Evidence of anti aging for human females

What is the evidence regarding anti aging effects of rapa in human females?

FWIW I do not know of/am aware of any evidence of rapamycin showing/proving anti aging in humans.

We all are speculating.

Looking for the black cat in the dark room.


Well I am thinking of the anecdotal evidence. Eg people who say their grey hair is lessening, blood test biomarkers of aging and so on…given the differences in trial results on male/female mice and flies… does there seem to be any similar pattern forming in what people are reporting on their experiences…


The best clinical evidence are the phase 2 clinical trials by ResTOR Bio, worked in females and males in the phase 2 trial:

Other than that - in anecdotal form - see the benefits experienced by rapamycin - personal experiences


I shared this video recently. It may not be exactly what you are asking, but at least in the general direction. I believe that your question is at least being somewhat researched :slight_smile: