Krister Kauppi: My rapamycin journey notes

My goal is to use this thread to post more in detail my experiences either good or bad about Rapamycin. Will also post biomarkers and other measurements here. Big thanks for all the great support and knowledge I have got from you all :pray:


Some additional information

  • My approach in this self experiment is that the most important thing for me is to minimize adverse effects and risks because this is still a quite new area with lots of guesses and limited human research. Even if things look very promising there is a big need for more research. I view it as a bonus if rapamycin will lead to positive lifespan effects for me. If research will show in the future that rapamycin does not have any effect on human lifespan then it will be like I have been taking a placebo pill and hopefully got some good placebo effects from that.

  • Tweet: “When I started reading more about different longevity compounds my goal was not to take them just to learn more. But the more I read about rapamycin I felt that it’s almost hard not to take it when I have a longevity goal to live long and well. So I needed to take this step.”
    In a interview in The Wall Street Journal about why I have decided to start taking Rapamycin for longevity purposes my answer was: “It’s still guesswork; we don’t know how well it will work on humans or not. From a risk-benefit calculation perspective, I have decided that the benefits outweigh the risk.”

  • When it comes to minimizing risks and side effects I wanted to be extra well educated before I started taking Rapamycin. So I have put a lot of time reading, discussing, questioning different claims, connecting with people who took rapamycin and ask about their experiences etc. I think it’s also important to listen to people with a different and/or skeptical view in the topic. On top of this I have also started a podcast (Rapamycin Longevity Series) which focuses on Rapamycin. In this podcast I also get a fantastic opportunity to ask questions to scientists, physicians and other experts in the field so that I together with others can even more deepen our knowledge about Rapamycin.

  • My target dose of Rapamycin is 6 mg/weekly and I don’t plan to use any on-and-off-periods. I will take a break if I’m in a context where the risk of infections are high like vacation in a foreign country, if I’m sick, need recovery or if I have some kind of fractual injury which needs to be healed. In these cases I don’t want to take the risk in inhibiting mTOR and slow down the healing processes.

  • Before I started taking rapamycin I did a comprehensive blood work tests, microbiome test, blood pressure, grip strength, sleep tracking etc. I have also many years of history data on some of the tests. The reason for having this data before I start is to see if some values are starting to go in the wrong direction. I will keep an extra eye on especially on my glucose, lipids and iron levels because there is a risk that they can develop in the wrong direction when taking Rapamycin.

  • The brand I use is Rapamune from Pfizer. I got the prescription from On this link I describe more in detail how I got my prescription.

  • I take the rapamycin on empty stomach to minimize the risk of food impacting the effective dose.

  • The reason why I’m taking rapamycin during the morning is to avoid the potential effect that it disturbs my sleep. I have seen a thread about it here on This is also aligned with a statement made by dr Alan Green that rapamycin can make a person “hyper”.

  • I’m easing up the dose slowly because I want to give my body time to adapt to a new substance and to minimize potential side effects. I’m quite sensitive to different substances (which I also avoid) like sugar, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine. I don’t need much to feel the effect of these substances. More info about it here.

  • To not reduce the mTOR inhibition effect of Rapamycin. I skip protein supplements and try also to reduce mTOR driven foods for around 52 hours. On top of this I practice time restricted eating for around 16-20 hours every day during the week and mild calorie restriction. After the 52 hours I take protein supplement after a tough high intensive workout on Monday. I also take it during the week on the days when I do heavy resistance training or if I feel my muscles are tired and need some extra exercise recovery. So during a week I pulse between catabolic processes (mTOR inhibition) and anabolic processes (mTOR activation).

  • When I started taking Rapamycin I took it around 9 am on Saturdays but currently I’m lowering that time and the goal is to take it as early as possible in the morning. The reason for this is that it slightly increases the time interval between my Rapamycin dose and the tough high intensive workout on Monday where I after that start ramping up with mTOR driven food.

  • I think I will avoid extended fasting for several days (<3 days) until I have reach the target dose of rapamycin and done comprehensive blood tests after 6 months but let’s see how things develop.

  • During my rapamycin journey I will daily track if I get unusual positive or negative side effects (See below log). Every Sunday I will also continue doing some basic evaluation of my health where I check my wellness, energy levels, sleep quality, strenght, weight, waist etc.

