for almost 8 months, when I contracted Covid on New Years day (2023). I had had 4 vaccinations (Moderna).

Covid slammed me. Fever. Body aches. Sinus involvement and post nasal drip. Disrupted sleep. I began Paxlovid within 24 hours of testing just as symptoms began to hit. Note: my physician advised stopping Rapamycin while on the Paxlovid protocol.

I described the experience to a friend as:

  • I thought I would die…
  • I wanted to die…
  • I very slowly realized I wouldn’t die (from this).

2 1/2 months since testing positive, I have long Covid.
While I don’t have serious debilitating symptoms,

  • I tire easily, needing a nap or two everyday
  • Can’t imagine doing strenuous exercise at this point.
  • Estimate, I have recovered 95% of my metal acuity, but perhaps only slowly 70% of my physical stamina and capacity;
  • My eyes tear extensively and continuously; and
  • A PSA value has gone wonky.

So, not terrible, but not great.

Respiratory infections are very common and this doesn’t distinguish between viral or bacterial, common cold vs pneumonia. I’m not swayed that infections are either more common or severe in rapa users.

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After 2 1/2 years… my infections are less. Covid was nothing. I couldn’t tell I had covid (my clue was wife was very ill for 10 days… she is not on rapamycin she won’t do supplements). I tested because she asked me to do it after she tested positive. Me at almost 65 years - after a positive covid test… retested 3 days later…back to negative. Seasonal allergies are no more… off flonase after a decade or more of use.

Cuts…bug bites all skin eruptions heal in days… all good.