Side effect profile of different interventions (first step rapamycin)

I agree with you desertshores. I am at 5 mg rapa with grapefruit juice = 15 and no side effects as of yet. I started at 1 mg, 2mg, 3mg, then adding grapefruit juice, 4 mg and now 5. I have never had a cold sore so perhaps I don’t have the dormant virus.

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Would be super interesting if people who got mouth sores made a test like that and shared their results. Great theory!

Thanks for sharing! Do you know that you have HSV? How long does it take before you get the symptoms on your ear after your rapamycin intake?

Interesting and thanks for confirming @desertshores theory :pray: Curious question, I guess you take the rapamycin every other week? What brand and manufacture is it on your rapamycin package?

Currently, I am taking 10mg weekly with EVOO. Starting the new year I will be taking 10mg biweekly.
Starting in 2022 I was taking the Zydus brand, when that ran out I switched to Rapacan which I am currently taking.


:+1: Any special reason why you have decided to lower your dose regime?

I am mainly changing my dosage from 10mg/week to 10mg/biweekly as a self-experiment.
The “gurus” are still all over the place and it is hard to tell what the best regimen will be.

10mg rapamycin with EVOO and whole milk is near the maximum dose that doesn’t give me diarrhea.

I currently subscribe to the mTOR modulation theory associated with rapamycin dosing and this seems to require that I wait for at least 5 half-lives between doses.

After taking relatively high doses for over a year I think now would be a good time to try a lower-dose regimen. I want to see what changes this makes in my lipid levels. I do not subscribe to the theory that high triglycerides don’t mean anything.


Thumbs for that self-experimention! Really good that you finding out the way that works for you!

Regarding the theory of “5 half-lives” where can I read more about that? Sounds interesting.

Krister, this is a great start.

What I realize we also need on this website (and I’ll start it) are two additional wikis that we can add to as we learn more.

  1. We need a list of all the most common side effects of taking rapamycin, and the common and recommended (or tried and failed) approaches to mitigating those side effects. For example, the canker sore / mouth sore issues - and how Peter Attia and others recommend Debacterol as a treatement.

  2. We need to have a list of all the more common pre-existing conditions that people might have when coming here, and how those pre-existing conditions have to be factored in, or considered, when taking rapamycin. For example, if you have high blood pressure and are (or are not) taking drugs to reduce blood pressure, or if you have diabetes already, or other concerns…

I’ll try to get to this next week.


Yes, that is one thing that would be really good! Because one of the images that I would like to have in the future is a very simple one “do X to minimize side effect Y” etc. That would help out a lot. Like for example ease up the dose. Take it during the morning to minimize sleep problems etc.

This was discussed previously in another thread:


No it is not known, as per Lloyd Klickstein, M.D., Ph.D.

If have not already listen to the link below, Klickstein speaks about month ulcers.

You can review the Attia podcast
#118 – “Lloyd Klickstein, M.D., Ph.D.: Rapamycin, mTOR inhibition, and the biology of aging”


I hope this is the correct thread …but I want to report my first 2 wks of R
I’m 77 , started with 2mg of Biocon Rapacan with a fatty breakfast , EVOO on toast
no negative side effects at all , in fact very quickly the pain in a couple of arthritic fingers went away as did the mostly chronic lower back pain , in general I felt good , my daily exercise routine was solid.
I really did question whether what I felt was the placebo effect as it seemed too fast to my logical mind for R to work
yesterday I increased to 3mg with the same breakfast very quickly I developed a nasty clamping headache that lasted all day not debilitating but front and center till I went to bed , as well I had a general malaise with some brain fog .
wondered what I was in for today , well things have swung back into the feeling good zone , the arthritic and back pain still at bay , head clear , a good resistance session this afternoon
anyone else experienced similar positive early findings ?


Yes. :smiley: Starting with week one, at 1mg. It’s not placebo.

And every few weeks or so, my results change, ongoing for now about 9 months. More positive than negative, or I wouldn’t keep on keepin’ on.

Welcome to the game.


High cholesterol

High blood pressure

Curious, can you share your pre rapamycin values on lipids and blood pressure and also your values when they are high. How long is it between the tests?

On this page you find my values

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Maybe it is because of Herpes Virus. A lot of people with HSV-1 get sores outside their lips, but you can get mouth ulcers inside as well. This virus can flair up when given an immune suppressant.
One doctor here said once that almost all his patients that he gives Rapamycin to that has genital herpes (HSV-2) get outbreaks even if they did not had an outbreak in years prior. It disappears though.
I think there is a stat that said that almost 50% of people in the developed world has some kind of Herpes virus latent in their body, so if a lot of people has the side effect with mouth ulcers using Rapamycin, but some don’t. It make a lot of sense that this is caused by Herpes virus.

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@Krister_Kauppi You are often posting tables. How do you do that? Just cut and paste from a word program?

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It is relatively easy to do in most spreadsheet programs such as Excel, Open Office, etc.
Here is a quick sample using Google Docs Spreadsheet.
You just have to have an imagination like Krister_Kauppi.


@KarlT & @desertshores In the beginning I used Paint.NET a free program for image editing but now I have bought Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe programs which makes it even easier to edit things both images and videos (for the podcast). It cost around 600 dollars per year.

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