In the log below I will write down unusual experiences and my doses that I take.

2023-01-21 09:05
1th week: Took first dose 1mg/weekly
2023-01-21 24:59
During night I woke up and felt a special feeling that my saliva was different in my mouth. Hard to explain.
2023-01-22 20:00
Left ear started to tickle in a irritated way. Got better after cotton swabs.
2023-01-23 04:00
Felt a special feeling in my stomach.
Left eye started to tickle in a irritated way.
2023-01-28 09:32
2th week: Took second dose 2mg/weekly.
2023-01-29 02:00
Special feeling in stomach and saliva.
2023-01-30 12:00
One month ago I got some kind of painful chronic periosteal inflammation in my forearm. This week the pain was gone.
2023-01-30 20:00
Right eye started tickle in a irritated way. Cleaned it with water and it felt good again.
2023-02-04 09:31
3th week: Took third dose 3mg/weekly.
2023-02-06 02:00
A special feeling in my stomach when I woke up during the night.
2023-02-06 15:45
When I brushed my teeth I discovered a very mild mouth sore on the left upper area.
2023-02-07 12:00
Felt extra strong today in the gym. It felt unusual easy to bench press 10 reps on 80 kg.
2023-02-07 13:20
The mouth sore is still mild but little bit more worse than when I discovered it.
2023-02-11 09:12
4th week: Took fourth dose 3mg/weekly. Because I got my first side effect this week I have decided to not ease up my dose this week. I will probably use this approach in the future if I encounter other mild side effects. For more servere side effects I will probably take a pause and/or lower dose.
2023-02-13 02:00
A special feeling in my stomach when I woke up during the night.
2023-02-15 02:00
Irritation between two teeths. It was like a mini peppercorn had stuck there. Used a toothpick to clean that area up and after that the irritation went away gradually.
2023-02-18 08:20
5th week: Took fifth dose 4mg/weekly. Because I didn't feel any side effects this week I have decided to not ease up my dose. I have changed my view on target dose to around 6mg/weekly instead of 5-8mg/weekly. Based on last update of male longevity leaders who take rapamycin.
2023-02-20 02:00
Went up two times during the night to pee. Usually I go up only once per night.
2023-02-21 20:00
A very special feeling in the root of some teeth that I have never experienced before.
2023-02-23 20:00
A special feeling in the root of some teeths.
2023-02-25 07:56
6th week: Increased Rapamycin dose to 5mg/weekly.
2023-03-04 07:52
7th week: Eased up to 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. After a conversation with dr Alan Green I have decided this is my target dose regime. It's the most common one that he prescribes to men. Around 6 months from now I will do comprehensive tests to see if any biomarkers have changed.
Got one tiny acne pimple on my nose which is uncommon for me these days.
2023-03-11 07:45
8th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. Last week on Monday I got one tiny acne pimple on my nose for a couple of days. It's very uncommon that I get pimples so probably a side effect of Rapamycin. It will be interesting to see if this happens again this week or not.
2023-03-11 21:00
I felt it was something going on in my throat. Like a very initial feeling of a start of a cold. I took Echinagard as I usually do when I get early since of a cold.
2023-03-12 06:00
My throat feels good again and no signs of sickness.
2023-03-12 08:00
I felt little bit of tickling in my throat again. I took warm tea, honey, Echinagard and rosemary drops. Let's see if the cold breaks loss or not.
2023-03-14 08:00
The tickling in my throat is not there anymore.
2023-03-16 08:00
The tickling in my throat came back but went away again.
2023-03-18 08:00
9th week: This week I did not take Rapamycin because many around me have a cold and I felt a little bit of a tiny tickling in my throat during the week. So to be on the safe side I decided to take a week's break from Rapamycin.
2023-03-25 07:42
10th week: Started Rapamycin again at 6mg/weekly after a week break because I felt a tiny tickling in my throat but the cold never started. My twitter friend Robin self reported also quite recently that his colds and flus seem to be more mild. Good alignment with Joan Mannick studies (1, 2)
2023-03-26 02:00
Two times I needed to urinate during the night. Usually one time only.
2023-04-01 07:29
11th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. Noticed last week that I needed to urinate two times during the first night. Reminds me of similar effects when I do extended fasting for several days. The cause for this is glucose storages are depleting which releases water.
2023-04-08 08:44
12th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. Did not notice anything special this week. The increased urination I experienced last time was most likely just a coincidence.
2023-04-08 16:00
Tickling in my left ear.
2023-04-15 07:34
13th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects to report about. Some people report sleep improvements when taking Rapamycin. This week my sleep has not been great because the temperature outside is increasing.
2023-04-22 07:34
14th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects.
2023-04-29 07:29
15th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects. I have been taking different measurements during some years every week on Sundays. It's measurements like weight, waist, well being, stress, sleep, blood pressure, grip strength etc. Last Sunday I achieved a personal record of 54 max push ups. Around 20 years ago I remember that I sometimes struggled with doing just one push up.
2023-04-30 01:00
Woke up and felt that my saliva was very different in some way.
2023-05-06 07:12
16th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects.
2023-05-06 20:00
While brushing my teeth I discovered that I have got a mild mouth sore on the right upper area.
2023-05-13 07:00
17th week: I got a mild mouth sore from the last dose and I waited until today to decide if I should take a break or not from Rapamycin. Because the mouth sore was not fully healed yet I decided to take a one week break.
2023-05-19 15:00
Got a quite big acne pimple near my nose. Don't know if it's because of Rapamycin or the extra dark chocolate that I ate this week. I lean more to that it may be because of the chocolate.
2023-05-20 06:52
18th week: Started again with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin after one week break to let the mouth sore heal. If I get it again I will take a break like this time and also try out some kind of mouthwash to see if that improves the healing process.
2023-05-27 06:00
19th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. I went to my dentist on Thursday to check a thing I noticed in my gum. The dentist said it was bone growth, buccal exostosis, which some people get. Those who get it are often males in their early adulthood. Nothing dangerous but my feeling is that it may have been triggered by Rapamycin. If we look at the mice study (pubmed: 32342860) we see bone growth. So if this could happen then buccal exostosis should not be so unlikely. In my case it was also quite easy to see. In other cases it can be hard to see it. But it can also be a coincidence and has nothing to do with Rapamycin. Jonathan An's clinical trial will hopefully give us more light to the topic. Here is threads for discussion and tweet.
2023-06-03 05:58
20th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin. I did not notice anything special this week. I have now been taking my target dose for 3 months. I have decided to skip my dose next week on Saturday and take blood tests to get a first indication on how things has developed.
21th week: Did not notice anything special this week but will not take Rapamycin today because I'm going to take blood tests on Monday. Very curious to see in which direction my different biomarkers have developed. I will present the results later this month.
2023-06-17 06:57
22th week: Started with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin after a week break for the blood tests I did. More detail result comparison soon but the results show blood sugar, insulin, lipids, PSA, testosterone & iron levels has gone slightly up. hs-CRP inflammation marker slightly gone down. The values has just slightly changed so I would not draw any big conclusions from this if it's good or not so good. Mikhail Blagosklonny has also written some interesting papers on the topic that this may be a good thing. Here are the papers 2019 and 2011. Summary is that we should not blindly look at just biomarkers we need to take inconsideration in which state they also occur in. Mikhail's view is that if they occur in an mTOR activated state then it's not good and if it occurs in a mTOR inhibited state like when taking Rapamycin, fasting, calorie restriction and keto diet then it's probably good. My view is that there may lie some truth in this but it seems also if we look at the ITP data that we can achieve a even greater synergistic effect if a glucose regulator like Acarbose is combined with Rapamycin. So for me I think this points even more to that I will add Acarbose to my longevity regime next year.
2023-06-24 06:08
23th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects. I flush my mouth every morning with water but I have noticed that my saliva feels cleaner. Found this rapamycin mice paper where the oral microbiome was reverted toward a more youthful state (pubmed: 32342860)
2023-07-01 06:28
24th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and no side effects.
2023-07-08 06:10
25th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin even if my last blood test of HOMA IR showed insulin resistance. I will retest it after 3 months again to see if this was just a temporary peak. I'm not so concerned about that because more tests are needed. HOMA IR also seems to have its limitation on for example people who are not overweight (pubmed: 15690315). More thoughts about this in this tweet.
2023-07-15 06:06
26th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
2023-07-22 06:20
27th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
28th week: I think I bit my tongue accidentally because I have something under my tongue which is irritating. It is not mouth sore. So I have decided to take a break from Rapamycin to let it heal properly. I don't see any reason to push things. It's a bit like exercise. If I feel my body needs a resting day to recover then I listen to it and don't just push. For me one important parameter which indicates if I should increase anabolic or catabolic processes in my body is to listen to how my body feels. So today my start of the day was a glass of filtered water.
2023-08-05 - 2023-08-12
29th & 30th week: I have been on a vacation abroad and I decided to take a break from Rapamycin just to be extra cautious if I would get Salmonella or some other bacterial infection.
31th week: I think the vacation abroad gave me stomach worms and not a bacterial infection as I thought in the beginning. So I will take another week off from Rapamycin during my treatment and see after that how things go. Little bit frustrating to not start with Rapamycin but I'm not in any hurry. Step by step it’s just keep navigating through life's different screw balls. (UPDATE: It was not stomach worms)
2023-08-26 06:20
32th week: Started again with 6 mg of Rapamycin once weekly. Really nice to be back again after some weeks of pause. One month from now I will take new blood tests and other tests to evaluate how things have developed. After that I will start practicing extended fasting again around 36-72 hours once every month and track so that I don’t lose muscle. I will try to go down to around 10% of body fat percentage from my current level at 14-15% and see what impact that will have on my biomarkers.
2023-09-02 07:14
33th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. Here is a tweet with some personal thoughts on why I take Rapamycin
2023-09-09 06:51
34th week: Continued with 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
2023-09-16 06:21
35th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. One thing though is that I have had a stubborn and quite big eyelid wart for many years but now it's almost gone after I started Rapamycin earlier this year. I don’t know if this is because of Rapamycin or not but I started looking in pubmed for research studies and found some interesting things there (pubmed: 20346038, 17133572, 21876315). According to these studies it seems like Rapamycin may have a reducing effect on “cutaneous viral warts” in organ transplant patients. Very interesting but I don’t know if my wart is “cutaneous viral wart” or some other type of wart so it’s hard to say if this is due to Rapamycin or not. One thing I know is that I’m happy that the wart is almost gone. In this tweet other shared similar experiences.
2023-09-23 07:22
36th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. My plan was that this should have been the last week in my 9 month Rapamycin experiment and after that now on Monday I would have done follow up blood tests. But my habit of taking Rapamycin made me take it today when I should have taken a pause from it before the tests. So I will postpone my completion of the first phase of this experiment to next week. My goal after this first phase is to continue to take Rapamycin but now I will take the next step and try to improve my longevity protocol even more. I will reveal more about my thoughts regarding this next Saturday.
37th week: I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week of Rapamycin but I will pause the dose this week because I will take blood tests now on Monday. This is also the last week in my 9 month Rapamycin experiment. I will write a summary post of the results in the near future. During the next four months I will continue to take Rapamycin and my next step in improving my longevity protocol is to add the practice of extended fasting around 36-72 hours once monthly to it. I took a break from extended fasting when I started taking Rapamycin because I didn't feel comfortable in how to combine these two interventions and I didn’t want to increase the risk of overdoing things. But now after 9 months on Rapamycin I feel that I'm ready to test and evaluate if extended fasting is still right for me or not. I will start with 36 hours of fasting at the beginning of next month and I will practice it the same day as I take Rapamycin. One important requirement that I have is to not lose muscle mass or muscle performance so that is something I will weekly keep an extra eye on.
2023-10-07 06:18
38th week: I started taking 6 mg of Rapamycin once weekly again after a week break because of the blood tests I took to track progress in my self experimentation with Rapamycin. I have got my results back. Next step is now to analyze the results and after that I will share my key takeaways from that and my 9 month Rapamycin journey.
2023-10-14 07:18
39th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
2023-10-21 06:00
40th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
2023-10-28 06:18
41th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. I have been taking Rapamycin now for more than 9 months and in this tweet I share some of the effects that I have noticed during that time. If the effects are due to Rapamycin or placebo I don’t know but these are the things that I have noticed in different ways.
2023-11-04 06:12
42th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. One thing that I have noticed is that quite many people around me have the common cold or flu but I don’t feel any signs of it. During the spring I was in a similar situation but I felt a little tickling in my throat and to be on the safe side I decided to take a break from Rapamycin. The symptoms did not get worse and I did not get sick like the people around me. This reminds me also of an anecdotal reporting previously this year by Robin Young where said that he had observed that his colds and flus seem to be more mild after he had started taking Rapamycin. This is also aligned with study results from Joan Mannick (pubmed: 25540326). The rapamycin researcher Matt Kaeberlein also raised an interesting mice study in the interview I had with him this year (see follow podcast clip). Because I haven’t felt any symptoms of a cold or flu I have decided to not take a pause from Rapamycin. Let’s see how things develop during the upcoming week.
2023-11-11 06:18
43th week: I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week from Rapamycin but I have decided to take a one week break from it because now everyone in the household has the common cold (3 persons except me). I felt some tickling in my throat during this night so to be on the safe side I will take a break. Let's see how things develop during the week. By the way, here is some analysis of my blood tests.
2023-11-18 06:10
44th week: I started taking 6 mg of Rapamycin once weekly again after a week break because the whole family got the common cold. I did not get it but I wanted to be on the safe side and therefore I took a one week break from Rapamycin. What is best to do is something we don’t have data but it would be very good to get data on that one day.
2023-11-26 06:33
45th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week.
2023-12-02 07:14
46th week: Continued with 6 mg/weekly of Rapamycin and I have not felt any noticeable (side) effects this week. It seems like my easily inflamed shoulder is starting to calm down now. The reason why it gets inflamed is when I work too much in front of the computer then the inflammation and eventually the pain starts to creep up. I know this but I have a tendency to fall into this hole over and over again. I think it is because of my big passion that I have for what I do and for the endless of potential todos that are out there just waiting for someone to take on. But when the pain starts to creep up then things start to change. I’m forced to take a step back and rethink how I live and want to live my life. One thing that I have been trying to start implementing in my life recently is to just close down the computer and phone at 8 o'clock in the evening. It’s not always easy but I try to push myself to just do it and my shoulder has started to get better thanks to this. It has also helped with improving my sleep and time with my family.
2023-12-09 06:50
47th week: I got a mild mouth sore on the left side of my cheek but I will continue taking 6mg/weekly of Rapamycin because it was a mild mouth sore and has almost healed fully.

Here is an overview of my longevity protocol and different measurements that I have taken during my self-experimentation with Rapamycin.

Longevity protocol Jan 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023 Jan 2024
Rapamycin dose regime
Once weekly
Started 6 mg 6 mg 6 mg
Calorie restriction
Rough daily level
1.5 meals/day
1.5 meals/day
1.5 meals/day
1.5 meals/day
Time restricted eating
Daily fasting window
18 - 20h 18 - 20h 18 - 20h 18 - 20h
Extended fasting
Once monthly
Pause Pause Pause Pause
Alcohol consumption
Rough monthly level
None None None None
Number of days per week
5 - 6 5 - 6 5 - 6 5 - 6
Number of days per week
0 - 1 0 - 1 0 - 1 0 - 1
Chess :)
Number of sessions per day
1 1 1 1
Sleep protocol Jan 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023 Jan 2024
Time for wake up
~06:00 ~06:00 ~06:00 ~06:00
Time for bed
21:44 21:44 21:44 21:44
Blue light blocking glasses
~19:00 ~19:00 ~19:00 ~19:00
Blue light blocking app
f.lux is the application
~18:00 ~18:00 ~18:00 ~18:00
Time for device shut down
Computer and mobile phone
- - 20:00 20:00
~1 hour before bedtime
- - 3 g 3 g
~1 hour before bedtime
- - 600 mg 600 mg
~1 hour before bedtime
- - 200 mg 200 mg
Once on nightly wake up
3 mg 3 mg 3 mg 3 mg
Measurements Jan 2023 Jun 2023 Sep 2023 Jan 2024
Age 45 45 46 46
Height (cm) 178.5 178.5 178.5 178.5
Weight (kilogram) 75.7 75.4 72.8 73.3
Hip size (cm)
Ref: ?
- - 90 90
Waist size (cm)
Ref: < 95 cm
87 84.5 82 80.5
Waist-to-height ratio
Ref: 0.4 - 0.5
0.487 0.473 0.459 0.451
Waist-to-hip ratio
Ref: < 0.95
- - 0.911 0.894
Ref: < 25
23.8 23.7 22.8 23
Body fat percentage
Ref: 15 - 20% (normal) **
- 14.6 13.8 14.1
Muscle percentage
Ref: 40 - 50% (normal) **
- 43.8 44.1 44
Max push ups
Ref: > 40
50 46 51 53
Grip strength (right)
Ref: 34.7 - 54.5 (normal) ***
40.9 42.3 43.1 45.4
Grip strength (left)
Ref: 34.7 - 54.5 (normal) ***
39.3 38.2 42.7 41.6
Sleep (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
⚠ 6.67 ⚠ 6.25 ⚠ 7.5 ⚠ 7.67
Stress (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
⚠ 6.75 ⚠ 5 ⚠ 7.75 ⚠ 7.67
Diet (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
⚠ 6.5 ⚠ 5.5 ⚠ 7.5 ⚠ 7.67
Energy (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
⚠ 7.5 ⚠ 7 8 8
Wellness (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
8 ⚠ 7.5 8 ⚠ 7.67
Longevity will (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 8
8 8 8 8
Pain (subjective rating)
Month average goal (1-10): 1
⚠ 3 ⚠ 3 ⚠ 2 ⚠ 1.33
Blood pressure
Ref: < 120/80
112/72 97/66 107/68 120/77/62
Hb (Hemoglobine)
Ref: 134 - 170 g/L
⚠ 133 137 144 144
Ref: 4.2 - 5.7 10(12)/L
4.4 4.7 4.8 4.9
EVF (Hematocrit)
Ref: 0.39 - 0.50 fraction
0.40 0.42 0.43 0.43
Ref: 82 - 98 fL
92 89 88 88
Ref: 27 - 33 pg
30 29 30 29
Neutrofil granulocyt
Ref: 1.5 - 5.9 10(9)/L
- - 2.1 2.6
Ref: 1.1 - 3.5 10(9)/L
- - 2.2 2.1
Ref: 0.2 - 0.8 10(9)/L
- - 0.41 0.38
Eosinophils granulocyt
Ref: 0 - 0.5 10(9)/L
- - 0.23 0.13
Basophils granulocyt
Ref: 0 - 0.1 10(9)/L
- - 0.05 0.03
Ref: 3.5 - 8.8 10(9)/L
5.0 4.9 5.1 5.3
CRP high sensitive
Ref: < 3 mg/L
0.20 0.18 0.16 0.19
Ref: < 15 µmol/L
4 5 8 4
Ref: < 3.0 µg/L
1.3 1.7 1.8 1.8
Thrombocytes (Platelets)
Ref: 145 - 348 10(9)/L
223 223 228 247
Ref: 9 - 34 µmol/L
11 13 12 13
Ref: 20 - 375 µg/L
51 55 56 52
Ref: 1.9 - 3.3 g/L
2.0 2.0 1.9 1.9
Ref: 47 - 80 µmol/L
50 50 47 47
Transferrin saturated
Ref: 0.15 - 0.60 fraction
0.22 0.25 0.25 0.27
Vitamin B12
Ref: 175 - 700 pmol/L
548 688 569 ⚠ 781
Vitamin D25
Ref: 50 - 178 nmol/L
⚠ 184 170 ⚠ 187 171
Ref: >7 nmol/L
> 50 > 50 41 31
Ref: 8 - 14 g/L
11 - - 12
Magnesium total
Ref: 0.70 - 0.95 mmol/L
0.72 0.74 0.80 0.75
Total cholesterol
Ref: < 5 mmol/L
⚠ 5.5 ⚠ 6.4 ⚠ 6.7 ⚠ 6.3
LDL cholesterol
Ref: < 3 mmol/L
⚠ 4 ⚠ 4.6 ⚠ 5.0 ⚠ 4.6
HDL cholesterol
Ref: 0.8 - 2.1 mmol/L
1.4 1.5 1.3 1.4
LDL/HDL cholesterol
Ref: < 5 ratio
2.86 3.07 3.8 3.3
Ref: 0.45 - 2.6 mmol/L
0.47 0.56 0.77 0.63
Triglycerides/HDL cholesterol
Ref: < 2 ratio
0.34 0.37 0.59 0.45
Ref: 0.79 - 1.69 g/L
1.25 1.3 1.28 1.19
Ref: 0.46 - 1.74 g/L
1.05 1.26 1.26 1.13
Ref: < 0.70 ratio
⚠ 0.84 ⚠ 0.97 ⚠ 0.98 ⚠ 0.95
Ref: 4.2 - 6.0 mmol/L
5.2 5.6 4.9 5.1
Ref: 0.3-0.8 nmol/L
0.38 0.48 0.31 0.32
Ref: 27 - 42 mmol/mol
34 35 36 35
Ref: < 25 mlU/L
4 9 3 5
HOMA IR score
Ref: 0.5 - 1.4
0.9 ⚠ 2.2 0.7 1.1
T4 Free
Ref: 10 - 22 pmol/L
15 16 16 15
Thyrotropin (TSH)
Ref: 0.4 - 4.0 mIE/L
2.4 1.8 2.1 1.2
Ref: 53 - 215 µg/L
- - 129 131
Testosterone total
Ref: 5.7 - 26 nmol/L
23 ⚠ 27 ⚠ 37 ⚠ 34
Testosterone bioactive
Ref: 5.7 - 26 nmol/L
- 5.8 7.1 8.3
Ref: 15 - 95 nmol/L
⚠ 104 ⚠ 109 ⚠ 130 ⚠ 100
Lutropin (LH)
Ref: 1.5 - 9.3 IE/L
3.6 3.7 3.2 5.2
Ref: 145 - 620 nmol/L
⚠ 669 529 ⚠ 663 542
Ref: 0.25 - 0.75 µkat/L
0.35 0.36 0.38 ⚠ 0.24
Ref: 0.15 - 1.1 µkat/L
0.36 0.33 0.28 0.28
Ref: 0.70 - 1.9 µkat/L
1.0 1.0 0.9 0.8
Ref: 0.20 - 1.9 µkat/L
⚠ 0.11 ⚠ 0.16 ⚠ 0.11 ⚠ 0.16
Ref: 36 - 45 g/L
38 42 41 40
Ref: 60 - 105 µmol/L
70 70 81 76
Cystatin C
Ref: 0.60 - 1.10 mg/L
0.79 0.78 0.81 0.8
eGFR (Cyst C)
Ref: > 80
> 90 > 90 > 90 95
Ref: 137 - 145 mmol/L
140 141 142 142
Ref: 3.5 - 4.4 mmol/L
3.7 3.6 3.7 3.7
Ref: 2.15 - 2.50 mmol/L
2.19 2.27 2.29 2.22
Ref: 0.70 - 1.60 mmol/L
1.0 0.80 0.91 0.86
Ref: 100 - 110 mmol/L
108 105 104 106

** = Based on the Beurer Scale SR BF1
*** = Based on the EH106 Electronic Hand Dynamometer
:warning: = Not within recommended reference range


Krister, i am curious about how you ended up getting rapamycin in Sweden. Can you share the process for our visitors in Europe?


Very good point because that was really something I was missing when I started my journey. The regulations and laws differ between countries so it’s probably good to have some kind of specific section in how to get rapamycin when living in a certain country. I have heard for example from people in UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore that they have problems in getting it. Would be really great if we could improve little bit the page on how to get on hold of rapamycin with guides. I think that would help many people.

Here is one way of getting a rapamycin if you live in Sweden.

  1. I tried to talk to different physicians in Sweden but they didn’t want to prescribe it. I will continue to try to find one physician here in Sweden and if someone knows on please let me know.

  2. So the way I ended up with was to use I installed the mobile app and booked an appointment with them. Before that meeting I had read quite much about rapamycin, what the potential risks were, how to lower the risks, why I wanted to start taking it and on what dose regime etc. The appointment went good and I got a prescription. Important thing here in Sweden is that you get the prescription posted to you. Digital prescriptions doesn’t seem to be valid here.

  3. When I got the prescription I went to the pharmacy. I showed the prescription to the person I was talking to and she said “Oh no, a EU prescription”. She didn’t have any experience in how to handle that so she asked her manager. The manager came and looked at the prescription and asked if Croatia is part of EU. I quickly said yes. They tried also to say it was not valid but I knew it was a valid prescription because I had checked the EU rules regarding this. Here is a good quote from a page in EU:

A prescription delivered by a doctor in one EU country is valid in all other EU countries. However, a medicine prescribed in one country might not be available or it may have another name.
You can ask your doctor to give you a prescription to use in another EU country, also known as a “cross-border prescription”.
Source: Presenting a prescription at a pharmacy in another EU country - Your Europe

The pharmacy also asked why I use a prescription from another country and not a prescription from Sweden. I said that the person who wrote the prescription is my physician. So I got 100 mg of Rapamune (Pfizer) and the cost was around 4000 SEK (360 EUR).

It can be good to know that when using EU prescriptions you need to pay full price for the medication. There is no costs reductions (“högkostnadsskydd”) for these kind of prescriptions in Sweden.


We wish you all the best!!! I think you have the fine eye for detail to really discern any changes that Rapamycin may have on you. I am quite excited to hear all the details of your Rapa journey… Especially the quantifiable ones!


That’s still a lot cheaper than other common longevity supplements like NR or NMN which have a lot less evidence behind them (none really) and can come from dubious sources (especially NMN) and can cost upwards of 1000 euro for the same period as the rapamycin will last you


NMN from ND costs $150 for 100 grams, so it has become a lot cheaper than what it used to be.


common dosing is something like 1-2g/day isn’t it?


I remember Dr. Sinclair taking 1 g a day, so that’s a common dosage. ND also sells coated tabs because apparently stomach acid destroys the NMN. So the dosage can be lower but more efficient.

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Thank you, is it some special biomarker/s that you think would be interesting to follow up?

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I am just interested in quantifiable data. Id really like to know what Rapamycin changes inside us. Specifically I am interested in biomarkers related to autophagy and inflammation as I feel that Rapamycin may have the most benefits in those areas and it’d be nice to quantify.


how do you ensure quality? Most of them from China.

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I remember seeing something that indicated that MRI can be used to pick up autophagy levels, but I cannot track that back at the moment.


By testing, NootropicsDepot use an in-house lab.

Thank you for your work. I missing and important point after your journey with rapamycin. Except for more energy, are you noticing anything else that justify taking it? Thank you.


No luck on that, and it sounds like its a long way away (like a decade): See this thread: Measuring Autophagy in Body and Brain, Comparing Autophagy Activators

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I will write a post on that but the biggest improvement is probably dental health. When it comes to energy levels they are high so no improvements there and I don’t want more energy. Too much already :slight_smile:

Easier weight loss is also one other thing I noticed. But I will write a post around this in some weeks to summarize everything.


You are relatively young so the resulting benefits of taking rapamycin of course will not probably become apparent until you are older. Much like changing the oil in your automobile will not produce any immediate benefits, but your automobile will last longer.

I was 80 years old when I started taking rapamycin and have experienced many benefits.

One of the things that is still controversial is how much rapamycin suppresses the mTORC2. My own evidence is that rapamycin slows wound healing. But, on the other hand, it seems to prevent infectious diseases.

You would think because I am old I would be more susceptible to viral infections. I know that some people have experienced mouth sores or acne from rapamycin. I have not.
The source of infectious diseases for me would be from the gym that I go to that has a large membership and we are all in danger of transferring “germs” from the equipment we use.
The other source of infectious diseases that I encounter is shopping, especially at large grocery stores where who knows how many infected people have handled the shopping cart or even the products.

I am not a germaphobic so I am not as cautious as some people. In the two years that I have been taking rapamycin, I have not gotten any infectious diseases. I don’t know how rapamycin retards wound healing, yet seems to prevent viral infections.


I think Rapa is “exercise” for the immune system hence it makes it stronger and thus we are less susceptible to infection over time.
(Just my hunch - nothing to back this up).


I have a Ping Pong partner whom I play with nearly daily. Last week, he got Covid and I didn’t, despite spending more than an hour every day together to play a game where we all touch the same sets of balls constantly. A good data point?
What would a retrospective study on COVID-19 incidents reveal about the rapamycin population compared to the general population?


In general it is believed Rapa helps protect you from viruses and weakens you to bacteria. This is similar to how other organisms work. They can become stronger against viruses but in the process become weaker to bacteria and vice versa.

I believe this video details that.